College Football's Most Amazing Plays of All Time

Kevin King@kevin glen kingSenior Analyst IIJuly 11, 2012

College Football's Most Amazing Plays of All Time

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    What does your list of all time most amazing college football plays look like?

    I think it may match some of my list but some will not. That is certainly fine because taste is an individual thing.

    Either way after you watch this list, I hope you will agree these are some very amazing football moments.

    To research and package this collection, I have spent thousands, OK hundreds, OK, tens of hours comparing video footage of amazing plays. Digging through the massive Bleacher Report and friends libraries, I have found the following very memorable college football gems.  

    What better way to take a momentary break from your hard work than to take a few minutes to watch some of the sweetest football moments that have ever been recorded.

    Dig in and enjoy!

Honorable Mention

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    Neither of these honorable mentions are college teams. But, I thought they were neat anyway.

    The first, "whoops see do" was a play we taught our high school team and used in one game. Though this isn't a picture of our team, just as depicted here, it worked just fine.

    Play number two is a wing around end around out of the I. I'm not familiar with the team on the video but my junior high team went 9-0 running this exact kind of offense.

    We only ran 6 plays out of this same type formation and four were accounted for by running the wing or the end around from either side. No matter what level, football works anytime you run where they ain't.

No. 9: Longest Fumble Return in College Football History

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    Check this out. Just when you thought you had things going your way...

No. 8: Most Amazing Interception Ever

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    This one needs to be viewed at least three times to really appreciate it. No wonder this guy won a Heisman!

No. 7: Punt Return: The Pose

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    1991- Ohio State vs Michigan, Desmond Howard's amazing punt return and "The Pose". No wonder this guy won a Heisman too.  

No. 6: Game Changer

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    OK, I know we need some SEC teams in here. Truthfully, there are hundreds of amazing SEC moments. But SEC fans have them all so memorized all they have to do is close their eyes to review them.

    Still, here is one from a game I attended back in 2003. Georgia was leading 13-7, but Tennessee had driven methodically down the field and was preparing to score as the half was about to end.

    Just as it appeared the Vols would go into the half in Knoxville with a 14-13 lead, tragedy or fortune (depending on the individual fan's point of view) struck!

    Next thing the Vols fans knew, their team was down 20-7 and it rolled steadily downhill through the second half, too!

No. 5: Flutie's Heave Against Miami

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    November 23, 1984, Doug Flutie to Gerard Phelan, last play of the game.

    Final Score

    Bos. Col. - 47

    Miami - 45

No 4: The Greatest Play in the History of College Football: Almost!

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    The following is a clip of Michigan versus Nebraska in the 2005 Alamo Bowl. I titled the clip "The Greatest Play in the History of College Football: Almost!

    Both teams had less than average years for their schools. But, it was billed as the matchup of the teams that split the national championship in 1997.

    Anyway, Michigan is down 32-28 and it is the last play of the game. Before you watch, just keep in mind that if the ball carrier who ran out had turned towards the middle instead of the sideline, he would have scored easily. Thus, this was the greatest play in the history of college football: Almost!

    You will see what I mean.

No. 3: The Little Train That Could!

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    This one is a bit longer than the other clips. It is the Boise State - Oklahoma, 2007 Fiesta Bowl. The whole thing goes for about three minutes. But I felt the extra time better told the whole story.

    Watch it and I think you will agree.

No. 2: 4th and 5 for a National Championship

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    USC leading Texas 38-33 with :19 seconds to play. Fourth down and five, and here goes Vince Young.

No. 1: The Most Amazing Finish in College Football History

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    Trinity Tx, - 28, Millsaps College - 24.

    This 2007 Division Three game featured 15 laterals in a game-ending 71 yard touchdown. No flags, no band on the field. This one is hands-down the greatest finish I have ever seen.