WWE Hell in a Cell: Final Questions and Projections

Andy Soucek@Andy_SoucekFeatured ColumnistOctober 28, 2012

WWE Hell in a Cell: Final Questions and Projections

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    We've finally arrived at Hell in the Cell!

    It's been six weeks since the last big show, making it one of the longest breaks between pay-per-views that WWE has all year.

    Still, they somehow managed to book one of their six matches just two days before the show.

    Anyway, it looks to be a decent card with the biggest question mark being the main event.

    More so than any other year, the Hell in a Cell match just doesn't need to be in place here. It should be the end of a feud, not the beginning.

    Had Cena not been injured, it probably would have been the blow-off to his rivalry with Punk. Instead, Ryback will be taking his spot.

    Ryback getting his shot in the main event does make help the show feel fresher. Now it will be interesting to see if he can deliver.

    There are a lot of questions surrounding Hell in a Cell—now it's time to find some answers.

    I’m putting my career 9-3 WWE pay-per-view match predictions record on the line as we take one final look at Hell in a Cell.

Kofi Kingston vs. Miz

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    Burning Questions

    Could this be the best match on the show? After being destroyed by Ryback on Raw, was beating Yoshi Tatsu on SmackDown enough to get Miz his heat back? After seeing them wrestle twice lately for free, who's ready to pay for a rematch?

    Match Outlook

    The two had a great match on Main Event when Kofi won the title. They'll actually probably have less time at the pay-per-view for this encounter. Still, there shouldn't be any reason why these two can't deliver an entertaining match.

    Having these two go on first could be a nice way to start off the show, and kick things into high gear.


    Kofi Kingston (90% confidence). It seems too soon to give the title back to The Miz, so expect Kofi to retain.

Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio

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    Burning Questions

    Who needs a big win more between these two? When will Randy Orton cut his hair? Will anyone actually watch 12 Rounds: Reloaded?

    Match Outlook

    In one of the most shocking WWE moments this year, Randy Orton tapped out cleanly to Del Rio’s cross arm breaker. The feud started picking up after that.

    So far, it’s been okay, nothing too compelling. The match will probably be pretty standard, with some back-and-forth action and a couple teased tapouts.

    If Randy is feeling inspired, this could be a solid match. There's also potential for it be be rather clunky. Expect to see Ricardo get involved at some point.


    Orton (90% confidence). Even though Del Rio is in the midst of a lengthy pay-per-view losing streak, look for Orton to get his win back and lay out Del Rio with an RKO.

Team Hell No vs. the Rhodes Scholars

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    Burning Question

    Can Kane and Daniel Bryan co-exist? Which pair really is the tag team champions? Will there be more or less than five comedy spots in this match?

    Match Outlook

    This could be good.

    Hell No has been fun, but through overexposure, the two seem to be losing some of the great crowd reactions they were getting before. Rhodes and Sandow can both work, so the quality should be good to great.

    Right now, it's just refreshing to see two teams that are actually over vying for the belts.


    Team Hell No (65% confidence). I could see The Rhodes Scholars taking the straps, though, and having Team Hell No going on the chase with some wacky blame games going on.

    Since Bryan lost on SmackDown looking like the "weak link" of the team, maybe Kane will get pinned here and the two will argue over who is worse.

    But, as a rule, the faces usually win in WWE (especially on pay-per-views), so I’m going with the safe bet.

Sheamus vs. the Big Show

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    Burning Questions

    What hurts more: a punch or a kick? Can we just merge the titles already?


    Match Outlook

    Expect to see between five and 105 punches to Sheamus’ stomach. Sheamus gets beat down most of the match but makes a miraculous recovery and lays out Show with a Brogue kick or two.

    With all the talk about how powerful the K.O punch is, expect Sheamus to also kick out of it.


    Sheamus (90% confidence). Wouldn’t be too surprised to see WWE go with a surprise and have Dolph finally cash in after the match (especially since he was conspicuously absent on SmackDown), but he loses so often that they’d be wise to hold off longer.

Eve vs. Kaitlyn vs. Layla

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    Burning Questions

    Who was behind the attack on Kaitlyn? Why is Booker T.'s character so stupid? Why did I pay $60 to watch this show again?

    Match Outlook

    The match that everyone has been waiting for!

    Many wrestling fans recall the epic three-way dance with Terry Funk vs. The Sandman vs. Stevie Richards at the first ECW pay-per view.

    It was one of the biggest matches in the company's history.

    It was a brutal, exciting hardcore brawl that brought the fans to their feet, cemented the legacy of a legend and helped brand the company for a wider audience.

    This triple threat match will be nothing like that.

    Many fans will probably be in the bathroom and/or making a sandwich while it airs (possibly both at the same time).


    Eve (85% confidence). Some sort of tomfoolery goes down allowing Eve to win. Maybe Kaitlyn even turns heel to make this nonsensical, idiotic story line even more nonsensical and idiotic.

CM Punk vs. Ryback

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    Burning Questions

    Will WWE pull the trigger on Ryback and have him run through Punk? Will Ryback lose momentum with a loss? Will Ryback mess up his finisher again?

    Match Outlook

    This is one of the most intriguing matches in recent WWE memory.

    There are a lot of ways they can go with this thing. If this match goes over 10 minutes, I’d see this match going to Punk. If Ryback wins, he has to do it with an exclamation point.

    Ryback’s gimmick is all about domination. No one is going to want to see a back-and-forth 20-minute match where Ryback goes over.


    Punk (55% confidence). With the ratings at alarming levels these days, there's just no safe bet. I’m going to go with some sort of shenanigans or spectacle that leads to Punk somehow eking by and retaining once again.

    Ryback lays Punk out after the match, then goes on to feud with The Big Show and Punk continues on his collision course with The Rock.

    That's all the guessing for this month. Agree? Disagree? Have your own predictions? Sound off below.