Jerry Lawler Update: No Brain Damage, According to Friends and Family

David Bixenspan@davidbixFeatured ColumnistSeptember 12, 2012

Jerry Lawler (Photo by Luigi Novi at Wikimedia Commons)
Jerry Lawler (Photo by Luigi Novi at Wikimedia Commons)

WMC-TV and WREG-TV in Jerry Lawler's hometown of Memphis, Tennessee are reporting that his friends and family are telling them that he sustained no brain damage as a consequence of the heart attack that he suffered Monday night during the live Raw broadcast. 

Lawler has been heavily sedated since undergoing an angioplasty (insertion of a balloon and stent to clear a blocked artery) and while he's been responsive, neurological damage was a legitimate concern since his brain was deprived of oxygen when he went into cardiac arrest.

The update was backed up by Lawler's ex-wife Stacy Carter (former WWE performer as Miss Kitty/The Kat), who has been a reliable source of information over the last two days and tweeted this a few hours ago:

With that good news out of the way, we can start breathing a little easier about Jerry Lawler's condition.  While he was stabilized and breathing on his own late Monday night after an angioplasty, he did stop breathing at the Bell Centre before being resuscitated via CPR. 

The brain needs oxygen to function properly. So the longer he was down, the larger the risk of brain damage became.  Thankfully, it appears that the rumors that it took paramedics 20 minutes to revive him are false.

The really amazing thing about all this is that with so little time to save him, Lawler was lucky that the heart attack happened while he was announcing Raw.  If he was back at the hotel, at an independent show, at home or really anywhere other than a hospital, we would probably be writing Lawler's obituary right now.  This was a massive heart attack, and the WWE medical staff should be lauded for saving him.

Hopefully we'll be hearing more and more good news over the next several days.

UPDATE: TMZ quoted Jerry Lawler's son Kevin as giving even more good news:

"[Jerry] is hooked up to tubes and is still not able to speak…but he's writing stuff on a notepad to talk to people.  Not just brief notes, but detailed stories which show he knows where he is and what is going on.


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