5 2012 NFL Undrafted Free Agents That Really Should Have Been Drafted

Tony Santorsa@@TonySantorsaSenior Writer IIMay 3, 2012

5 2012 NFL Undrafted Free Agents That Really Should Have Been Drafted

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    Going undrafted doesn't mean that it's the end of the road. Undrafted rookies certainly still have a legitimate chance of catching on with NFL teams, and some might even turn into stars, much like Arian Foster did back in 2009.

    The 2012 NFL draft was definitely an entertaining one as it had its fair share of twists and turns—with a few players going undrafted that certainly had enough talent and potential to be drafted.

    In that spirit, here are five undrafted rookies that really should have been drafted. 

Kellen Moore

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    Some might compare Kellen Moore to Tim Tebow, as he's a proven winner but doesn't have the exact skill set to be an NFL quarterback. But I beg to differ.

    There is no reason that the NCAA's winningest quarterback in history should have gone undrafted.

    Moore may only be 6'0" tall, but he's a proven winner that has what we like to call "it." He is a winner, he is a leader and he possesses the ice-cold blood to win under pressure. 

    Going undrafted might very well end up motivating Moore to be a successful NFL quarterback. 

James Brown

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    The Chicago Bears got quite the bargain as they ended up signing James Brown, an undrafted offensive tackle out of Troy.

    Brown is certainly one of the biggest steals out of the 2012 draft class.

    The massive offensive tackle stands in at 6'4" and weighs 306 lbs—the exact size that you'd be looking for in an NFL tackle. 

    I really can't come up with an explanation to why Brown wasn't drafted—perhaps he's too "raw?" Who knows. 

Dwight Jones

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    Dwight Jones, out of North Carolina, is really going to make teams pay, as he has all the tools to be a great NFL wide receiver.

    Jones will run any route on the route tree and has the elite size that you'd look for in an NFL wideout. He stands in at 6'3" and weighs a solid 230 lbs.

    My biggest concern with Jones is that he tends to catch passes with his body rather than his hands—which could be one of the reasons why he went undrafted in 2012. 

Chase Minnifield

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    As long as Chase Minnifield can stay healthy, he's going to make an impact in the Washington Redskins' secondary for many years to come.

    Despite being one of the most highly rated cornerbacks heading into the 2011 season, Minnifield's draft stock really took a beating after he didn't have a great season in 2011 at Virginia.

    All in all, the talent is there with Minnifield and there is no reason why he should have gone undrafted. 

Chris Polk

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    Despite the concerns about Chris Polk's shoulder, there is no reason why a team couldn't use a late-round pick on him. He's simply too much of a talented running back with huge potential and upside. 

    I was stunned to see Polk go undrafted, as I once had him going in the first round and then later had him falling into the second round. He's just that talented.

    All in all, the Philadelphia Eagles found the steal of the draft by adding Polk to their running back corps as an undrafted free agent.

    Aside from LeSean McCoy, Polk is by far the team's most talented running back and could have a huge impact in 2012 and for many years to come—that is, if he's healthy, of course.