10 Most Hilarious Overhead Blunders in Tennis History

Jeff Cohn@jeff_cohnCorrespondent IIIApril 16, 2012

10 Most Hilarious Overhead Blunders in Tennis History

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    In tennis, one shot everybody wants to hit is the overhead. It is the shot that proves to be the closer, and it allows one to finish the point with one strike.

    The overhead is viewed as an easy shot for the most part, but sometimes, putting the ball away is not so simple.

    People can miss badly or even whiff entirely.

    I personally believe the serve is much easier. Even though there's only one service box to hit into, it's easier because of the fixed ball position, and an overhead can come anywhere on the court, while one is backing up and jumping.

    Nevertheless, there are no scissor kick overheads include in this slideshow (but there is a slam dunk).

    Here are the top 10 funniest overhead misses the tennis world has ever seen.

Honorable Mention: Federer Almost Breaks Back

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    This one is not particularly funny, but it was incredibly shocking to see live.

    Watch from 19:15-19:30 to see Roger almost get himself back into the match, before missing a slice overhead.

No. 10: This Is What Happens When You Don't Put an Overhead Away

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    Richard Gasquet makes Novak Djokovic pay for hitting the overhead right to him.

No. 9: This Also Happened to Djokovic

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    Novak was too concerned with pronating with the racket that he essentially mishit the ball, giving Roger a chance to hit this sick and nearly comical shot. (It was an overhead of his own from the baseline.)

No. 8: The King of Slam Dunks Misses

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    Pete Sampras was known for making these shots routinely. Unfortunately, he completely misjudged the lob from Fabrice Santoro—or was this shot actually a magic trick?

7. To Hit an Overhead...or Not to Hit an Overhead

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    This video should have a disclaimer that says, "Do not try this at home!"

    Jimmy Connors showcased the artsy, yet illegal, way of winning a point at the net.

No. 6: Federer Puts on a Comedy Show

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    Both points in this clip show what happens when you do not put away an overhead (although Roger still won each of them).

    It's amazing to see somebody hit a better overhead than the opponent's, when one is behind the baseline!

No. 5: One of the Most Famous Points in History

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    Incredible defense combined with atrocious overheads led to this iconic point, match and run at the US Open from Connors at the age of 39.

No. 4: Ferrer Whiffs the Put-Away and Recovers...

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    ...just to lose the point on Djokovic's following shot. This one was especially funny since it almost seems David Ferrer missed it on purpose.

3. Federer's Best Point of All Time

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    Again, A-Rod should have put this overhead away but Roger pulled off the unthinkable as usual. 

2. An Interesting Way to Put the Ball Away

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    Ferrer mishit this ball off the frame of his racket, but he still escaped with a hilarious winner.

No. 1: Santoro Puts on a Comedy Show!

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    Roger Federer and Fabrice Santoro should play an exhibition match using only masterful and crafty shots such as this point.

    It would even provide some comic relief.

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