Top Soccer Books to Read This Summer

Christopher Almeras@@redriverhockeyCorrespondent IIJuly 8, 2012

Top Soccer Books to Read This Summer

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    Now that Euro 2012 has ended there is a lack of games to hold fans interest until most domestic seasons begin in August. During this downtime I personally dig into some books, because a person can only read so many transfer rumors.

    The following lists my favorite soccer related books to read. I would love to hear other suggestions, as I have a limited library to base my choices on. So turn off he replay on Fox Soccer of Wigan vs. Stoke and pick up one of these to get your soccer fill until your team begins playing meaningful matches again.

Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby

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    Any Gunner's fan knows this book.

    Whether you love or loath Arsenal this is quite a good read. The book is a collection of how the author's life and his passion for the club intertwine over the years.

    The book was turned into a film in England in 1997, and adapted to an American movie about a Boston Red Sox fan in 2005.

Trautmann: The Biography by Alan Rowlands

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    This book is an excellent biography on the Manchester City legend. It follows Trautmann from his childhood through his years in the Hitler youth, as a German paratrooper, a prisoner of war, and into one of the greatest goalkeepers the game has known.

    Rowlands digs into the uproar over his signing by Manchester City, and his struggles off the pitch. The book does an excellent job of covering his entire career including the circumstances surrounding his finishing an FA Cup final despite suffering a broken neck during the second half.

The World Is a Ball by John Doyle

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    John Doyle's book is an account of his travels around the world to watch soccer games, particularly the World Cups in 2002 and 2006.

    He does a good job of discussing how soccer brings the world together. An interesting read from a journalist who does not cover soccer.

Soccer Empire by Laurent Dubois

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    Dubois tackles the history of the French empire through soccer.

    His main focus is on the French national teams from 1998 to 2006 by looking at the lives and careers of Zidane and Thuram. Both players families were from French colonies, and Dubois looks at how those teams were a picture of France's multicultural makeup.

The Miracle of Castel Di Sangro by Joe McGinniss

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    Joe McGinniss follows a small town team in Italy for a season during their miracle run towards the upper levels of Italian soccer.

    The story is full of laughs and inspiration. Joe introduces us to an interesting cast of characters including an AC Milan fan who brings him home after seeing him reading a soccer publication on a train.

Soccer in Sun and Shadow by Eduardo H. Galeano

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    Galeano comments on the history and politics of the world's greatest game.

    His short stories cover South American rivalries to death on the pitch in England. The updated release a few years back added some more updated stories since the original release in the mid 90's.