How Does It Feel to Play with a Concussion?

NFL Draft 365Official AccountMay 5, 2012

The untimely death of San Diego Chargers legend Junior Seau once again brings the issue of player safety into focus for the NFL, NFLPA and fans.

Many believe that the suicidal and depressive tendencies exhibited by Seau were a direct result of head injuries incurred over his NFL career. 

Eerily, the way Seau took his life is the same way former Chicago Bears Dave Duerson did. Duerson, like Seau, shot himself in the chest. The only difference was that the former Bear left a note stating he shot himself in the chest so his brain could be studied for his deteriorating mental condition.

Researchers determined that Duerson suffered from an impact-induced disease called chronic traumatic encephalopathy—a condition that autopsies have shown afflicted about two dozen former NFL players.

It’s still unknown whether football and head injuries had anything to do with Seau’s death. However, a former teammate of Seau’s, Gary Plummer, estimated that Seau had up to 1,500 concussions in his 20-year NFL career. That’s about five concussions a game!

Veteran NFL quarterback—and concussion sufferer—Ray Lucas sat down with NFLDraft365 to discuss the topic and share his own experiences with head injuries.

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