Detroit Lions: Here's a Crazy Idea, Go After Jay Cutler

Adrian de AndaContributor IMarch 16, 2009

The Detroit Lions have been in very difficult times the past year, with a win-less season and a rebuilding going on right now.

They have a smart head coach in Jim Schwartz that brought in good coordinators—Scott Linehan for the offense and Gunter Cunningham for the defense. But that's not enough, they need talented players on the field to turn around the franchise.

They already started by signing WR Bryant Johnson (underachiever so far), Maurice Morris (to lead-block Kevin Smith), Daniel Loper (ex-Titan to add depth), Grady Jackson (to help the d-line), Phillip Buchanon, and Eric Kring (for taking care of the perimeter).

They have also traded for Julian Peterson (Pro Bowl LB), and Anthony Henry (to get rid of Jon Kitna and add a veteran to the perimeter). But there are a lot of questions in the air for the Detroit Lions.

A lot of people wonder who will be the No. 1 pick in the next draft. Almost everyone agrees that the Lions will pick Matthew Stafford to be their franchise QB, while others hope that they draft a LT to start for Detroit the next 10-plus years.

I personally think that they should draft LT Jason Smith with the first pick, and give the o-line the most needed stability they need, because they could add a QB with the 20th pick—either Mark Sanchez or Matthew Stafford—and a good defensive player with the 33rd pick—probably a LB or DT (Cory Redding was part of Peterson's deal).

But there is a new option: Jay Cutler is asking to be traded.

I think the Lions should go after him. He is a 25-year-old Pro Bowl QB, any team in need of a player at that position will really want him because you could build a team around him.

The Lions already have a great WR in Calvin Johnson, and adding an offensive lineman with the first pick of the draft could put together all the pieces.

The Lions should try to get Cutler by giving away the 20th pick of the draft, add a middle round pick for the 2009 draft and a second or third pick for the 2010 draft.

It would still would be a bargain price for a player like Cutler.

So, the Detroit Lions should try and trade Cutler.


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