Aaron Curry or Micheal Crabtree: Who's the Kansas City Chief?

Jordan LanningCorrespondent IMarch 13, 2009

As we approach the draft, there are still many questions circulating among Chiefs fans. "Who do we pick?" Well fans, that is a good question.

At this point, it looks like the chase is down to linebacker Aaron Curry and wide receiver Micheal Crabtree. There is, however, always the chance of Scott Pioli trading down.

Assuming they stay, which do we pick? Do we pick the No. 1 prospect, Aaron Curry (according to ESPN), or the second prospect, Micheal Crabtree?

According to ESPN, Curry is the No. 1 choice, but it is pretty much a tie and they have flip-flopped with both of them.

It looks like a win-win situation for the Chiefs, doesn't it? So in deciding who the Chiefs should pick, we might have to go with what the team's needs are at this point.

Defensive line is the most glaring need at this point, but with no prime prospects worthy of the No. 3 pick, the Chiefs would be forced to trade down.

The second most glaring need is linebacker. The Chiefs traded for Mike Vrable, but with him getting up there in age, he would only be a solution for a year or two.

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The third biggest need at this point is offensive line. The whole right side of the line, including center, needs to be improved. The 2009 draft is very deep at this position, so if the Chiefs want one they could trade down and still get a darn good lineman.

Fourth would probably be receiver. The Chiefs have Dwayne Bowe, but other than that the cupboard is bare. The Chiefs have a solid No. 3 receiver in Mark Bradley and a project in Will Franklin.

So looking at that still doesn't help make the decision-making any easier. The Chiefs have tons of options. They could stay where they are and address a need or trade down and get defensive end, Brian Orakpo, or an O-lineman.

Aaron Curry is still the safest bet for Pioli. He has been great at Wake Forest and has shown nothing that says he can't do the same in the NFL.

Micheal Crabtree also has turned some heads in his direction, but with that position having the second highest bust percentage, (behind quarterback) you never know.

Some say Crabtree could be the next Jerry Rice, while some also say he could be any recent Detroit Lions receiver selected in the first round.

So with all of that being said, I guess we will all have to wonder what will happen until draft day. Let me know what you think the Chiefs should/shouldn't do in the upcoming draft.