Jessica Dorrell: Arkansas Must Fire Bobby Petrino-Hired Employee

Adam Wells@adamwells1985Featured ColumnistApril 6, 2012

Courtesy of Larry Brown Sports
Courtesy of Larry Brown Sports

Given the controversial nature of her relationship with Bobby Petrino, the cover-up that happened after their motorcycle crash and embarrassment the program is facing, Arkansas needs to make a statement by dismissing the 25-year-old employee.

Dorrell was hired by Petrino on March 28 in a role that is described as "the student-athlete development coordinator. She is in charge of organizing the recruiting process for the football team, including initial eligibility for each incoming player."

At least that actually sounds like a real job title, though there does seem to be something fishy about the way that she got it. 

We don't know the full-extent of their relationship at Arkansas or away from the school, but in light of this accident, we know that something was going on. 

The school took drastic action with Petrino, putting him on an indefinite leave of absence late Thursday night. 

Now, in light of all the new information that has come out, Dorrell has to be next on Arkansas' proverbial hit-list. 

As mentioned earlier, we don't know the full nature of her relationship with Petrino. It's possible that she is perfectly qualified to hold the job that she has—she did play for the Arkansas volleyball team, for whatever that is worth. 

But who is to say that Dorrell didn't leverage her relationship with Petrino to get a job? Did Petrino just give her the job because they were having some kind of romantic relationship?

We may not have all the answers to these questions, but as long as the possibility is out there, Arkansas can't take the chance of having her around. 

You can tell how serious the school takes this whole situation, because Petrino's job is in jeopardy. He has brought that program back from mediocrity, playing in the BCS for the first time in 2010 and finishing fifth in the AP poll last year. 

Dorrell might be an Arkansas alum, but she is just as guilty as Petrino in this whole situation. She put herself in this position by being involved in some kind of relationship with her boss, who is married with four kids, outside of the work place. 

This is an ugly mess for Arkansas that could end up getting worse over the next few days. Dorrell should consider herself lucky if she makes it through all of this with her job intact. 


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