5 Reasons Cubs Fans Are Going to Turn Sour on Theo Epstein

James Maahs@Jmaz90Contributor IIIOctober 1, 2012

5 Reasons Cubs Fans Are Going to Turn Sour on Theo Epstein

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    It wouldn't be fair to judge Chicago Cubs president Theo Epstein on his first season with the club solely on wins and losses.

    The Cubs' 2012 campaign has had its share of good and bad moments, ending yet again with the team missing the playoffs and a high probability of a 100-loss season.

    In the eye's of Theo Epstein, the future is bright for the Cubs.

    Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo are great building blocks for a team looking to shake off their losing ways.

    But in the meantime, Cubs fans are growing anxious and many questions are starting to be asked.

    When will the Cubs be competitive again?

    It's an important question to an organization that is mostly associated with billy goats and losing. The answer is still unclear.

    Until the Cubs once again make the playoffs and a run at a championship, Theo Epstein will be under the spotlight.

    These are the five reasons why Cubs fans are going to turn sour on Theo Epstein.

100-Loss Season

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    The Cubs are one loss away from hitting the century mark for losses in a season.

    Cubs fans were expecting this season to be a hard one, but not this bad.

    A 100-loss season is almost as good as saying that the team gave up and focused on developing prospects rather than getting wins.

    It also looks like the Cubs were trying for a top-five spot in the upcoming draft.

    Regardless, Theo Epstein will have to take responsibility for this season. His plan is to demolish a bad Cubs roster and make it better through player development and possibly even free agency.

    It will be hard at first, with the hope that it will get better in a couple of years.

    But with the clock still running on the Cubs' championship drought, Epstein is running short on time and patience from what has already been very patient fanbase.

2013 Season May Not Be Much Better

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    Theo Epstein has talked about the need to be patient if the Cubs want to finally get a championship.

    Patience in his plan is to make more room for salary and to rebuild the Cubs' roster.

    Epstein recently suggested that the 2013 season might not be that much better than this season (via ESPN):

    I think obviously we really care about our fans and we want them to have a great experience, but we're trying to be transparent about it. We have a plan and we have a vision and it won't happen overnight, but given the way of things I think this is the best way to go.

    For the most part, Cubs fans understand this plan and the time required to make it work. But just how much time is too much?

Cubs Fans Are Dedicated to the Team, Not the Organizaton

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    When it comes down to it, Cubs fans are a loyal fanbase.

    Through all the losing seasons and heartbreak, Cubs fans always come back to watch a ballgame at Wrigley Field.

    They won't just pick up and abandon their favorite baseball team because of a horrible season.

    They will, however, call for Theo Epstein and GM Jed Hoyer to do more to fix this team. If Hoyer and Epstein fail at this task, fans will revolt by asking for a change in management.

    A short temper is brought upon by many losing seasons, and if that's any indication, Epstein has at least one more season to make the Cubs a contender before fans turn on him.

World Series or Bust

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    The goal for the Chicago Cubs is very clear to every fan who has ever watched a single game: win a World Series title and end the over 100-year-old championship drought.

    Epstein knows this, but right now his goal is to make this team a contender to get into the postseason.

    The plan calls for at least two or three years of rebuilding just to make it back to the playoffs. It could take four or even five years until the Cubs are serious contenders for a World Series title.

    Epstein may become an enemy to fans if he fails to deliver and make the Cubs a contender in the coming years.

No Matter What the Plan Is, Losing Still Sucks

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    No matter how many times Theo Epstein says that it will take time for the Cubs to rebuild, fans everywhere still feel the pain.

    Dedicated fans of the Cubs understand the process, but they hate to see the team lose on a daily basis.

    Fans hate to see their rivals, the St. Louis Cardinals, win a championship while the Cubs remain cellar dwellers.

    Winning is the only real remedy to sooth Cubs fans' pain, it is the only way to take the sting out of seeing arch rivals succeed.

    But as this season comes to an end, the only thing Cubs fans can hope for now is to avoid a 100-loss season.

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