World Football: Power Ranking the 25 Most Dedicated Fanbases

Mikhail Turner@MikhailTurnerContributor IIIAugust 17, 2012

World Football: Power Ranking the 25 Most Dedicated Fanbases

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    Bleacher Report is taking a look at the most dedicated fanbases in World Football.

    Clubs like Manchester United, Barcelona and Real Madrid are well known worldwide and have tons of fans outside of their own cities.

    We aren't talking necessarily about the most well-supported clubs in terms of numbers, though these clubs fall into both categories. For this list we are looking at clubs whose fans are behind them 100 percent through the good times and the bad.

    The statistical evidence, average attendance and so forth, alone shows how dedicated fans of some clubs are. While for others like Barcelona and Celtic, the club's origin and ideals etc., play a big part in how dedicated their fans are.

    It isn't just clubs with dedicated fanbases, however, as international teams certainly have tons of interest in various countries. Since it's a bit hard to judge international fans versus club fans, the international teams have their own little mini-ranking as it were.

    Here are the 25 most dedicated fanbases in world football.

25. Spain National Team Fans

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    Spanish fans have had a lot more to cheer about recently as their team has dominated on the European and World stage.

    Spain had a history of underachievement before its recent turn of success, but their supporters were always behind them and have since been rewarded.

24. Italy National Team

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    Italian fans rallied behind their teams in the 2006 World Cup and this years' Euro 2012 tournament despite the troubles going on in the Serie A. That dedication almost led to two trophies.

    They helped their team to a win in the 2006 World Cup, but were unable to help them overcome Spain in the Euro 2012 final.

23. Ghana National Team Fans

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    To be honest, any of the African nations could have gone here as they are extremely passionate about their football.

    Ghana received some great support in the 2006 World Cup and the 2010 World Cup. The fans have plenty to cheer about with talents like Jordan and Andre Ayew in the squad.

22. Turkey National Team Fans

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    You'll see some passionate Turkish club fans later on in this list, which will give you an idea of just how much the Turkish population loves their football.

    The team has become more of a threat in Europe in recent years and has given their fans plenty more to cheer about as a result.

21. Croatia National Team Fans

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    As controversial as they can be, you can't say that fans of the Croatia National team aren't dedicated. The fans show up to every major game and are a big reason why the national team is hard to beat at home.

    They certainly won't get any prizes for being nice fans, but they are most definitely in full support of their team.

20. Mexico National Team Fans

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    It would be safe to say that the Mexican national team had plenty of support during the recently concluded Olympic football tournament.

    Mexican football fans know their teams from the youth setup all the way to senior side and are dedicated to watching every tournament possible in which their teams compete.

19. Germany National Team Fans

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    It's no surprise that the German national team has tons of support given the team's history of success and ability to show up for the big tournaments.

    The support the women received in the 2011 Women's World Cup shows just how dedicated German's are to cheering on their national sides.

18. English National Team Fans

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    The English are always prepared to support their national teams when it comes around to major tournaments, even if it's usually because they have some high expectations for the team.

    Though the team usually fails to live up to those expectations, their fans come out again in full force for the team's next tournament.

17. Argentina National Team Fans

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    Much like their international rivals Brazil, the Argentina national team has a very dedicated fanbase.

    The Argentinians may not be as successful as their rivals, but the amount of talent this nation produces, and the type of football they play, ensures that they are always followed by their countrymen.

16. Brazil National Team Fans

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    Brazil's national team receives undoubted dedication from its fans in every major tournament. The most successful World Cup team is under constant pressure and the dedication from their fans comes hand in hand with lots of scrutiny.

    Still, fans of the Seleção generally believe their team is the best in South America and the world, and are always waiting for the side to return to its days of fluid football.

15. Seattle Sounders Fans

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    When you have your own fan association with the power that the Seattle Sounders fan association has, and invest the type of time that the Emerald City Supporters and the North End Faithful do, you have dedication.

    The Seattle Sounders fanbase has earned rave reviews since their entrance into the MLS. They have broken MLS attendance records and are known for creating a great atmosphere. 

    As the MLS continues to grow, the Sounders will continue to be one of the best-supported teams thanks to a dedicated fanbase.

14. Juventus Fans

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    Juventus will be the only Italian team on this list and for good reason. Attendance in the Serie A is generally poor, but Juventus fans have been some of the most dedicated in the last few seasons.

    Looking at the average amount of tickets sold in the past three seasons, Juventus was the team to beat with 77 percent in that category. That may seem low but it is very good when compared to Inter Milan's 63 percent in that category.

13. Borussia Dortmund

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    Borussia Dortmund has the biggest stadium in Germany and fans continue to pack into the stands.

    According to statistics on, Dortmund fans have been pretty loyal in their attendance to home games and averaged 93.7 percent tickets sold since the 2005/06 season,.

    That occurred even while the team was constantly out of the title picture and the fans have since been rewarded with two fantastic seasons, 2010/11 and 2011/12, by the club.

12. Chivas De Guadalajara Fans

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    Chivas De Guadalaraja is one of Mexico's top two clubs, the other being Club America, and has the best fan support of any club in the nation.

    This article in the LA Times shows just how dedicated fans can be even when they are not in the country to support their team every week.

11. Manchester United Fans

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    While I'm no fan of Manchester United myself, its hard to believe that fans of the club would not be completely behind a team with the success and quality of the Red Devils.

    They may be a different type of fan in terms of loudness etc., but that doesn't mean they aren't dedicated to the team.

    The statistics don't lie when it comes to Manchester United fans. Attendance figures shown on show that the club has been in the top three in attendance as far back as the 2002/03 season, and that would continue to be the case if we looked even further back.

10. Real Madrid Fans

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    Real Madrid's global fanbase is definitely one of the best worldwide. Are fans of the club dedicated though? Yes, would be the answer.

    The fans continually fill out the stadium, as shown by statistics at, and seem to have no problem with the "Galacticos" model.

    Fans of Real Madrid are certainly dedicated when it comes around to beating rivals Barcelona and reminding other Madrid-based teams like Atletico Madrid and Getafe who's the boss in the city.

09. Arsenal

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    When fans of a club with such history as Arsenal continue to the support the team whole-heartedly through seven year stretches with no silverware, you know they are dedicated.

    Each year during the club's recent run, Arsenal fans have expected trophies and each year they have come up disappointed.

    That's not all it means to be an Arsenal fan though as most, if not all, Gooners are completely happy with club's ability to grow young talents into stars. The fans would certainly be much happier if those stars stuck around though.

    Despite the constant departure of top talent, Arsenal fans are still around and believe in their team. They are one of the most frustrated and dedicated set of fans in the game.

08. Red Star Belgrade Fans

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    Red Star Belgrade fans may be a bit fanatical from some folks' point of view, but they are also very dedicated to their team.

    Red Star fans create a great atmosphere for the club and are known for their choreography.

07. Flamengo Fans

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    In 2010, according to the, Flamengo was the most supported team in Brazil.

    It's a bit harder to keep track of fan attendance for a club like Flamengo, given the amount of stadiums the club has played in over the years, but the strong support they have shows the dedication of the fans.

06. Boca Juniors Fans

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    Boca Juniors fans create a great atmosphere during games and that is partly due to the structure of their stadium.

    Argentinians are passionate about their football and when you consider that, according to a report on in 2006, reportedly 40 percent of the country support the team, it's easy to see why they are on this list.

    While 2006 was some time away, there is more recent evidence of the passion and commitment of Boca Juniors fans.

05. Fenerbahce Fans

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    Fenerbahce fans are so dedicated to their team that they will set fire to their own ground and riot in the city when they lose important matches.

    These fans are a bit crazy—okay, really crazy—but also really dedicated. Fenerbahce fans have gone as far as supporting a jailed club chairman in recent times.

04. Galatasaray Fans

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    Like their rival fans from Fenerbahce, who are also on this list, Galatasaray fans are extremely committed to their team.

    The fans paid tribute to their manager like no other set of supporters probably have, and greeted their team with a heroes welcome after they won the 2011/12 title.

03. Liverpool Fans

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    Liverpool fans belt out "You'll Never Walk Alone" during every home game for the Reds and that club anthem alone provides a good indication of the type of dedication Liverpool fans have.

    Fan support during home games, especially rivalries and derbies, is extremely good and Liverpool players know the fans have their back. One has to look no further than last year's events with Luis Suarez for evidence of that.

02. Celtic Fans

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    You know a club has dedicated fans when there are websites like this and this lying around the Internet.

    The Scottish club has plenty of history and part of that is down to the great support they receive from their fans.

    Celtic's Catholic origins give the club a pretty well-defined fanbase, which is a major reason why fans are so dedicated to the club.

01. Barcelona Fans

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    Barcelona fans, especially with the football the club is playing now, are totally invested in the team.

    With a motto like "Mes Que en club," which translates "More than a club" in English, it's not hard to see why fans are dedicated to this team.

    Barcelona fans are committed to the team's youth development as well as their style of play.