Raptors News: Toronto Unveils St. Patrick's Day Jerseys

Peter BojarinovAnalyst IMarch 17, 2008

I turned on my TV tonight to see the Toronto Raptors play the Utah Jazz, and the Raptors were all wearing this green version of the current jersey they have this season.

On this St. Patrick's Day, the Toronto Raptors felt it was time to unveil a new green jersey on the court. Toronto teams have been known to unveil many jerseys, even for special occasions.

The other professional teams, sharing the same home, the Toronto Maple Leafs have their own Toronto St. Pats jersey, which they wear every St. Patrick's Day, if they play that night. I guess the Raptors are also paying homage to the day. The Toronto Blue Jays have been known to wear a red jersey on Canada Day.

The other jersey that the Raptors have shown this year was during the pre-season, and are still available to purchase, are the International Raptor jersey versions for Italy (Bargnani's) and Spain (Calderon and Garbajosa's). Their only slight alterations are that the strips are red/green (for Italy) and red/yellow (for Spain). 

There are these jerseys from this year, the current all red, black and white lettering, with the white striped over black sides. Then, the previous purple front, with red and white lettering, and white striped over black sides.

Then, the inaugural jersey with the big dribbling raptor on the front of the jersey in primarily purple over white, with purple stripes, and white lettering over black. 

I would think this year’s all red, looks the best, as well it means more. Since the Raptors are now Canada's team, they've changed their primary color from purple which didn't look well, to red.

The Toronto Raptors are Canada's team, and as well are still a very international one at that.