Funniest Sports Parody Videos

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterJanuary 19, 2013

Funniest Sports Parody Videos

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    Like all celebrities, professional athletes are subject to scrutiny and analysis by the media, Hollywood and the general public.

    And sometimes that scrutiny is hilarious.

    From ridiculous ribbing of the sports media to athletes making light of themselves, the following videos are some of the most cutting and quotable sports-related parodies we’ve ever seen.

    And they’re completely priceless.

23. Forever Alone Meets Michelle Jenneke

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    Quotable Quote: “I think I just forgave my father.”

    Australian hurdling sensation Michelle Jenneke teamed up with theCHIVE’s Mac Faulkner to produce a video that leaves you supremely entertained and searching for cheap nunchucks on eBay.

22. Dwight Howard's ‘Save the Centers’ Commercial

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    Quotable Quote: “Buckets!”

    Dwight Howard is a clown, and you have to love his work with The NOC on this Sarah McLachlan-style infomercial for “The Center’s Center for Centers.”

21. Ron Burgundy Auditions for SportsCenter

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    Quotable Quote: “You’re giving me baseball and hockey AND I’VE GOT MY KEESTER BLOWING IN THE WIND HERE!”

    Will Ferrell puts his Ron Burgundy pants on for a mock-anchoring audition for ESPN’s SportsCenter.

    Drink it in—it always goes down smooth.

20. Rob Riggle Prepares to Host the ESPYs

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    Quotable Quote: “Yes, I own a cape. Moving on.”

    Like he said, Rob Riggle owns a cape. Moving on.

19. SNL's Tiger Woods Commercial

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    Quotable Quote: “When I’m gone, please don’t use my voice in a commercial.”

    SNL’s Kenan Thompson stands in for Tiger Woods in a parody of the first Nike commercial put out by the pro golfer after the news of his sex scandal broke.

    The original Nike commercial dubbed in a recording of Tiger’s father Earl Woods, who sounds as though he’s chiding Woods for his infidelity. SNL goes an entirely different route, enlisting the voice of Morgan Freeman to remind Tiger not to do something as tasteless as taking the voice of his dead father and using it out of context in a commercial to garner sympathy from the public after sleeping around.

18. 'The Darkside' Starring Peyton Manning

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    Quotable Quote: "Fine. But only because you're freaking me out."

    This video, made for the 2010 ESPYs, proves that a little editing and a splash of beaming Terminator red-eye can turn even the most uplifting story and into a creepy sideshow.

17. Jackie Moon’s Bud Light Commercials

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    Quotable Quote: “Bud Light... the perfect beer for blowing out the pipes.”

    In this Bud Light/Semi-Pro cross-promotion, Will Ferrell takes a knee as Jackie Moon and explains to consumers the many virtues of drinking Bud Light—“a magical blend of barley, hops and delicious alcohol.”

16. Eli Manning’s ‘Little Brother’ SNL Skit

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    Quotable Quote: “Are you Eli Manning?”

    “No. I’m you’re worst ****ing nightmare.”

    Eli Manning shows off his, uh, marginal acting chops in the SNL sketch about supporting the downtrodden little brothers of our good country. It doesn’t matter how terrible Eli Manning is at acting, because all that goes out the window when Eli begins giving a teenager a swirly.

15. The ESPYs ‘Lockout Professionals’

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    Quotable Quote: “Thanks, Ron Artest!”

    It was no NHL lockout, but the NBA lockout was a miserable experience for basketball fans, and one of the few bright spots that came out of the suspension of play was this gem of a skit produced for the ESPY Awards.

    Blake Griffin, Kevin Love, Adrian Peterson and Metta World Peace all get on the act, and awkwardly play out the odd jobs they’d have to resort to in a world without basketball.

14. Sky Sports Coverage by Mitchell and Webb

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    Quotable Quote: “Coming up! The Giants of Charlton play host to the Titans of Ipswich, making them both seem normal sized!”

    Sky Sports can go overboard with the drama sometimes in its plugs for upcoming matches, and this video by British comedy duo Mitchell and Webb takes that zeal and kicks it up a priceless, teeth-grindingly frantic notch.

13. Greg Jennings Puts the Team on His Back Do'

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    (Warning: Video is NSFW.)

    Quotable Quote: “You can’t stop me. Cross the plaaaannne! Touuuuccchhhdoowwwnn!”

    Not exactly your typical sports parody, but YouTube User “Demetry James” is hysterical. After annihilating his opponent “Gumby” in multiplayer on Madden, James brings it back and shows us how Greg Jennings puts the team on his back and secured the victory for his team with a broken leg.

    It’s an inspirational story of hurt and triumph, and features a better plot and more character development than most Jennifer Aniston films.

12. Onion’s SportsDome Tools on ESPN's MLS Coverage

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    Quotable Quote: “You looove your kickball.”

    Every four years the citizens of the United States come together to rekindle the American tradition of becoming soccer fans for a month and cheering on their team in the World Cup.

    And the Onion SportsDome doesn’t pull any punches in its satire of ESPN SportsCenter’s bandwagoneering brand of streaky coverage regarding the MLS and soccer as a whole.

11. Marshawn Lynch Also Puts the Team on His Back

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    (Warning: Video is NSFW.)

    Quotable Quote: “Darren Sharper hold my diiiiii...!”

    YouTube user Demetry James does it again with his hilarious commentating over the Marshawn Lynch “beastmode” run against the Saints.

10. An NFL Bad Lip Reading

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    Quotable Quote: “Stank! Ham bone!”

    It doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t need to make sense.

    Anything the guys from A Bad Lip Reading pick up instantly turns to gold, and their dubbing over of the players and coaches of the NFL amounts to pure, absurd brilliance.

9. Onion SportsDome’s ‘Kwame Brown Lottery’

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    Quotable Quote: (I don’t want to give it away, so I’ll let you guess my favorite quote in this one).

    The Onion SportsDome’s satirical take on ESPN SportsCenter consistently leaves viewers coughing and crying tears of laughter with its fictitious news stories and and deadpan delivery.

    This particular segment concerning a fictitious “Kwame Brown Lottery,” put on by the NBA to determine which franchise gets saddled with the perpetually underwhelming Brown, absolutely kills if you’re a fan of the NBA or familiar with Brown's disappointing history in the league.

8. The ‘East/West Bowl’ with Key and Peele

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    Quotable Quote: “EEEEE EEEEEEEEE!”

    Comedians Keagan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele roll out a never-ending turnstile of ridiculously named characters as they mock player-introduction videos with their video about the “East/West College Bowl.”

    I’ve got D’Glester Hardunkichud as my fantasy sleeper pick at wideout next season—kid has good size and a huge upside if he can stay healthy.

7. K-Swiss' Kenny Powers Commercial

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    (Warning: Video is NSFW.)

    Quotable Quote: “Me and Matt Cassell just ****ed you up, dawg.”

    Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) brings the ruckus in this, well, lets just call it unconventional marketing campaign. The commercial shows Powers as the “MFCEO” in control of the K-Swiss brand, and vigorously hawking their new “Tubes” training shoe.

    Paradoxically, it’s one of the most amazing and audacious commercials ever put forward by a large company, but it still could not convince me to buy K-Swiss shoes.

6. Brett Favre ‘Rise’ Parody

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    (Warning: Video is NSFW.)

    Quotable Quote: “Tommy! Completions are way more awesome when you force them through triple coverage!”

    Actor Sean Carrigan sets up shop and goes to town on Brett Favre in this parody video of Nike’s infamous "Rise" campaign, featuring LeBron James.

5. Peyton Manning’s United Way Sketch for SNL

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    Quotable Quote: “Every man for himself!”

    Priceless doesn’t even begin to encapsulate the comedy Peyton Manning achieved in this SNL skit spoofing the United Way and its child outreach public service announcements.

4. Harry Caray and ‘Space the Infinite Frontier’

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    Quotable Quote: “I guess I’m just a worrier... that’s why my friends call me ‘Whiskers.’”

    The head bobbling. The facial expression. The hair.

    Will Ferrell’s immaculate Harry Caray impression kills it in this SNL skit, and actor Jeff Goldblum can barely keep it together as Ferrell muses on the workings of the solar system as the former Chicago Cubs announcer.

3. Bill Swerski's Superfans

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    Head to this link for the video.

    Quotable Quote: “Coach Ditka versus a hurricane—who would win?”

    Polish sausage and heart attacks! That’s what Chicago does!

    Bill Swerski and the Superfans deliver line after unforgettable line in this classic SNL sketch featuring a guest appearance from His Airness, Michael Jordan.

2. SNL’s ‘Vagisil Superstars of Bowling’ Tournament

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    Quotable Quote: “I do not know this game. It is an absolute mystery.”

    I’ve never viewed bowling the same after watching Will Forte and Jason Sudeikis commentate in this SNL skit about the fictitious “Vagisil Superstars of Bowling.”

    It’s just... different now.

1. Charlie Murphy Gets Balled by Prince

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    Quotable Quote: “After it was all over he took us inside and made us pancakes... Pancakes.”

    It’s not mocking professional sports, but the Chappelle Show’s Prince sketch remains one of the most quotable comedy bits in recent memory and is quite possibly the funniest thing to ever involve the game of basketball.

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