Anderson Silva: 5 Interesting Facts About UFC Middleweight Champion

Jeffrey McKinneyContributor IIIMay 17, 2012

Anderson Silva: 5 Interesting Facts About UFC Middleweight Champion

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    Anderson "the Spider" Silva is the current UFC middleweight champion and MMA king. 

    Silva's looked nearly untouchable since joining the UFC in 2006, defeating each challenger that he has faced. 

    Even when Silva was outworked against Chael Sonnen at UFC 117, he found a way to come back in the fifth round. 

    Silva has accomplished more than just about any other fighter in MMA history and could be the greatest fighter in the sport. 

    While we may think we know everything about the MMA great, here are some fun interesting facts that may surprise you. 

He Once Had a Strong Love for McDonald's

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    Before he got sponsored by Burger King, Silva could have been a spokesperson for McDonald's. 

    Silva worked at the Golden Arches before he began his MMA career and developed a love for Big Macs. 

    Silva even once said he at a couple of the famous burgers before and after every weigh in. 

    Despite this love Silva once had, it seems like he's traded in Big Macs for Whoppers

He Owns Multiple Black Belts and a Yellow Rope

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    Anderson Silva is a fighter that can truly fit the definition of being a mixed martial artist. 

    Besides being good at Muay Thai, Silva has black belts in judo, taekwondo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 

    He also holds a yellow rope in the Brazilian martial art Capoeira. 

    Capoeira may seem like a dance or game, but it can be very effective. Just think Eddy from Tekken.

Silva Is the 3rd Oldest Middleweight in the UFC

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    Believe it or not, Silva is is one of the oldest fighters in the UFC. 

    At age 37, Silva is the oldest current UFC champion and third oldest middleweight behind Rich Franklin and Cung Le. 

    Although he has faced a few nagging injuries over the past year, Silva has not shown any signs of slowing down. 

He Began His Career in 1997

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    It may surprise some people just how long Silva has been an MMA fighter. 

    Silva made his MMA debut in 1997, the same year that Randy Couture, Dan Henderson and Tito Ortiz made their debuts.

    When you think about it, Silva's career has lasted longer than Chuck Liddell's, BJ Penn's and Matt Hughes'. 

He Has Similar Records to Hector and Fedor

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    When ever there's a "who's the greatest fighter in MMA history" debate, odds are the top two fighters on the list will be Silva and Fedor Emelianenko

    Emelianenko has had similar success to Silva despite never fighting in the UFC. 

    Both men have only lost four times in their careers, with Silva having 31 wins while Emelianenko has 33 and 1 no contest. 

    What's scary is their method of victory is basically a flip flop. Emelianenko has 9 KO victories with 16 submissions while Silva has 18 KOs with six submissions. 

    Silva also has a similar record to UFC newcomer Hector Lombard. 

    Lombard has a 31-2-1-1 record with 17 knockout victories. Like Silva, Lombard has not been defeated since 2006.

    If Lombard continues his winning ways, he could face Silva in the near future. 

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