Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel Proves Ladies Love Scooby Doo at Halloween

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 1, 2012

Photo Credit: Outkick the Coverage
Photo Credit: Outkick the Coverage

Johnny Manziel can do no wrong. Even Scooby Doo makes the perfect wing man for the Texas A&M star quarterback. 

Outkick the Coverage found some magnificent pictures of Manziel with lovely co-eds this Halloween, proving a ridiculous costume can't keep a good man out of the game for long.

While the freshman is in the midst of a 6-2 season while passing for 2,216 yards and 16 touchdowns, his greatest feat is making Scooby Doo work with the ladies. 

That is Manziel and a college career's worth of swag. 

Most guys go a number of routes with their costumes. If they are in shape, like Manziel is, they show off their muscles in obvious and gratuitous ways, the male equivalent of the sexy nurse.

We point to 2012's Bane for this example, an annoyance that was ubiquitous this year. 

Bros could also wear a foam costume to give the illusion of muscles and, most importantly, provide extra squeezability to the upper body, much like a Superman outfit. 

This super Bro here does none of that. He has so much confidence that he covers himself in cartoon goofiness, albeit one of the better characters of all time. 

Still, the ladies eat it up like Vince Carter at a Hometown Buffet. 

It takes a lot of confidence for a man to dress up like a cartoon dog, but it's a little easier when your name is Johnny Football and you are all the rage at Texas A&M. 

Manziel could have gone as Velma and brought back a phone book's worth of digits. 

Heisman candidate or not, Manziel is winning at more than college football. He is pretty much destroying the game of life. 

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