Buffalo Bills: Was J.P. Losman Really Given the Fair Chance?

Gabe ErlichmanCorrespondent IMarch 6, 2008

The answer is NO.

Many fans wanted Losman to start, while others just wanted him gone.

But Losman, drafted in the first round of 2004, was never given the chance he deserved, or the chance that any QB deserves in the competitive NFL for that matter.

Although he was deemed the starter by then-coach Mularkey when Drew Bledsoe was released from the team after the 2004 season, that was the wrong decision in the competitive learning process. Losman had no one to push him at his young age.

During that season, Losman was thrown in and out as a starter, which is never good when learning the QB position. Experience, GOOD OR BAD, is all GOOD for an upcoming QB, and Mularkey simply set Losmans' learning process off track.

Losman and Kelly Holcomb battled in camp for the 2006 season. Losman ended up earning the starting role. He performed admirably, throwing for 3,051 passing yards and 19 touchdowns, with a pass rating of 84.9. He did this with a terrible offensive system and coordinator, Steve Fairchild, and also only had one legit target in wide receiver Lee Evans.

Losman had a great season, and people were looking for him to build upon that. Buffalo fans were overly excited, as they were shouting for Losman’s contract to be extended with the team.

This past season came around as one of complete disarray at the QB position. Losman was the starter in the beginning of the season, and rightfully so—he earned it.

In Week 3 against the Patriots, Vince Wolfork—the dirtiest player in the game—threw his elbow into Losman’s knee, putting him on the sidelines where he watched Trent Edwards lead only one successful drive on the Patsies.

Buffalo fans jumped the gun and began raving about this kid Edwards. Don’t get me wrong, I like Edwards. Losman watched him have a couple decent games, but when it was time for the starter to come back, the coaches decided to keep Edwards in because the team was winning. It was not because Edwards' play was outstanding...because it wasn’t.

It wasn’t until Edwards was injured that Losman came back in as a starter. The starter should never have to worry about losing his job because of injury. It is incredibly unfair.

Losman is credited for the loss against the Pats even though he only played two plays, while Edwards is credited with the win over the Jets, when Losman came in and won for the team. That is wrong. Losman's win-loss statistic is completely messed up because of it. Plus, Losman lost his job after difficult games against New England—a team Buffalo hasn’t beaten since 2004—and the Jags who were a powerhouse this year.

On top of this, what really bothers me is that we are looking for receiving threats now, but not before when Losman was playing. Why did we only leave Losman to throw to Lee Evans? Wide out has been a problem position for the Bills since Moulds left. Why only now, when Losman isn’t playing anymore, are we actively looking for receiving threats?

Losman put good numbers up last season with a bad offensive system and only one legit wide out, yet the moment he struggles Losman is on the chopping block

What I'm trying to say is that Losman was given the chance to PLAY, but not a chance to SUCCEED.

I wish the best for Losman.

Now Bills fans get ready for the Edwards Era and hope he’s not handled the same way as our last starting quarterback.