Nick Saban Smart to Leverage Free Recruiting Pub Provided by Jon Gruden

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIINovember 1, 2012

Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide are known for being brilliant recruiters, and their latest strategy goes a long way in proving that point.

Cecil Hurt of confirmed to his colleague, Aaron Suttles, via his Twitter that Alabama had sent out a flier to recruits featuring John Gruden's quotes on Monday Night Football that compared the San Francisco 49ers to Alabama (h/t Clay Travis/

From the UA recruiting office RT @aaronsuttles: Think this is going into Alabama recruits' mailboxes all week long.…

Cecil Hurt (@CecilHurt) November 1, 2012

I wonder if Saban is going to send Gruden a nice handwritten thank you note in the mail for that free publicity he so willingly dropped on national television?

Seriously, though, this is what makes Alabama so good at what it does. Even the small little details are noticed with Saban on the recruiting trail, and he takes advantage of every single advantage he can find.

This quote by Gruden is certainly a pretty good nugget for potential recruits to see when they open up their mail.

Let's think about it for a second. Usually, when we talk about college programs or players, we compare them to the NFL. The league is the highest form of football on the planet; thus, it's the golden standard for the game.

In this case, though, Gruden is taking a professional football teama very good one, may I addand comparing them to a college football program.

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Talk about a ringing endorsement...

What makes this even more brilliant is the banner that they have underneath Gruden's quote and picture.

"Pipeline to the NFL."

One of the best ways to attract elite recruits is to promise them that your program can give them a straight shot to the NFL, and there's no doubting that Alabama does have a reputation for producing NFL-caliber talent. We've all known that, and I'm sure recruits do as well, but now they get to see it in print underneath a quote from one of the more recognizable and popular coaches of our time. This gives Alabama so much more credibility when it's talking to recruits about the potential of making it to the NFL, and it's not like it even needed the help.

Also, how much of this is a preemptive strike against Gruden if he were to go to Tennessee, like the rumors state? This quote would certainly come back to hurt Gruden when he's trying to recruit against Saban, so this could very well be a great display of foresight from the Alabama head man.

Either way, this flier only serves to help Alabama.

This is why Saban is the best recruiter in college football, just in case you were looking for more proof.

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