Newcastle United: 10 Reasons They're the Best Club to Support in World Football

Ciaran Gowan@@CiaranGowanContributor IIIMay 31, 2012

Newcastle United: 10 Reasons They're the Best Club to Support in World Football

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    Coming off of one of their best seasons in years, Newcastle United really is a great club for fans to support.

    In the city itself, the club is No.1, the biggest sports team by a long shot and a team that the entire population gets behind.

    But Newcastle are also a club that can rival any in the world as great team to support.

    From their recent success to their great history, the roller-coaster ride of supporting the Toon is one of the best things world football has to offer, and I'm going to take you through 10 major reasons why we love to support the Magpies.

St. James' Park

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    We'll start off with Newcastle's world-class home ground, St. James' Park.

    With a capacity of over 52,000, the stadium is simply one of the best the Premier League has to offer, and ranks as the third-largest stadium in the league in terms of capacity.

    But the stadium is special beyond simply the number of seats it has, with the architectural design also making it one of Europe's unique footballing venues.

    In fact, the steel roof covering both the Leazes and Milburn stands is actually the largest cantilever structure in European football stadia.

    But the real beauty of the stadium lies with its position right in the heart of the city, which is perfectly fitting considering the precedence the club takes in the hearts of the local fans.

    Whether you're at the stadium for 19 games a season, or have been only once, a visit to St. James' Park is one of the major reasons that Newcastle United is such a great club to support.

The Tyne-Wear Derby

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    The Tyne-Wear derby is one of the greatest spectacles English football has to offer, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd argue that Newcastle vs. Sunderland is the most exciting rivalry in the country.

    The North East simply comes to a standstill when these two clubs play, and the drama surrounding the match-up year in and year out makes it an unmissable fixture every season.

    Being part of such a great rivalry is just one of the many perks of being a Newcastle United fan, and having the bragging rights after a recent victory really is a wonderful feeling.

Great History

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    Though the club's 50-year drought without a domestic trophy will tell you otherwise, Newcastle United do actually have quite an established history in English football.

    With six First Division titles and six FA Cup victories, as well as an Inter-Cities Fair Cup win to their name as well, Newcastle really were a dominant team all those years ago.

    And the trophy cabinet isn't the only thing representing the club's great history.

    A multitude of legendary players have seen the pitch at St. James' Park, ranging from Jackie Milburn to Alan Shearer and everyone in between.

    Looking back at such a successful past really puts into perspective the day-to-day running of what is truly one of English football's most historic clubs.

Recent Success

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    At times, Newcastle United is one of the world's most frustrating teams to support.

    From players fighting with each other on the pitch, to managers being fired seemingly every season, the Geordie Nation has been through a lot over the last decade.

    But with Alan Pardew at the helm, it seems like the Magpies are finally back where they belong.

    And if you're a Newcastle fan right now, I bet you're very pleased with the way the team has been playing over the last year.

    At the end of the day, football is about what's happening right now, and with a fifth placed finish behind them and a bright future ahead, Newcastle United is without doubt a great team to support in terms of present day play.

Exciting Players

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    For a football fan, nothing is more exciting than seeing great players play for your club.

    And right now, the Toon have more than their fair share of classy players leading the way.

    With the goal scoring machines of Papiss Cisse and Demba Ba, the elite defence of Fabricio Coloccini and the tantalizing creativity of Hatem Ben Arfa, the Magpies are one of the Premier League's most fun teams to watch.

    Newcastle simply play great football across the board, with a solid defence and a very dangerous attacking group up front. 

European Football

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    European football tends to produce some great nights for many an English club, and as the above video will tell you, this is no different for Newcastle United.

    With multiple Champions League and Europa League appearances, Newcastle have represented their country in Europe a number of times, and thanks to their performances this season, they'll be doing the same in 2012-13.

    And as a result, right now is a great time to be a Newcastle fan, as if all goes to plan they'll bring home the Europa League trophy next season, as they did back in 1969 with what was then known as the Inter-City Fairs Cup.

Never a Dull Day

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    For better or for worse, the saying that "there is never a dull day at St. James' Park" really rings true for Newcastle fans.

    It seems that year after year shocking events tend to happen on Tyneside, and at the very least that makes things interesting for Newcastle fans.

    Over the past six or so years, you've had the signing of Michael Owen, the untimely firings of Kevin Keegan and Chris Hughton and even the hiring of Geordie legend Alan Shearer as manager towards the end of Newcastle's infamous relegation campaign.

    And whilst not all of these events have turned out quite so greatly for the Toon, that feeling of anticipation about what's going to happen next is a great reason to support this club.

Local Heroes

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    One thing Newcastle fans love to do is get behind their local heroes—and over the years, the Toon have had plenty to cheer for.

    From Alan Shearer to Andy Carroll, it's always been nice to get behind the local lads, and whether you're form Newcastle or not, I'm sure you can appreciate the value of homegrown talent.

    Even looking at the likes of Steven Taylor and Shola Ameobi on the current team, you can see that fans tend to give special treatment to the players who once stood in the same stands that they do at St. James' Park.

    In a league now dominated with big money signings from abroad, it's nice to see a club field as many homegrown players as possible, even if they don't make up the bulk of the team.

The Black & White Shirt

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    Despite all the sponsorships and branding, there really isn't that much variation in English football shirts.

    Blue and red seem to dominate the Premier League as far as home kits go, and even long time rivals like Manchester United and Liverpool wear the same shirt as each other.

    But there's something really unique and iconic about Newcastle's famous black and white stripes.

    Outside of Newcastle, only Notts County and Grimsby wear a black and white home shirt in English football, but they're both multiple divisions away from the Toon.

    Even looking abroad, there aren't many clubs with a similar shirt, with only Juventus and Udinese really coming to mind—and there's not really a great chance of Newcastle clashing with either club any time soon.

    Newcastle's black and white shirt is simply a staple for the club, and something that really makes it stand out from any other worldwide.

The Passion of the Fans

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    "What is a club in any case? Not the building or the Directors or the people who are paid to represent it. It's not the television contracts, get out clauses or the marketing departments or the Executive boxes. It's the noise , the passion, the feeling of belonging, the pride in your city."

    The above is a famous quote from late Newcastle legend Sir Bobby Robson, and it really sums up what the club is about.

    Whilst other teams have better histories, and are more successful, or richer, nothing beats the passion of the Toon Army.

    And that's really what it's all about.

    Supporting Newcastle is not about seeing the world's most successful team, it's about being part of something bigger than that—something that only Sir Bobby himself could put into words.

    And as far "the passion, the noise and the feeling of belonging" go, Newcastle really is the world's greatest football club. 


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