Packers' Aaron Rodgers Backs out of Bet with 49ers Fans Boyz II Men

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 11, 2012

CHICAGO, IL - DECEMBER 16:  Aaron Rodgers #12 of the Green Bay Packers after throwing a touchdown pass on December 16, 2012 at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)
David Banks/Getty Images

Aaron Rodgers is a master of the long ball, quick to make great decisions under duress and, it seems, a gigantic baby who doesn't make good on his bets. 

For shame, Rodgers. For shame. 

The Packers' star quarterback just did the discount double-check on a bet he made with Boyz II Men. Well, I guess we should make that an alleged bet he made, because Rodgers said it was all in good fun. 

TMZ reports the QB will not wear a 49ers jersey all week as was the wager in a bet he made with Nathan Morris prior to the game against San Francisco. 

The singer from the R&B group Boyz II Men is something of a 49ers fan and bet his friend on the upcoming game. 

A Packers loss, as we reported on Monday, meant Rodgers would have to wear enemy colors all week. 

So much for that, because the quarterback is being a knucklehead and not agreeing to his end of the deal. 

Rodgers addressed the media—and when he was asked about the wager, he sounded like a man trying to get out of donning his rival's jersey. 

"There's nothing to that," Rodgers said ... adding, "That got blown way out of proportion."

Still, Rodgers DID acknowledge a bet was made ... saying, "It was at best a joke between friends, and, unfortunately, the great reporting of TMZ blew another one."

TMZ went the extra length and found this gem of a tweet from Boyz II Men.

Pressing the jersey now! RT @shawnstockman And that should be that for the Packer/ 9er game. Looks like a jersey will be worn!!

— Boyz II Men (@BoyzIIMen) September 9, 2012

So it seems this group that did their part to make the 90s memorable really thought a San Francisco jersey would be worn by one of the greatest QBs in the league this week. 

We will continue to shake our heads at Rodgers for doing the unthinkable and backtracking on a bet, but he probably thought twice with all the media attention surrounding this. 

Maybe in his mind, it would be better to scoff at a friendly wager than to have cameras capture every second of him doing the unthinkable. 

Now we have a fun little controversy brewing. Should Rodgers man up to his end of the bargain or ignore it even though he will surely be called out for sidestepping his wager?

The more pressing question needs to be: How is a Philadelphia-based super group 49ers fans? Nothing in this story makes any sense. 

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