WWE: 5 Great Home-Made Costume Ideas for Die-Hard Pro Wrestling Fans

Luis Campos@luchalibrelife Analyst IOctober 30, 2012

WWE: 5 Great Home-Made Costume Ideas for Die-Hard Pro Wrestling Fans

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    Halloween is just around the corner. It is the one time of year when kids (and adults) are allowed to dress like their heroes and get candy! 

    The choices for costumes are literally endless, but unfortunately, cool Halloween costumes are very pricey. 

    Sure there are some alternatives, but the toilet paper mummy, the bed sheet ghost and the cardboard robot are overplayed. 

    If you really want to impress all the other trick-or-treaters, or be the life of a costume party, here are some great homemade costume ideas for die-hard pro wrestling fans. 

Spanish Announce Table

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    For years the Spanish announce table has been a staple of pro wrestling history. 

    This simple costume could be made by getting a cardboard box and adding the WWE logo—wear a headset and constantly yell, "¡madre de dios, El Mick Foley esta muerto!" to add to the costume's authenticity. 

    Remember the Spanish announce table is largely underrated and mostly ignored, but one thing is for sure, once someone notices it is going to see some action. 

The Ultimate Warrior

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    One of the most iconic pro wrestlers in history, The Ultimate Warrior is also one of the easiest costumes to make. 

    Take some paint and cover your face using the Warrior's iconic look—make sure not to make a profit though, Warrior might sue. Next grab a blond wig, or a mop head, to emulate the Warrior's flowing locks.

    Finally, tie some tassels to your arms (colored ribbons or shoelaces work too). 

    For extra authenticity, make sure that you alienate and insult all of your friends, sure you might end up alone at the end of the night, but that doesn't matter because you're the Ultimate Warrior!

Mexican Luchador

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    Dressing up as a Mexican luchador for Halloween can be tons of fun, unfortunately lucha libre masks are hard to find in some areas and can run for upwards of $50.

    Thankfully, making your own lucha libre mask is super easy. 

    Take a brown paper bag (make sure to empty it out first) and cut out a pair of eye-holes. Next, take your favorite crayon (or paint) and decorate the bag with cool designs. If you want, you can cut out additional holes for your nose and for your mouth—this might come in handy if you plan on breathing or eating candy throughout the night. 

    Be careful wearing this costume though.

    For some unexplained reason, despite their popularity and incredible athletic skills, luchadors are highly prone to injury—oh, and stay clear of illegal substances, chances are you'll get caught. 

The Rock

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    Dressing up as the Rock for Halloween is no easy task, but with enough confidence you too could be the People's Champ for the night. 

    First find a pair of sunglasses.

    Next put on said sunglasses.

    Finally, memorize a list of the Rock's catch-phrases and repeat them throughout the night.

    Are you ready to be the coolest kid on the block—it doesn't matter if you are ready to be the coolest kid on the block!

Wrestling Mark

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    The Wrestling Mark is one of the most integral parts of the pro wrestling community and also one of the easiest pro wrestling costumes to make. 

    First take the clothes you already have on.

    Next, leave that clothes on.

    Finally, complain about every aspect of pro wrestling, talk about how great "x-superstar" is and talk about how much better "x-era" was. Congratulations, you are now a Wrestling Mark—have you ever thought about writing pro wrestling columns? 

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