Olympic Swimming 2012: Twitter Misadventures of Australian Star Stephanie Rice

Jesse Reed@@JesseReed78Correspondent IJuly 24, 2012

LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 23:  Swimmer Stephanie Rice of Australia speaks at a press conference ahead of the London Olympic Games at the Main Press Centre in Olympic Park on July 23, 2012 in London, England.  (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)
Stu Forster/Getty Images

Australian Olympic swimmer Stephanie Rice is no stranger to social media controversy, and she's started another firestorm after she recently posted a picture of herself on Twitter wearing a skimpy, low-cut bikini. 

Thankyou to the Gorgeous @elliegonsalves for my birthday @veveswimwear bikini instagr.am/p/MNBZEMkQds/

—Stephanie Rice (@ItsStephRice) June 23, 2012

This isn't the first time Rice has posted pictures of herself dressed in sexy outfits, either. She made headlines back in 2008 when she posted a picture of herself in a sexy cop outfit on her Facebook account.

If you follow her on Twitter @ItsStephRice, then you know she isn't shy about showing off a bit of skin. She isn't ashamed of what she's doing, and she made that point quite clear in another Tweet, shortly after she released the shot of her birthday outfit.

Would like to thank News Ltd for the publicity. For another chance to see me in 'racy' swimwear tune into the Olympics on Fox Sports 😜

—Stephanie Rice (@ItsStephRice) June 25, 2012

Unfortunately, Rice's troubles on Twitter aren't just related to her affinity for showing off her body. She made headlines in a bad way back in 2010 after her favorite rugby team, the Wallabies, beat their rivals, the Springboks.

After the game was over, Rice Tweeted, "Suck on that faggots. Probs the best game I've ever seen!! Well done boys," according to the Daily Telegraph.

Rice was devastated afterwards to know that what she had written offended so many people, according to the Daily Telegraph report. She issued a statement, saying:

"I owe it to those who I have offended to publicly say I am sorry. I also want to say it's just not me to cause offense to other people no matter who they are. I am not a person who judges others or speaks in a way that hurts the feelings of others. My words were careless and thoughtless.

I have also learned that some things can mean more to others than they do to you. At no time did I intend to give offense. At no point was I thinking of those who may be offended."

Rice's tweet cost her a lucrative endorsement deal with Jaguar, according to the report, though she said she was more concerned with "making things right" than she was about the money. At one point, Rice broke down in tears. She was sorry that she had hurt the people in the gay and lesbian communities, and it showed. 

The latest scandal, if you can call it that, has brought one follower to call for her to be dropped from the Olympic team, according to CNN.com

Here's my point of view on the subject.

Rice is a young woman full of vitality and vigor. She obviously loves to have fun, and she loves fashion, according to the Sunday Telegraph's Alice Wasley.

She's a darn good swimmer, too. 

Also, according to Wasley's report, Rice was bullied as a young girl. She was "shy" and "never fitted in." She's happy with the person she's become these days, and she isn't afraid to let everyone know about it. 

Besides her ill-advised tweet about the rugby match, I don't see anything worth getting bothered over. People have the option to not follow her on Twitter and Facebook, so if they are offended by what they see, they should stop looking.

Overreaction is the standard reaction, as it seems these days. Rice has the right to post her pictures, and we have the right to either look or not look at them. Why all the fuss?

But, I'm only one person here. Many others have a different take on the matter, which is why I'm writing about it in the first place. Whatever your take on the subject, there's no denying that Rice has a talent for getting herself noticed, and not always for good reasons.


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