The Rock vs. CM Punk Results: Winner, Highlights and Recap from Royal Rumble PPV

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIIJanuary 28, 2013

image from WWE.com
image from WWE.com

The most electrifying man in sports entertainment went head to head with the WWE champion, and The Rock proved to be the better man on this night.

The Shield came to CM Punk and Paul Heyman's aid, but it didn't matter. Finally...The Rock has become the WWE champion again.

It wasn't the smoothest match, but the ending was entertaining.

Momentum Shifts

Attacking the People's Stomach

As you might expect, there were several momentum shifts. CM Punk took aim on The Rock's injured ribs as he dropped the People's Champ on top of the collapsable barricade. 

This assault on the midsection went on for most of the beginning of the match.

Punk's Knee Buckles

Punk tried a high-risk maneuver, but he seemingly tweaked the knee he injured a few months ago. The Rock took advantage for a short period of time but not to the extent that Punk attacked the Brahma Bull's stomach.

It turned out to be a non-factor in the match.

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The Table Botch

After the action spilled to the outside of the ring, The Rock was set to Rock Bottom the champion through the Spanish announce table, but the table gave out.

The Rock might have really injured his knee on this one.

They improvised and allowed The Rock to hit his finisher on the floor, but it was one of the most memorable screw-ups in recent WWE pay-per-view history.

The Shield Ruins Everything?

The lights go out and, of course, The Rock gets put through the announcer's table. The Shield attacked and CM Punk pins the Great One, but Mr. McMahon wasn't having it.

He came out and ordered the match to continue.

The Shield should have been used in a better way for this show. Their blacked-out appearance seemed like a waste.

The Rock took advantage of the second chance, and he ended Punk's long title run with an electrifying People's Elbow.

Grading the Participants

The Rock: B

Considering he's been out of action for a month, he did a decent job, but he wasn't quite as sharp as he was against John Cena at WrestleMania.

CM Punk: B-

The defending champion was not his normal dynamic self. Perhaps he had to slow the pace for The Rock, as their conversations were too apparent throughout the match, but he didn't ruin things by any stretch.

The Shield: F

It's obviously not their fault, but a 15-second appearance in a blacked out arena was just crazy. These guys have built a very strong following, and they should have been showcased more.

Overall Match Grade: B

Had Mr. McMahon not come out to restart the match, I would have called it a C based on predictability and mediocre action, but the twist at the end bumped it up for me.

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