Stacy Lewis: 10 Things You Need to Know About LPGA Player of Year

Mike DudurichContributor IDecember 18, 2012

Stacy Lewis: 10 Things You Need to Know About LPGA Player of Year

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    It had been 18 years since an American woman had played well enough to earn Player of the Year honors on the LPGA Tour. Eighteen is an ironic number in this discussion, since that was the age Stacy Lewis took off the back brace she had been wearing since age 11.

    Her story has been well-chronicled and she has become the new First Lady of American Golf.

    Here's a list of 10 things you might not now about the biggest little University of Arkansas fan on the LPGA Tour.

Stacy Lewis in the Game with Tiger, Arnie

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    The Tiger Woods PGA Tour video game is recognized as the best of its kind and has featured the best of its kind.

    In fact, on the cover of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14, the legendary Arnold Palmer is featured with Woods.

    Lewis is among the new generation of golfers who debut in this release.

Raffle Ticket, Golf Lessons Made Difference in Stacy Lewis' Career

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    A raffle ticket changed the course of Stacy Lewis’ life and career.

    Diagnosed with scoliosis at age 11, Lewis wore a back brace for 18 hours a day until she graduated from high school.

    She had surgery that didn’t correct the curvature in her spine. Her orthopedic surgeon, Gary Brock, played in a charity golf event and won a series of golf lessons with the pro at Woodlands Country Club where Lewis belonged.

    He didn’t know Lewis was good enough to get a scholarship to Arkansas. He began to learn more about her as he took his lessons.

    As he did he came up with an alternative plan for surgery to help her become more flexible.

    He did the surgery, inserting a single rod with five screws. It was a more complex and painful surgery, but it has proven to be a very big decision for Lewis and her life.

Stacy Lewis Made Big Donation to Her Alma Mater

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    Stacy Lewis became the first former female student-athlete to donate $100,000 or more to the University of Arkansas Razorback Foundation’s Century Circle.

    Her donation was made to the Razorback golf training facilities. Lewis was a member of the women’s team there from 2005-09.

    The Razorback Foundation's Century Circle as more than 50 members who have contributed to fund various programs on campus.

Stacy Lewis Has Been Rewarded for Her Great Play

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    The way Stacy Lewis’ career has blossomed has certainly paid off nicely for her financially.

    She has a handful of very good sponsors: Mizuno, KPMG, Marathon, PureSilk, Titleist, Antigua, VedaloHD and Powerbalance.

    Estimates of the value of those sponsorships range as high as seven figures, but real figures are not available.

Stacy Lewis Made Curtis Cup History in 2008

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    Stacy Lewis capped off a very good amateur career with a spectacular performance in the 2008 Curtis Cup.

    She became the first player in that event to go 5-0 and led the United States to a 13-7 win over Great Britain and Ireland team at the Old Course at St. Andrews.

Stacy Lewis Doesn't Miss Any Tourist Spots at LPGA Tour Stops

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    When she’s playing out on the LPGA Tour, Stacy Lewis doesn’t have a lot of free time. One week is very much like the next and then next in terms of schedule.

    But she is one of those players who likes to do the sight seeing things in the cities she works in.

    She is something of a fanatic about working out and always finds time for SEC football.

Stacy Lewis Took a Trip to Africa with Betsy King

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    Stacy Lewis lists the Scoliosis Research Society and Golf Fore Africa as the charities she supports.

    The former is a logical one since her rising above what could have been a crippling affliction of scoliosis. The latter came about when Lewis traveled with LPGA Hall of Famer Betsy King to help children in Rwanda orphaned by AIDs in 2010.

    She met a young girl there and has sponsored her since.

Stacy Lewis' Bank Account Doing Just Fine

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    It’s a fact that female professional golfers play for less money than their male counterparts, but Stacy Lewis has proven there is a lot of money out there to be had.

    Since she turned professional in 2009, she had earned $4,093,442.50.

    That’s the kind of total a graduate with a major in Finance and Accounting can deal with.

Stacy Lewis' Favorite LPGA Tour Stops Are No-Brainers

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    Stacy Lewis lists the Kraft Nabisco Championship in Palm Springs and the Walmart NW Arkansas Championship Present by P&G in Rogers, Arkansas, as her favorite stops on the LPGA Tour.

    Who wouldn't like spending a week in Palm Springs, where she is a past champion in the Kraft?

    And, well, the other is in Arkansas.

Stacy Lewis Is a Big Fan of SEC and Arkansas Football

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    Stacy Lewis was given a high honor at her alma mater, the University of Arkansas, prior to the season-ending game against LSU.

    She led the “Running through the A,” a long-standing tradition and when she did she became the first Razorback student-athlete to be given the honor.


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