20 of the Shortest Tempers in NHL History

Tom Urtz Jr.@@TomUrtzJrContributor IJune 28, 2012

20 of the Shortest Tempers in NHL History

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    Hockey is a game full of skill, tenacity and pressure, so at times players can lose their cool and show some frustration. Some players are more calm and collected than others, but then there are players and coaches who lose their cool with the flip of a switch.

    Here are some of the players and coaches with the shortest tempers in NHL history.

Chris Simon

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    Chris Simon was one nasty player with a history of rage and agression. He was a player who piled up suspension after suspension, and he ultimately was bounced from the league because of his dirty play and temper.

Claude Lemieux

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    Claude Lemieux is well known throughout the NHL for many reasons. He was known for his clutch play with the Montreal Canadiens during his rookie year, the clip above, and he was also known for his temper.

    Lemieux had a knack for getting under your skin, but if you tried to get under his, he would make you pay.

Dale Hunter

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    Dale Hunter made a brief return to the NHL as the Washington Capitals' bench boss. His return was met with both acclaim and criticism, but Hunter is still well known for this cheap shot on Pierre Turgeron. 

    This clip really shows how quick Hunter lost his temper back during his playing days.

Ron Hextall

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    Goalies have been described as players who are unique, talented and crazy at times. Well, Ron Hextall was all of that times 1000. He was talented, mean and one of the feistiest players in the game.

    How many goalies do you know that would enter a fracas like this.

Trevor Gillies

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    Trevor Gillies (no relation to Islanders' great Clarke Gillies) has a short fuse. He has limited NHL experience and has been suspended multiple times for his play. Gillies is a player who really stirred the pot whenever the New York Islanders squared off with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Marty McSorely

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    Does anything really need to be said about McSorely? He was Wayne Gretzky's bodyguard for a good portion of his career. McSorely is a player who played with an edge, and it didn't take much to tick him off.

Todd Bertuzzi

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    Todd Bertuzzi used to have one of the worst tempers in NHL history. His assault on Steve Moore was completely uncalled for, but Bertuzzi has moved on with his career and showed remorse for his actions. However, he will still be known for having one of the shortest tempers in NHL history.

Mike Milbury

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    There are tons of clips that illustrate Mike Milbury's temper on the ice, off the ice, on television as a member of the media and this incident above. Milbury was so ticked off that he beat someone with his own shoe. 

    If that doesn't scream psychopath hot-head, I don't know what does.

Dino Ciccarelli

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    Dino Ciccarelli was one of the NHL's most prolific scorers, but he also had a mean streak at times. He would often lose his temper if things were not going his way, and this infamous high stick to Luke Richardson stands out.

    Also memorable is when Ciccarelli lost his temper with Claude Lemieux during a Detroit Red Wings series against the Colorado Avalanche.

Brian Burke

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    Brian Burke was so mad at Kevin Lowe after he signed Dustin Penner to an offer sheet, he wanted to fight him in a barn. 

    At one point, Burke’s wife also overheard Burke on the phone, this time talking to Glen Sather of the Rangers, where Burke asked Sather to act as an intermediary to set up a fist fight between him and Lowe.

    "It got a point where Kevin challenged me to a fight on a radio interview,” Burke told  Jurksztowicz. “I’m like that’s not really how you challenge a guy to a fight. If you want to challenge a guy to a fight, you pick a place and a time and you show up. So I called Glen Sather and I said, ‘Look, this guy went on the radio and challenged me to a fight.’ I said, ‘I’m going to be at Lake Placid at the U.S. junior camp.” I gave him three dates. I told him I’d rent a barn and I’d pick the address and the time and I’d fight Kevin Lowe.

    Burke has always been vocal as a G.M. but this takes things to a whole new level.


Steve Downie

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    Steve Downie is an agressive, edgy and hothead forward who toes the line often. If he is angry, he often steps up his physical play or will take matters into his own hands. 

    In this clip, Downie was offended by Artem Anisimov's goal celebration, so he felt the need to leave the bench and take matters into his own hands.

Sean Avery

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    From his sloppy seconds comments, to taking shots at Martin Brodeur to this moment above, Sean Avery is known for his hot headedness. He is no longer in the league and is a player who likely will be remembered for his antics.

Bruce Boudreau

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    Do you have any [censored]  questions? If you do, I would consult a [censored]  dictionary. So just turn to the next [censored]  slide.

    Just in case you are wondering, Boudreau likes to say the F word a lot, and by "F" I don't mean football.

Don Cherry

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    Don Cherry is known for his many rants. In addition to the one above, check out this marvelous rant on Pavel Bure. It will make you laugh and feel confused all at the same time. When "Grapes" has something on his mind, he will certainly say it.

Ron Wilson

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    Here comes a section of the slideshow where coaches and/or players completely unleash their fury at the media. First up is currently unemployed head coach Ron Wilson.

    A reporter asks a snarky question, and Wilson goes ballistic. Wilson goes on to list his coaching credentials and destroys the reporter in the process.

Jim Schonfield

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    "Have another donut you fat pig!" Those were the words uttered by head coach Jim Schonfield during a fracas between him and referee Don Koharski after a blowout loss in Game 3. Koharski insists he was pushed by Schonfield, but Schonfield insinuated that Koharski tumbled because of his weight.

Lindy Ruff

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    Lindy Ruff is a rough-and-tough individual who has snarl and intellect. He is a very smart hockey man and when he feels angry or upset, he expresses his mind. During this clip, Ruff shows some utter disdain towards the officiating crew, and he doesn't pull any punches.

    Lindy "Rough" certainly is a coach you don't want to make angry if you're a reporter.

Jeremy Roenick

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    J.R. was a very opinionated hockey player who has had many memorable moments on and off the ice with the media. He is now a member of the media himself, so at times he shows his rage and frustration.

    This debate with Mike Milbury was must-see television, and this clip became a YouTube hit.

John Tortorella

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    John Tortorella is a coach who has a fiery personality. He is never afraid to say what is on his mind, and that was evident with the two fines he picked up this season.

    Tortorella has been short with his players, the media and other individuals who enter Torts' crosshairs. 

Dave Schultz

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    The Hammer was one of the toughest enforcers in NHL history. He also had a very short temper and would often start fights easily. He racked up tons of penalty minutes throughout his career and made a name for himself as one of the toughest and angriest players in NHL history.