Inter Milan: 4 Reasons Why the Nerazzurri Must Have Faith in Strama

Gianni Verschueren@ReverschPassFeatured ColumnistJanuary 21, 2013

Inter Milan: 4 Reasons Why the Nerazzurri Must Have Faith in Strama

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    The Wesley Sneijder era in Milan has come to an end with the Dutchman officially signing for Turkish side Galatasaray, and his departure means more to the club than you might imagine.

    Sneijder was the face of the team that won the treble under coach Jose Mourinho and dominated Italian football in the wake of the Calciopoli scandal, and while his departure was widely expected, there are some fans out there that aren't too happy with the way coach Andrea Stramaccioni handled the situation.


    Sneijder didn't fit into Stramaccioni's plans for the club and his massive salary gave Inter every reason to facilitate an exit.

    Stramaccioni handled the situation as well as he could, and that statement sums up the former youth coach's tenure as head coach perfectly. He was the best thing that could have happened to Inter, and I'm sure the vast majority of fans will agree with me.

    But for those few doubters out there, let me remind you why Stramaccioni is the right man to lead Inter into the future.

The Results Have Been Very Positive

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    For a team that is as used to winning as Inter, that statement might seem a little odd. The Nerazzurri were unable to qualify for the UEFA Champions League last season and are currently in fourth place in the Serie A, nine points behind leaders Juventus.

    But this isn't the same side that we saw taking care of Barcelona a few years ago.

    The talent that Stramaccioni is working with pales in comparison to the Inter teams of old, as evidenced by the disastrous season the Nerazzurri had last year.

    Claudio Ranieri was running the team into the ground last year before management decided to hand the reigns over to Stramaccioni and the results were instantaneous. He found a way to lead Inter to a sixth place finish and a win over rivals AC Milan that effectively ended the Rossoneri's title hopes.

    This season, despite a ton of personnel problems, Inter find themselves in the middle of the race for a Champions League ticket and within striking distance of the Bianconeri.

    You simply can't argue with Stramaccioni's results.

He Has Inter Playing Great Football

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    Think back of the night Inter went into Juventus' stadium and ended the Bianconeri unbeaten run with a decisive win. It wasn't just about the three points; Inter dominated a team that looked like they couldn't be defeated.

    Under Stramaccioni, Inter play with style. They play attractive football the fans like to watch.

    You can argue about the importance of how you play relative to whether you win or not, but it's hard not to admit that Inter under Stramaccioni is a lot more attractive than Inter under Ranieri, or even Mourinho.

    In a city that has two great teams, it's important not to become the ugly little sister that everybody hates. You're not going to win over fans that have already committed to your city rivals, but the game of football is ever expanding and foreign fans like rooting for a team that plays to win, as opposed to a team that plays not to lose.

He's a Masterful Tactician

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    Prior to this season, Andrea Ranocchia looked like a major bust. Fans of other teams mocked Inter as their centre back spent most of his time running out of position and making mistakes that led to costly goals.

    Under Stramaccioni however, the young Italian has blossomed into a star.

    Stramaccioni took a good, hard look at the strengths and weaknesses of his defender and changed his system accordingly. He introduced Juan Jesus into the line up, a player I honestly had never heard from before, and found the perfect system to incorporate both players without giving up too much experience on the back line.

    Next, he looked at his upcoming opponents and changed the system again.

    Managers that often change their system are usually coaching a losing team, and the changes are made in order to reverse their fortunes. Stramaccioni on the other hand, is able to switch his formation on the fly, and has his players ready to execute the changes to perfection.He understands his own roster brilliantly and changes things accordingly.

    As a result, Stramaccioni has the ability to give his young players as many chances as possible, knowing there's always a way to change the formation in order to make up for the youngster's inexperience.

    Likewise, injuries present less of a problem for Inter because Stramaccioni knows he can cope with the loss of a player by altering the way his team plays.

    Once the Nerazzurri's young players get some more experience and the roster becomes stronger than it currently is, that is a massive advantage Inter will have.

Inter Are a Project

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    Fans don't like hearing the word "rebuilding," but that's exactly what Inter are doing right now. And unfortunately for the Nerazzurri, the rebuilding process couldn't have started at a worse time.

    Italian football is suffering from a major financial crisis, and Inter are no exception. The team can't afford to bring in world class talent because the money simply isn't there, and protecting their own talented youngsters is proving equally difficult because the foreign big-money teams are always on the prowl.

    Yet despite all this, the team is moving in the right direction. Progress might be slower than some fans hoped it would be, but Inter's future definitely looks bright. Stramaccioni's vision for the future is clear, and he's given the club few reasons to doubt him.

    The players he's bringing into the team might not be the big name signings fans want to hear, and it always hurts to watch a player like Sneijder walk. But for the sake of the club, it's better in the long run. If Inter find a way to sneak into the Champions League this season while slowly introducing more and more youngsters at the same time, that would be a resounding success and an astonishing accomplishment.

    And the Nerazzurri are just two points removed from exactly that.

    Trust me Inter fans: Stramaccioni is your man, and it won't be long before he's leading your favourite team back to the heights you've grown accustomed to.