Aubrey Huff and 10 Idiot Athletes Who Injured Themselves Celebrating

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJune 14, 2012

Aubrey Huff and 10 Idiot Athletes Who Injured Themselves Celebrating

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    Celebrations are fun and necessary, but they can also be a dangerous and altogether scary proposition. 

    The best way to ruin a perfectly great athletic display is for some meathead to celebrate the event. What transpires is a fail that has us shaking our collective heads. 

    Success is something we all strive for and it's something that we love to see take place as we watch a sporting event. 

    There are those rare times when blunders, bumbles and complete fails are just as interesting as the victories. 

    These are the horrible gaffes that take place behind the home runs and touchdowns. These are the proud men who couldn't accomplish the simple task of celebrating without getting injured. 

    Don't applaud for them too loudly, because you may just injure yourself. 

10. Ryan Dempster

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    It seems thematic to include a doof who can't seem to get out of the dugout, so Dempster makes the list by a toe. 

    Let's go back to July of 2009 when the Cubs won their last game. Okay, it just seems like it. 

    Still, it was enough for Dempster to come out of the dugout, get his toe caught on the railing and break his right big toe. 

    Someone get this damn team a goat and end this curse. 

9. Ted Ginn Jr.

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    The Ohio State Buckeyes started off the 2007 BCS Title game with a bang. Ted Ginn Jr. began with a 93-yard kickoff return, but the ensuing celebration by teammates left Ginn with an injured ankle and a seat on the sidelines for the rest of the game. 

    Oh, and it was all downhill after that with Florida ripping off a 41-14 win. Leave the overzealous celebration for after the game, guys. 

8. Rob Johnson

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    Rob Johnson isn't a household name, but his injury certainly has him included among this list of Hall of Fame doofuses. 

    Back in September of 2009, Johnson was the Mariners backstop and witnessed an Ichiro Suzuki walk-off home run. 

    He subsequently injured his ankle jumping up and down in the batter's box. 

7. Derrek Lee

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    There is a reason major leaguers fling their helmets when coming around third after a home run. It's so their idiot teammates go easy on the noggin. 

    With a helmet on, there is nothing to stop them from hitting as hard as they can. A similar situation occurred for the Cubs in 2009. 

    After Lee scored a game-tying run, Angel Guzman slapped the first baseman in the helmet, causing him to suffer neck spasms. 

    The Cubs are 0-2 on this breakdown. 

6. Aubrey Huff

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    Did you see Aubrey Huff injure his knee on Wednesday night? 

    Of course not, because you were too busy watching Giants' ace Matt Cain complete a perfect game. That doesn't mean it didn't happen. reports Huff injured his knee as he leaped over the railing just as Cain recorded the final out of the historic game. 

    The team awaits the results if the MRI. However we already have the results on how foolish this is, and it's really par for the course considering the usual injuries for MLB players. 

    Larry Brown Sports has a .gif of the precious event. 

5. Celestine Babayaro

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    Chelsea had themselves a young Nigerian footballer to test out, but he banged himself up before he even got out of the gate. 

    In his first preseason match against Stevenage Borough, the Chelsea player broke his leg doing a somersault and would have to wait months before breaking through with the first team. 

    Here is a list of a bunch more soccer celebration fails

4. Kendry Morales

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    We win, we win, we...Oh, crap. 

    Back in May of 2010, the LA Angels' slugger hit a walk-off grand slam to the great joy of his team. 

    When he reached home, he gave one last giant leap before plummeting and fracturing his lower left leg. 

3. Gus Frerotte

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    Gus Frerotte was so pumped about scoring for the Washington Redskins that he chose to headbutt a wall, never a good idea no matter the padding or helmet on one's head. 

    Don't believe me? Consider the Redskins' player had to leave to the hospital with a sprained neck. They didn't need to test his ego, which was obviously badly bruised. 

2. Paolo Diogo

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    And this is why I stay off chain-linked fences. 

    Paolo Diogo climbed one after scoring in 2004 for Servette. His wedding ring caught on the metal. So when he came down, his finger ripped off and the rest was history. 

    Um, I guess it's good they don't use their hands in that sport?

1. Bill Gramatica

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    Back in 2001, Cardinals kicker and enthusiastic little guy Bill Gramatica hit home a 42-yard field goal. That's when he jumped up with glee but came down with a torn ACL. 

    This should serve as a warning for you all who celebrate for simply doing your job. Don't act like it's your first rodeo.

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