Ray Lewis Video: Watch Ravens Star Spoofed on SNL

Alex KayCorrespondent IJanuary 27, 2013

Ray Lewis has been the defining figure of the 2013 NFL playoffs and is a main draw for the upcoming Super Bowl, which is why it should come as no surprise that his soulful persona was parodied on Saturday Night Live.

During the "Weekend Update with Seth Meyers" segment of the show, Kenan Thompson was introduced by the host as the Baltimore Ravens' star linebacker, showing up in his famous No. 52 jersey, skullcap and exaggerated eye black.

The skit started out with Thompson mocking Lewis’ wild emotional display over these past few weeks, coming in with a “Whoo!” and immediately breaking into faux tears after being asked if he was excited for the Super Bowl.

Thompson's character was asked why he cried during the national anthem during the AFC Championship Game, and he told Meyers it was because he had never heard the song before and was used to wearing earplugs to block out his own screams.

He went on to talk about how the odds were beaten when people said the “Rockefeller Center Lake” could not be turned into an ice-skating rink and tourist destination; plus, his faith in a higher power allowed him to get to the show despite a ditch in the road that cracked his ribs and detached his retina.

This was all hilarious, but Thompson saved his best Lewis impression for last when talking about what he would do if the Ravens beat the San Francisco 49ers.

He passionately said he would go to the 50-yard line of the Superdome, kneel down and ascend into heaven. This wild proclamation was immediately followed by the 17-year veteran’s trademark “Squirrel Dance” and an exit from the stage.

Parodies like this just prove that Lewis is one of the most beloved characters in the NFL, and it will be tough to see him go—win or lose—after the Super Bowl. He’s a one-of-a-kind player and person and will be missed upon his retirement.


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