College World Series Features Wild Woman Running on Field Grabbing Butts

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJune 26, 2012

Photo Credit: SportsGrid
Photo Credit: SportsGrid

Women are so predictable with their objectifying of men. 

We jest, because it's actually nice to see the fairer sex go insane for just long enough to make the College World Series hilarious. 

Arizona claimed the 2012 title, but not before a fan stampede broke out in the seventh inning. That's when a cavalcade of sprinting fans took over the outfield. 

Here is a video we found over at SportsGrid of the incident. 

You will notice at the 33 second mark a woman in a pink tank top sprints towards center fielder Joey Rickard. 

She is escorted off the field by security, but not before she gets a handful of Rickard's tushy. 

According to Larry Brown Sports, the woman was able to grab two butts which is plausible thinking if you rewatch the video. 

I like to think she got away with this booty caper, wherein she went off on a butt-grabbing spree for all females who have dreamed of such a silly shenanigan. 

Photo Credit: SportsGrid
Photo Credit: SportsGrid

I know I should sit her on my high horse and condemn fans from rushing the field, but I can't resist a slow golf clap for this woman. 

Let me continue by saying I hate when fans rush the field. Like beach balls on the field, they stop the game and after decades of use are just lame. 

However, this woman is a superhero to every woman who ever leaned over to her girlfriend and stated how she would like to reach out and grab an athlete's butt. 

Well, this crazy female did just that. 

Baseball players of the world be warned, the opening salvo has been fired. Consider it open season on your butts. 

Not you Juan Uribe, because you are just awful. 

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