25 Top Fighters and Their Signature Moves

Tim McTiernan@tmt2393Correspondent IAugust 24, 2012

25 Top Fighters and Their Signature Moves

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    In MMA, certain fighters have certain moves that they love to throw, and are almost synonymous with the fighter.

    Jon Jones has the spinning back elbow, Georges St-Pierre has the superman punch and plenty of other fighters have a go-to move.

    Let's take a look at the top 25 fighters in MMA, and their signature moves. If you think I got one wrong, let me know in the comments.

    I will be basing the top 25 fighters off my own personal pound-for-pound rankings.

Chris Weidman- Right Elbow

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    At this point in his career, Chris Weidman doesn't exactly have a "signature move," but after his recent win over Mark Munoz, this is by far his most memorable.

    As Munoz lunged in with a wild overhand right, Weidman countered with a short, inside right elbow that put Munoz out cold.

    Weidman is now gunning for a shot at the middleweight title.

Chan Sung Jung- Twister

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    He's only hit it once, and he may never hit it again, but Chan Sung Jung will always be remembered for beating Leonard Garcia with a twister.

    It was the first twister ever seen in the UFC, and it may not happen again for a long, long time.

    Jung is currently awaiting his next fight, but many are calling for him to face the winner of the upcoming Jose Aldo-Erik Koch fight.

Ian McCall- Cheering Ground and Pound

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    At UFC on FX 2, Ian McCall faced off against Demetrious Johnson.

    Going into the third round, it was a close fight, and the score could have been going either way. Then in the third, McCall took over.

    Toward the end of the fight, McCall took the back of Johnson and started throwing down some serious ground-and-pound. He looked like he may even end the fight.

    Then he started cheering and playing up to the crowd, which made for a very memorable scene.

Urijah Faber- Guillotine Choke

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    Every guy from Team Alpha Male is good with the guillotine choke, and that is no different with Urijah Faber.

    Faber has won six of 26 fights with a guillotine choke—including a win over current champion Dominick Cruz and top five bantamweight Brian Bowles.

    Faber has a nasty guillotine.

Martin Kampmann- Guillotine Choke

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    Martin Kampmann doesn't exactly have a signature move, so we'll go with the most memorable, and that would be the guillotine choke.

    Kampmann has won three fights with it, the most memorable of which being his come from behind victory over Thiago Alves at UFC on FX 2.

    He caught Alves in it with just 48 seconds left in the fight.

Nate Diaz- Triangle Choke

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    Nate Diaz is one of the better submission artists in MMA today, and his triangle is one of his best moves.

    He has won four of 16 fights with it, and his win over Kurt Pellegrino—where he delivered double middle fingers—is one of my all-time favorite submissions.

    Another good move for Diaz is the guillotine, with which he has also won four fights.

Johny Hendricks- Right Hand

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    Johny Hendricks has knocked out many a man with his powerful right hand.

    The most notable of these knockouts was a 12 second finish of former welterweight title challenger, Jon Fitch.

    Hendricks will look to land his right hand against Martin Kampmann at UFC 154 when they meet up.

Mauricio Rua- Leg Kicks

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    Mauricio "Shogun" Rua is one of the most devastating Muay Thai strikers in MMA. He has incredible kicks, and throws them with great efficiency.

    His leg kicks are where he really shines though. Rua landed 28 leg kicks against Lyoto Machida in their first fight at UFC 104, and he threw 48.

    That is a ridiculous number of leg kicks.

Chael Sonnen- Double Leg

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    There has to be no doubt about this one.

    Chael Sonnen's signature move is his double leg takedown. He explodes into it, and if he gets a hold of you, then you're probably not getting away from him.

    His opponents know what he's going to do, and they just can't stop him from doing it.

Renan Barao- Taking the Back/ Rear-Naked Choke

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    As Joe Rogan would say, "WOW HE JUST TOOK THAT BACK LIKE A NINJA."

    Renan Barao has earned six of his wins by rear-naked choke, and that is the submission with which he has the most victories.

    In his fight against Brad Pickett, he rocked Pickett, and followed him to the ground, where Rogan exclaimed that he took the back "like a ninja."

Gray Maynard- Double Leg

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    Much like Chael Sonnen, Gray Maynard is known for his double leg takedown.

    In his first fight against Frankie Edgar, he used his wrestling to control the smaller fighter, and won a unanimous decision victory.

    Overall, Maynard has won nine out of 11 fights by decision, and his wrestling has played a big part in that.

Cain Velasquez- Punches

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    10 wins, 10 finishes, 10 (T)KO's, no typos.

    Velasquez has (T)KO'd his opponent in all ten of his victories, and that is easier said than done.

    He has beaten such top fighters as Antonio Silva, Brock Lesnar and Minotauro Nogueira.

    Silva was TKO'd after a takedown, Lesnar was (T)KO'd after getting rocked on his feet and Minotauro was essentially KO'd standing up.

    Cain is dangerous everywhere.

Demetrious Johnson- Speed

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    I know, I know, "speed isn't a move!!!"

    His speed sets up all his moves though. Much like Frankie Edgar, Demetrious Johnson's game relies heavily on his speed.

    He is able to throw punches, shoot for takedowns and move in and out with incredible speed and fluidity.

    His speed sets up everything for him.

Joseph Benavidez- Guillotine Choke

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    Joseph Benavidez is a current flyweight, and will soon be fighting for the inaugural UFC flyweight belt.

    He was formerly a bantamweight, a division in which he won four fights with a guillotine choke.

    Basically, any guy from Team Alpha Male is a threat to catch you with a guillotine.

Rashad Evans- Punches

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    Rashad Evans is known as a wrestler, but he has developed some really solid striking.

    Arguably his most exciting knockout was a win over Chuck Liddell where he put him out cold with just one punch.

    Rashad packs some serious power—and speed—in his hands.

Frankie Edgar- Combinations

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    Frankie Edgar doesn't have a single signature move, because his moves consist of combinations and putting attacks together.

    He doesn't just throw one or two strikes at a time, he will throw five and six strikes at a time, and pepper his opponents with lots of shots using his superior speed.

    Whether or not he'll keep his speed advantage at featherweight is yet to be seen.

Carlos Condit- Flying Knee

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    Carlos Condit is one of those guys who is well-rounded, and can throw lots of different strikes.

    He knocked out Dan Hardy with a powerful left hook, he hit Nick Diaz with lots of leg kicks and he TKO'd Rory MacDonald with nasty ground and pound.

    However, his most memorable knockout has got to be the flying knee against Dong Hyun Kim at UFC 132.

    Condit backed Kim up with a front kick to the face, and walked right at him, before leaping into the air and landing a knee right on Kim's chin.

Dan Henderson- H-Bomb

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    For those of you unfamiliar with "the H-bomb," it is an overhand right thrown by Dan Henderson.

    In recent years he has fallen in love with his right hand, and has used it to end multiple fights, and rock multiple fighters.

    For evidence of it, you need look no further than his UFC 100 bout against Michael Bisping.

    But I know you've already seen that.

Benson Henderson- Standing Guillotine Choke

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    Not just the standing guillotine choke, but really any guillotine choke that he can grab.

    He has won four of his fights with it, and threatened with it in several others.

    Not only is he offensive with it, but he has been caught in guillotines multiple times, and has never been close to tapping.

Junior Dos Santos- Punches

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    It could be a left hook, overhand right, straight left or anything else.

    Junior dos Santos's signature move has to be his punches, because it's all we've really seen him throw.

Dominick Cruz- Uppercut

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    Dominick Cruz has stated that his favorite technique is the uppercut, and he throws it quite a bit.

    He will frequently mix it in while he's doing his combos and in and out movement, and he uses it to perfection.

    He is currently rehabbing an injury, and looking to return and unify the bantamweight title.

Jose Aldo- Leg Kick

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    Remember back in the WEC when Jose Aldo fought Urijah Faber with the featherweight title on the line?

    Remember how Aldo absolutely decimated Faber's leg with leg kicks?

    Yeah, thought so.

Georges St-Pierre- Superman Punch

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    Georges St-Pierre is the current UFC welterweight champion, and one of the most well-rounded fighters in MMA today. That makes it hard to pinpoint exactly one signature move.

    His jab, his double leg and his spinning back kick are all fantastic, but the one that really stands out is his superman punch.

    He uses it so perfectly to close the distance, and you have little to no time to react, as BJ Penn can attest to.

Jon Jones- Spinning Back Elbow

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    I seriously considered saying "ducking," but I chose to keep it serious.

    Jones has thrown the spinning back elbow in at least three of his fights, against Stephan Bonnar, Mauricio Rua and Quinton Jackson.

    In the fight against Bonnar, he dropped him, and had he reacted a bit faster, he could have finished him.

Anderson Silva- Front Kick

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    For the middleweight champion, Anderson Silva, the front kick will always be associated with him.

    He threw it in fights against Dan Henderson, Vitor Belfort and others, but he will always be remembered for scoring the knockout against Belfort with it.

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