MLB Free Agency 2013: Which Free Agent Will Likely Re-Sign with Each Team?

Mark MillerCorrespondent ISeptember 22, 2012

MLB Free Agency 2013: Which Free Agent Will Likely Re-Sign with Each Team?

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    With the 2012 regular season in its final days, a number of teams across the league are working on positioning themselves for a postseason run, while others are already making plans for the offseason.

    A number of free agents-to-be have performed well enough to warrant significant contracts on the free market, but only time will tell as to whether or not their teams will let them go.

    Here are some players that could very well end up wearing the same uniform when spring training rolls around just five months from now.

Arizona Diamondbacks: Gerardo Parra

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    Earlier this season, it wouldn't have been the biggest shock in the world to see Gerardo Parra in trade rumors, as the outfield situation in Arizona could have very well have left him as the odd man out for the Diamondbacks.

    Instead, Parra has put together a relatively solid campaign in 2012, batting nearly .270 in 125 games this season.

    Depending on whether or not a true market for Justin Upton develops this offseason, Parra could find himself staying with the D-Backs.

Atlanta Braves: Michael Bourn

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    The Atlanta Braves have the makings of what could be a great team for years to come, and while their pitching staff is primed to lead the way, they may have some work to do when it comes to shoring up their offense.

    Given Michael Bourn's upcoming free agency, the outfielder was brought up in many trade discussions, though nothing ever developed.

    Keeping in mind that he's a Scott Boras client, you know he'll get top dollar, but if the Braves have their sights on contending in what is an increasingly competitive NL East, they may need to pay Bourn.

Baltimore Orioles: Kevin Gregg

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    It's hard to come up with a better story during the 2012 season than the Baltimore Orioles, who after years of dwelling in the cellar of the AL East appear primed for a possible postseason run.

    With a relatively deep talent pool on their roster, it seems like there's a different hero every night they walk off the field with a win.

    Relief pitcher Kevin Gregg hasn't had his best season in 2012, but with a sub-5.00 ERA in 40 appearances, Gregg could be an option to keep around in 2013 and beyond with no shortage of talent stepping into the AL East batter's boxes.

Boston Red Sox: David Ortiz

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    There certainly hasn't been much that's gone right for the Boston Red Sox in 2012, but with a number of their familiar faces now playing in other stadiums, the team could do right to make sure one star sticks around next year.

    David Ortiz has enjoyed another solid season (when healthy), and as he continues to inch closer to the end of his career, you'd have to think he likes where he is now and wouldn't be itching to make a move.

Chicago Cubs: Nobody

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    The Chicago Cubs figure to be relatively active this offseason, though any signings the team makes during the winter months will likely come from outside the organization.

    Pitcher Ryan Dempster and outfielder Marlon Byrd would have been the most likely options to retain after the 2012 season, but with both players already traded, the next big Cubs free agent to hit the market will be Matt Garza a year from now.

Chicago White Sox: A.J. Pierzynski

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    The Chicago White Sox have exceeded the expectations that most had for them heading into the 2012 season, and while a postseason berth hasn't yet been secured, it's looking like they'll be playing October baseball.

    When they do get into their offseason, they'll have a big decision to make at catcher. A.J. Pierzynski could test the market, with the team possibly looking toward their farm system to address the backstop position.

    Love him or hate him, though, Pierzynski is a solid option at catcher and would definitely be worth bringing back in 2013.

Cincinnati Reds: Nobody

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    The Cincinnati Reds have done well to keep talent around, signing Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips both to contract extensions before any speculation about possible departures could take shape.

    With that, the most notable free agent to be on the Reds' roster is Scott Rolen, who has definitely seen better days and will likely be looking for a new home when the calendar turns.

Cleveland Indians: Grady Sizemore

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    Grady Sizemore was at one time a player that appeared to represent the future of the Cleveland Indians, as he went off from 2006 to 2008, playing in nearly every game and averaging 28 home runs per season.

    Since then, he's struggled mightily to stay healthy, and after singing a one-year deal for 2012, he has yet to take the diamond.

    The Indians may very well cut their losses and move on, but as Sizemore contemplates getting his career back on track, a return to Cleveland (at a very low price) may not be the worst move he could make.

Colorado Rockies: Dexter Fowler

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    After signing Michael Cuddyer to a big contract this past offseason, the Colorado Rockies sent a message that they're willing to do whatever it takes to make the team better for the long haul.

    Dexter Fowler won't be entering free agency until 2016, but with Scott Boras representing the outfielder, the closer he gets to free agency, the higher his price will most certainly go, meaning that an extension right now might not be the worst idea in the world.

Detroit Tigers: Jose Valverde

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    It's hard to call the 2012 season a success for the Detroit Tigers thus far, as the team entered the season as a favorite to come out of the AL but now finds itself fighting to get into the postseason.

    With big money handed out this past offseason to Prince Fielder, the checkbook may not have much room to move, but retaining Jose Valverde may be a must if they hope to be competitive in 2013.

    Valverde hasn't had quite as good of a statistical season in 2012 as he put up in 2011, but with 31 saves and a league-leading 61 games finished, he's still one of the best late-inning options in baseball.

Houston Astros: Nobody

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    The maneuvering that the Houston Astros made this summer didn't surprise many, as big-name players like Carlos Lee and Wandy Rodriguez had to know their days in Texas were numbered.

    With Lee moving to Miami and Wandy heading to Pittsburgh, the Astros continue to rebuild their team with youthful prospects that should be productive players in years to come.

Kansas City Royals: Nobody

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    The Kansas City Royals have about as many prospects waiting in the wings as any other team in baseball, and with that, it's not surprising to see players like Jonathan Broxton already on their way out.

    Unless the team feels compelled to re-sign Yuniesky Betancourt (for whatever reason), it's likely that any free agent will be looking for a new home this offseason.

Los Angeles Angels: Torii Hunter

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    With a big decision to make this offseason when it comes to the potential of signing Zack Greinke to a long-term extension, the Los Angeles Angels may not have the money to keep veteran outfielder Torii Hunter around in 2013.

    Hunter does seem to be willing to stay in Los Angeles, though he would most certainly have to take a significant pay cut from the $19 million he's making in 2012.

Los Angeles Dodgers: Andre Ethier

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    There hasn't been a more active team this season than the Los Angeles Dodgers, who have completely revamped their roster,and added massive payroll along the way.

    With Andre Ethier potentially testing the free-agent market, there's a possibility that he'll depart for a location where he can be more of a focal point.

    He'll need to think long and hard about that notion, however, as playing for a team as stacked as the Dodgers are now is an attractive option that can't be overlooked.

Miami Marlins: Nobody

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    The Miami Marlins entered the 2012 season with big expectations as they came off an active offseason that saw them sign a big-name infielder in Jose Reyes and the most coveted closer on the market in Heath Bell.

    They failed to live up to any expectations, however, and as they look toward the future, they may opt to let Juan Carlos Oviedo walk as he comes off of Tommy John surgery that could sideline him for the duration of 2013.

Milwaukee Brewers: Shaun Marcum

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    After ultimately ending up as sellers during this summer's trade deadline, the Milwaukee Brewers parted ways with Zack Greinke in exchange for a package of prospects from the Los Angeles Angels. Now as the season nears the finish line, they're back in contention for a postseason spot.

    With Randy Wolf also out of Milwaukee, Shaun Marcum may become more of an option to remain in a Brewers uniform in 2013 as the team looks to address a starting rotation that has seen some notable subtractions.

Minnesota Twins: Carl Pavano

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    While on paper the Minnesota Twins' 2012 campaign won't be as bad as their 2011 season, it's hard to think they're going to be pleased with the results, as a nearly $100 million payroll is once again nearing 100 losses and they don't even have injuries to blame this time around.

    Carl Pavano hasn't thrown a pitch for the Twins in months. While he'll enter free agency this offseason, the team's pitching staff has been their demise this season, so retaining a veteran arm like Pavano's might be a likely option for GM Terry Ryan.

New York Mets: Scott Hairston

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    After being placed on waivers this past August,Scott Hairston's days with the New York Mets could have been numbered.

    As is often the case, the waiver deadline came and went without him trading places, and now the team will have a decision to make regarding his future.

    Hairston has played in over 120 games with the Mets this season. Though he's batting only .264, he's shown improvement over recent seasons, and at just 32 should still have plenty of good years ahead of him.

New York Yankees: Mariano Rivera

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    It's hard to see the ninth inning come around for the New York Yankees without Mariano Rivera take to the mound, as he's been a late-inning staple for the Bronx bombers for the past two decades.

    Some thought that his injury this spring would have signaled the end of his career, yet he seems determined to return in 2013 and certainly wouldn't do it in anything but a Yankee uniform.

Oakland Athletics: Brandon McCarthy

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    After last offseason's sell-off, it has probably surprised many to see the Oakland Athletics playing as well as they have in 2012.

    They'll enter the offseason with a big decision to make, as Brandon McCarthy could take in a big payday on the free-agent market, yet retaining him could key any continued success that they hope to have in future seasons.

Philadelphia Phillies: Nobody

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    The notion of whether to trade ace Cole Hamels or re-sign him to a long-term extension was no doubt going to be the biggest storyline for the Philadelphia Phillies, and with an agreement being reached prior to the deadline, it put to bed any rumors of a blockbuster sell-off.

    Another impending free agent in Shane Victorino wasn't so lucky, as he was ultimately moved cross country to join the new-look Dodgers.

Pittsburgh Pirates: Erik Bedard

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    After getting off to yet another strong start to the 2012 season, the Pittsburgh Pirates came back to the pack recently, and with the team sitting 17 games out in the NL Central and six games out of a wild-card spot, they may be back to the drawing board this offseason.

    With a number of strong young arms poised to make the leap to the major leagues in no time, Erik Bedard may be an odd man out.

    Still, he'd represent a veteran arm that would only further the team's chances moving forward with a youthful rotation.

San Diego Padres: Nobody

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    Carlos Quentin represented the biggest move that the San Diego Padres made this past offseason, and though he entered the team in the final year of his contract before entering free agency, the team wasn't fazed as trade rumors swirled.

    In the end, Quentin would sign a $37 million extension that should keep him in a Padres uniform through the 2015 season.

San Francisco Giants: Marco Scutaro

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    Prior to his suspension, Melky Cabrera would have been the most notable target for the San Francisco Giants to re-sign this coming offseason.

    Cabrera may still have a future in San Francisco, but the team would also be wise to do everything in its power to keep Marco Scutaro around in 2013. He's been a great contributor for the team since coming over from Colorado, batting nearly .360 in more than 50 games since the trade.

Seattle Mariners: Nobody

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    Just a few months ago it seemed unthinkable to imagine Ichiro Suzuki playing in a uniform for any team other than the Seattle Mariners.

    His impending free agency would no doubt be a talking point all season long, but the team instead closed the book on that situation, trading him to the New York Yankees in a move that turned many heads in the baseball world.

St. Louis Cardinals: Kyle Lohse

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    The St. Louis Cardinals will likely need to open their wallets wide for Kyle Lohse this offseason, as the Scott Boras client has put together a 15-3 campaign in 2012 and leads the league in games started.

    There's no reason to think the Cardinals won't be competitive in the coming years, and with familiarity on their side, the Cards should re-sign Lohse for years to come.

Tampa Bay Rays: Nobody

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    Carlos Pena and B.J. Upton will no doubt garner plenty of interest this offseason when free agency gets underway, and while the Tampa Bay Rays will certainly kick the tires on contract extensions, it's no secret that payroll issues could prevent either of these players from sticking around in 2013.

Texas Rangers: Mike Napoli

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    After an outstanding 2011 campaign, the Texas Rangers were quick to come to an agreement with Mike Napoli prior to the 2012 season, further pushing off a long-term deal.

    Now that Napoli is entering free agency this offseason, the team will have a big decision to make; Napoli's regressed a bit in 2012, but is still a solid contributor on offense and has continued to show the power numbers the team had hoped for.

Toronto Blue Jays: Nobody

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    Without many expiring contracts on the books, the Toronto Blue Jays took care of their biggest contract issue already, signing slugger Edwin Encarnacion to a contract extension that will keep him in a Blue Jays uniform through the 2015 season.

Washington Nationals: Edwin Jackson

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    Having already punched their ticket to the postseason, the Washington Nationals can (for now) relax and position themselves for an October run.

    Pitching has played a huge role in their success in 2012, and though Stephen Strasburg is now on the shelf, he'll be back at it in 2013, something that the team likely hopes for Edwin Jackson as well.

    Jackson could make out huge in the free-agent market this offseason, as he's gone 9-10 with a sub-4.00 ERA in 2012.


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