WWE Hell in a Cell 2012 Results: Winners, Twitter Reaction and Highlights

Ian Hanford@Ian_HanfordFeatured ColumnistOctober 29, 2012

Courtesy of cagesideseats.com
Courtesy of cagesideseats.com

Hell in a Cell wasn't flawless, but the night featured a few excellent, and bizarre, matches. Luckily for fans, they happened to be the most important bouts.

An eventful night saw the World Heavyweight Championship change hands, with the Big Show proving that his KO punch is more powerful than Sheamus' Brogue Kick.

Eve retained her WWE Divas Title, and Team Hell No retained their Tag Team Championship via disqualification.

All in all, some interesting storylines will come out of this. Big Show's path as a champion will be intriguing, and Dolph Ziggler still hasn't cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase. On top of that, Ryback and CM Punk's rivalry stays wide-open after Sunday night's odd conclusion.

Let's recap Sunday night's action match by match, show some highlights and finish with a bit of Twitter reaction.

Randy Orton Defeats Alberto Del Rio

Hell in a Cell couldn't have started any better. This match lasted a long while and featured a dramatic finish.

Orton started fast, but Del Rio quickly showed his mission. He worked Orton's shoulder, forcing Orton to favor his right side.

The match appeared to take a turn toward a pinfall finish when Orton hits a hang-up DDT after Del Rio attempted an RKO, but Del Rio kicked out. Later, Del Rio's crony Rodriguez pulled Orton's shoulder into the turnbuckle, allowing Del Rio to put Orton in his signature armbreaker.

Unlike the armbreaker that Del Rio tried earlier in the match, Orton was trapped in the middle of the ring. Rather than tap, though, he was able to roll Del Rio up for an attempted pin, forcing Del Rio to break the hold.

From there, Del Rio attempted an insiguri kick and missed, and Orton landed the RKO to win it in epic fashion.

For the WWE, it was the perfect beginning to a pay-per-view event.

Team Rhodes Scholars Defeats Team Hell No

Because the win came via disqualification, the Tag Team Title doesn't change hands, but that doesn't take away from a loss. Daniel Bryan wasn't happy either way.

This match was wrought with extra activity. Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes tried to distract Kane constantly, keeping him distracted from the match itself.

After Kane hit a flying clothesline, Bryan tagged himself in. He went for the pin, but Kane pulled him off and the two began arguing.

With the match seemingly over, Rhodes hit the Cross Rhodes on Bryan. Instead of allowing it to end, Kane stormed the ring and broke up the pin. He attacked Rhodes and Sandow for so long that the referee disqualified the tag team champions.

Kofi Kingston Defeats The Miz

This match was extremely competitive. Miz almost hit the Skull Crushing Finale at the beginning of the match, but Kingston was able to evade the maneuver.

Both men attempted dazzling moves throughout the match. Kingston couldn't go to the air because of a supposed knee injury, putting the match in Miz's favor for most of the night.

After a few two-counts, Miz attempted another SCF, and Kingston then missed a Trouble in Paradise. Kingston then fought his way out of a full nelson, shoved Miz out of the ring and landed a TIP when he reentered the ring.

Kingston is exciting, but this match was boring overall.

Antonio Cesaro Defeats Justin Gabriel

Cesaro won this match, and the action didn't really pick up until the very end.

After the two exchanged blows and potential pinfalls, Gabriel changed the momentum of the match with a tilt-a-whirl DDT.

From there, he tried to hit a 450, but missed it. Instead, he hit a backflip off a reverse DDT. Neither amounted to a pinfall either.

The match turned when Gabriel tried to hit Cesaro from the top rope on the outside of the ring. Rather than be fooled, Cesaro caught him with a European uppercut. It was absolutely devastating.

Cesaro hit the Neutralizer and pinned Gabriel for the win.

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara Defeat Prime Time Players

This match didn't have any implications, but watching Mysterio fly around the ring is always exciting.

The Prime Time Players tried to use their size to push the highfliers around, but it wasn't enough in the end. Sin Cara struggled to maintain control of the match, but Mysterio's final tag-in made the difference.

Once Mysterio got into the ring, he was able to control Darren Young. Eventually, he hit the 619 with Sin Cara's splash on Titus on the outside.

After the 619, Mysterio hit his famous splash on Young to win the match.

Big Show Defeats Sheamus

Brogue Kicks, KO punches and everything in between were flying in this one. It was very exciting, leaving the main event with a lot to live up to.

Big Show used his brute strength to control most of the match. Sheamus was able to battle back as the match wore on, but he was at an obvious disadvantage.

All fans need to know about this one is that Sheamus withstood a choke slam and a KO punch, kicking out of both pins. Show withstood the Brogue Kick and also kicked out.

Finally, Sheamus went for a second Brogue Kick and was struck by a KO punch instead. He was pinned and lost his title.

The match's buildup begged the question as to which knockout move was more powerful, and the answer is obvious now.

Eve Defeats Kaitlyn and Layla

Despite facing hatred from Kaitlyn and Layla, Eve managed to retain her title in a short and boring match.

After facing a double team from the two challengers, Eve watched the two women fight each other. Kaitlyn hit Layla with a gutbuster, but Eve broke up the pin. Layla turns on Eve, before Kaitlyn recovers and rolls up Eve for a two-count.

Layla eventually hits Kaitlyn with a cross body, but Kaitlyn rolled through it. That allowed Eve to hit a Senton Bomb on both challengers, resulting in her pinning Layla to end the match.

This one seemed dull, especially sandwiched between the heavyweight title match and the upcoming WWE Championship match.

CM Punk Defeats Ryback

I have no idea what happened here, and I don't think anyone else does either. Obviously the storyline is wide-open from here, but it was an odd finish.

With Ryback about to hit Shell Shock, the referee tried to stop him. Not only did he try, but he hit Ryback with a low blow, allowing Punk to roll him up, cover him and retain his title.

From there, it got ugly. The officials on the outside couldn't get the cell unlocked, allowing Ryback to get a hold of Punk and the referee who assaulted him. He threw Punk aside, destroyed the referee and wanted more.

Paul Heyman tried to get Punk out of there, but Ryback grabbed him. That forced Punk to climb the cage, but Ryback followed.

Eventually, Shell Shock was landed on top of the cell. That's how the night ended, and I'm sure we haven't heard the last of this one.


Watch Randy Orton land the RKO to defeat Alberto Del Rio:

Check out highlights of the Tag Team Title match:

Here are some of the finer points of Sheamus' loss to the Big Show:

Check out the bizarre conclusion to the night:

Twitter Reaction

Check out what Pro Wrestling Report's David Herro had to say about the Tag Team Title match:

Rhodes Scholars win by DQ over Hell No.... Smart move. Keeps both teams strong and extends the program

— DavidHerro (@DavidHerro) October 29, 2012

Have to agree with him there. The match's ending was anticlimactic, but it does allow for a thicker plot further down the road.

WWE fan Chris Biersack gave his opinion after Big Show defeated Sheamus in the World Heavyweight Title match:

Professional wrestling just makes more sense when The Big Show is the Heavyweight Champion Of The World! :)

— Chris Biersack (@OldManBiersack) October 29, 2012

Here is an update on Sheamus via WWE Attitude:

Sheamus is being looked at in the locker room right now. Matt Striker says there is no update on his condition, back to ringside

— #BestInTheWorld (@WWEManiaAxxess) October 29, 2012

Patrick Passafiume summed up the night's final match perfectly:

. @cmpunk thank you for a useless cell match. I get it though, Taker, Foley, and HBK made everyone else who tries look bad.

— Patrick Passafiume (@patnonymous) October 29, 2012


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