UFC on FX 3 Johnson vs. McCall Results: Questions Answered and Lessons Learned

Matthew Roth@mattroth512Featured ColumnistJune 9, 2012

UFC on FX 3 Johnson vs. McCall Results: Questions Answered and Lessons Learned

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    As a single male living in a major city, giving up my weekends to cover MMA is often an experiment in cost-benefit analysis. Some weekends, I love covering fights and wouldn't give it up for anything. At other times, I tend to think to myself, "self, why aren't you out and about doing your thing?"

    Last night, the UFC's totally under-hyped UFC on FX 3 card made me recognize why I'd much rather watch cage fighting than party in downtown Austin. The card lacked the marketable big name, but featured some interesting up-and-coming talent. It doesn't hurt that the main event was a rematch of one of my favorite fights of the year thus far.

    So with that epiphany, let's take a look at what I learned and what questions were answered at UFC on FX 3. 

Weak Cards on Paper End Up Being the Most Exciting

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    This seems to be an ongoing theme in MMA. The cards that people tend to get the most excited for rarely live up to the expectations. Conversely, the cards that people treat with indifference always seem to be the best and most exciting. 

    Last night was another instance of an extremely under-hyped card going above and beyond. The undercard seemed to lull at times, but Joe Silva did an amazing job at putting together the main card. From the start of the FX broadcast, it just seemed like everything was running on all cylinders.

    It just sucks that no one in Florida seemed to care. That's their loss. 

Mike Pierce Is Boring as Hell

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    I can appreciate Jon Fitch's style of grinding away at an opponent. At least Fitch works to pass guard and change position. I can't say the same about Mike Pierce. Last night's fight was absolutely atrocious. What makes it worse is that once the horn sounded, Pierce got up and celebrated like he picked up a huge career win that ended by highlight reel knockout. 

    There is a reason he was buried on the Fuel TV undercard. It's because he's a boring fighter without a name in the sport. And if he keeps fighting the way that he did, it'll likely stay that way. 

Erick Silva Is the Truth

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    Yeah, yeah, talk about Rory MacDonald all you want. Talk about how he's the future of the welterweight division. He's talented and young and I totally get it. But you know what? I'm riding with Erick Silva as the future of the division. 

    He was considered to be one of the top welterweight prospects in the sport outside of the UFC in 2010. In 2012 he should be considered one of the top up-and-coming fighters in the UFC. Imagine what 2013 will hold for him?

I Really Want to See McCall/Johnson III

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    This isn't an answered question or a lesson learned, but I really want to see McCall/Johnson III way more than I want to see Johnson/Benavidez. I'm sure the bout for the flyweight title will be amazing and I'll end up regretting I wrote this slide, but I can't think of a trilogy I am more interested in seeing. 

    If Ortiz/Shamrock was Star Wars: Episodes 1-3, McCall/Johnson is New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. Why not give us Return of the Jedi? You know...minus the Ewoks. 

The Florida Judges Could Learn a Thing or Two from Cecil Peoples

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    Cecil Peoples is widely considered to be the worst ringside judge in MMA. That's apparently because none of us have ever heard of the judges that the Florida Athletic Commission uses for their MMA fights. 

    I understand that a judge needs to work fights in order to gain experience, but when you score a one-sided beating for the fighter who is getting dominated, you are either named Helen Keller or you just aren't watching the fights.

    I don't remember hearing Bruce Buffer say "Helen Keller" and I'm pretty sure that would stick out to me. Helen Keller is a pretty recognizable name. Maybe the judge who gave Carlos Eduardo Rocha all three rounds was the inspiration for The Who's rock opera, Tommy. That's the only thing that makes sense to me at this point. 

There's a Worse Referee Than Kim Winslow

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    Chris Adams, you suck. Seriously, there are very few people in this sport that I can say suck as much as you and that's because you suck so much. A referee's number one priority is to ensure a fighter's safety. That apparently is way too difficult for you, as you let Tim Means murder Justin Salas' brain with punches and knees. 

    That alone would make me question your ability to do your job. However, you also let Lance Benoist blast Seth Baczynski with two illegal knees without deducting a point. The good news is that Seth still did enough to win that fight. 

    You're an ass, Chris Adams, and I hope I never hear your name again. If I do, I expect it to be used in a sentence such as "Referee Chris Adams responsible for a fighter's death because he is completely unqualified at doing his job."

    I hate you.