Zlatan Being Zlatan: Ibrahimovic's Top Quotes of 2012

Christopher Almeras@@redriverhockeyCorrespondent IIDecember 28, 2012

Zlatan Being Zlatan: Ibrahimovic's Top Quotes of 2012

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    Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of the game's most polarizing figures. There are many who despise him, and others who worship him.

    What Ibra brings to the table is tremendous skill in a physically imposing package. Along with this, comes his super-sized ego.

    His confidence as a player and as a person knows no bounds. Many view this as arrogance while others view it solely as talk from a man who can back it up.

    2012 was another banner year for Ibrahimovic quotes. As 2012 comes to a close, sit back and enjoy Zlatan being Zlatan.

"I Don't Give a ....."

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    After Sweden's elimination from Euro 2012, Zlatan was particularly candid regarding who would win the competition with this nugget courtesy of Eurosport UK.

    "I don't give a s*** who wins. I'm going on a holiday"

    With comments like that, Ibra has a potential career as a studio analyst after his career is done.

If We Do Not Find Anything .....

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    After completing his much discussed transfer to Paris Saint-Germain, Ibra discussed where he would live in Paris in typical Zlatan fashion.

    “We are looking for an apartment (in Paris). If we don't find anything, then I'll probably just buy the hotel."

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the European Donald Trump?

The Zlatan Way

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    Zlatan let us know he is Zlatan and will not change how he plays:

    I came here to win and I will continue to be the way I am, because the way I am, I had in ten years a fantastic career. So people telling me now to change… no! I will tell people what to do.”

    Have to say that his way has worked out well so far.

Ligue 1 Knows Who I Am

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    During his unveiling for PSG, Zlatan admitted his knowledge of Ligue 1 was not very good, but reassured us that everyone else knew who he was:

    "It's true I don't know that much about Ligue 1, but Ligue 1 knows who I am."

Let the Chase Begin

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    Also during the unveiling, Zlatan discussed the love affair the media had with his potential move.

    "This is another step in my career, another dream that has come true. This has been a massive thing in the media, people chasing me in my home. This is not normal, I will chase them back."

    Word of advice to the media, RUN!


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