Top 10 Soccer Superstitions

Thomas Atzenhoffer@socceratzCorrespondent IIJuly 4, 2012

Top 10 Soccer Superstitions

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    Every sport in the world has its list of rituals and superstitions that go along with it. From Major League Baseball's "rally caps" to chewing mouth guards in the National Football League, there are hundreds of strange things that players do throughout the sporting world.

    World Football is in no way excluded from this. As the world's most popular sport, there are potentially more superstitions in soccer than any other sport.

    As we take a look at the top 10 you will most likely see or come across, Bleacher Report hopes to hear your top superstitions in the comments below.

Washroom Rituals

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    Washroom rituals from specific toilets to on or off the pitch, and going before, during or after matches all have their place in the superstitions of today's and yester-year's players.

    Chelsea's John Terry is one of those most famous for his pre-match specifics.

Same Seats

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    If the seating arrangement on the travel coach results in a victory, it is customary to keep the same seats the next trip in many clubs' views.

    During my own playing days, if we won an away match, the seating arrangement was repeated for every away match to come until we were beaten and the luck had worn off.

Playoff Beard

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    In the United States, it is referred to as a "playoff beard," but the custom of keeping a lucky beard for the duration of a long run is universal throughout the footballing world.

    Major League Soccer's Houston Dynamo and LA Galaxy are the most known for it in the United States, while Sheffield United also had a long FA Cup playoff beard run in 1993.

The Golden Egg

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    Bald players always seem customary as good luck charms to most teams.

    The custom of rubbing the shaved head of a teammate for good luck goes deep into history, and is going nowhere soon.

    On a more famous note, current French National team coach kissed the head of his teammate Fabian Barthez for good luck before matches in the 1998 World Cup.

Smelly Socks

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    One of the most common superstitions that can be seen, or smelled, in world football is players not washing or changing their socks.

    It is perhaps one of the oldest rituals in the books and has yet to lose its luster.

Last to Dress

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    Some players like to be the last player out of the locker room when they are preparing for a match.

    However some players, such as England's Bobby Moore, took that ideology to an even further level as he refused to come out of the locker room unless he was the last player to pull on his shorts before running out onto the pitch.

Never Mind the Knickers

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    Another famous ritual, aside from not changing socks, is also unfortunately not changing undergarments.

    I'll leave the rest of that one for the imagination.

Same Old Soles

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    Yet another famous superstition is almost too obvious as once again we look at not changing something out.

    Keeping the same boots match after match while on a run is a ritual as long as the game has been played.

Time for a Haircut

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    Some players refuse to cut their hair until something happens. Other players refuse to let it grow back out until certain events happen.

    No matter which way you believe it to be true, letting your hair grow or not grow is one of the top superstitions in the history of the game.

Don't Waste Your Goals

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    Some players, particularly strikers, are not fans of shooting on goal during the prematch warm-up.

    Former Tottenham and England striker Gary Lineker is famous for refusing to "waste his goals" during the prematch warm-ups.


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