Sixers 2012 NBA Draft Picks: Grades, Results and Analysis

Jay Wierenga@@JayWierengaCorrespondent IJune 28, 2012

Sixers 2012 NBA Draft Picks: Grades, Results and Analysis

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    2012 NBA Draft updates and analysis will be brought to fans for all 30 NBA teams by Bleacher Report.

    This article will be focusing on the Philadelphia 76ers.

    Pages will be updated after every move made by team president Rod Thorn and his team.

    Make sure to check this page often, as there will be constant updates and analysis of moves, rumors and player information for all picks.

No. 15: Mo Harkless, SF, St. Johns

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    Why to love this pick

    The Sixers have been underwhelmed by their current small forward, Thaddeus Young, and need more athleticism on the wings.

    Harkless is a guy that can get to the hoop.

    He is an athletic leaper that is explosive on both sides of the ball.

    Given that Philly has struggled guarding athletic swingmen, a guy like Harkless could be groomed into a Kawhi Leonard type of player.


    Some might wonder if the Sixers should have picked up a big man.

    Elton Brand obviously is on his last legs, and while Spencer Hawes was a revelation this year, he isn't a cure-all.

    This team needs more size up front, and Harkless does not fix this problem.


    This probably is a solid pick, although he is probably a reach. Given the names still on the board (Tyler Zeller, Terrence Jones, Andrew Nicholson, Arnett Moultrie), this seems somewhat curious given team needs.

    I'm not saying Harkless won't develop into a very good player.

    On the contrary, I like him as a pick.

    But I don't like him as a pick where he is at, and given the players still available, I have a feeling the Sixers nation will regret this pick.

    Grade: C

Trade: 76ers Send Future 1st Round Pick and No. 45 Pick to Miami Heat

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    According to Chad Ford, the Sixers have traded one of their two second round picks plus a future first rounder to Miami for Arnett Moultrie.

    For Philly, this is quite the move.

    Chad Ford of ESPN has the breakdown of the deal.

    Moultrie, in the eyes of most scouts, is one of the top five power forwards in this draft.

    The Sixers have an aging power forward that they need to upgrade immediately.

    Moultrie fits Philly for a lot of reasons.

    He is athletic, can block shots and rebounds the ball well.

    The one knock on Moultrie is that he tends to fall in love with the perimeter game, and in college he could get away with that.

    Moultrie was projected by some to go as high as No. 9 to Detroit.

    Grade: A

Sold: No. 54: Tornike Shengelia, F, Georgia to Brooklyn

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    The Sixers biggest needs were a shooting guard and size up front.

    Luckily they got Moultrie in a deal with Miami.

    Shengelia is a decent project, which at this point in the draft is all you can hope for.

    He is a good athlete, is fairly physical for a Euro, and is very athletic.

    In a lot of ways, he reminds me of Jonas Jerebko, and if he can develop into that type of energy player, this could be a very good pick.

    Sadly, they sold this pick to Brooklyn for cash considerations.

    Grade: F

Overall Draft Grade

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    In all honesty, Moultrie saves this draft for Philly.

    The Harkless pick was a reach, and did not need to happen.

    They already have two guys that are physically gifted and athletic swing men that can't shoot.

    It doesn't make sense to bring in another, especially this high.

    The Moultrie move was inspired, and gives them a big man that they can develop for the future.

    An underrated move might have been Shengelia, but they sold him to Brooklyn.

    Overall Grade: C-

76ers Draft Needs

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    The Sixers started out the season on a tear, but cooled off considerably before limping into the playoffs.

    They gave the Boston Celtics quite a scare, but ultimately were defeated.

    A few things jump out when looking at this team.

    First, they are a perimeter-oriented team that relies mostly on the jump shot to win. They have some decent size up front, but their highest-paid player, Elton Brand, is basically a shell of the player he was even a few years ago.

    Spencer Hawes emerged as a surprise this year, averaging nearly 10 points to go along with over seven boards per game.

    Jrue Holiday wrapped up a very good season with a very nice turn in the playoffs.

    Thaddeus Young continues to confound as he struggles to realize his vast potential.

    The same could have been said about Evan Turner, but he started to put things together late in the season and looked much better in the playoffs. He jumped up his scoring load and had some very good rebounding numbers.

    Overall, this is a team that is on the fence. On one hand, they could only be a player or two away from being a contender.

    On the other hand, if some of their young guys remain stagnant or regress, this team could go south in a hurry.

    When looking at their draft needs, you come to a few obvious conclusions.

    They need more production out of their shooting guard and their small forward. Power forward will need to be addressed, as well as an overall lack of depth up front.

    If Turner and Young continue to improve, this turns into a moot point on the wings. Thorn and the front office could decide that it is too early to give up on a couple of former lottery picks and choose to go big.

    This gives Philly some options depending how things shake out.

    Ideally, it would love for a high-end power forward to slip to it.

    UNC's John Henson or his teammate, Tyler Zeller, could be options here.

    Additionally, Arnett Moultrie, Meyers Leonard or Andrew Nicholson if it feels like reaching.

    The real wild cards up front will be Terrence and Perry Jones and Jared Sullinger.

    All three, one year ago, were considered top-five picks. Now, each has red flags that could see them slip to 15 and beyond.

    Terrence Jones has had maturity issues and saw his production slip considerably from his freshman year to his sophomore year. He has a great blend of athleticism, size and skill, but some wonder if his bad body language could be a sign of things to come.

    Perry Jones is an athletic freak, but he spends too much time trying to be a guard and disappears for long stretches.

    Sullinger has battled injuries, and though very talented and smart, plays below the rim.

    The good news for Sixers fans is that this is still a fairly deep draft, and talent should be available at 15.

    In the second round, the Sixers have two picks and should grab the best player available in both cases.

    This team needs more depth up front, but could also use size and athleticism on the wings.

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