Tony Brothers: The Most Incompetent Official In The NBA

Steven ResnickSenior Writer IMarch 16, 2009

After tonight's joke of an NBA game in terms of officiating, it's clear that David Stern has to fire Tony Brothers.

I do not know how Stephen Jackson got ejected—it's worse than the Joey Crawford ejection of Tim Duncan.

What's even worse on the very next possession for the Phoenix Suns, is that he makes an absolutely ridiculous foul call just because Leandro Barbosa fell to the floor.

If Brothers was actually paying attention the game he would have noticed that Barobsa ran into his own teammate which created the contact and why he fell to the floor.

Funny thing is earlier in the game and one of the reasons why Stephen Jackson got his first technical of the game is because of a no call.

Jackson was clearly tripped by Jason Richardson, but was there any foul call on the play?


How about the fact earlier in the game when Ronny Turiaf made a great cut and Stephen Jackson fed him for an easy layup, but what about the fact that Shaq pushed Turiaf in the back?

Was there a foul call?


Here's another thing about the NBA officials and Chris Bosh is right.

How come Shaq can stay in the key for way more than three seconds and never get one-three second call on Shaq?

Is no wonder why Don Nelson got ejected after Jackson picked up his second technical?

Is this a no brainer in what Stern has to do?

Tony Brothers is a joke and he needs to go.


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