Nike Unveils New Chicago Bears Uniforms, Monsters of the Midway Look Stays

Patrick BouskyCorrespondent IIIApril 3, 2012

Chicago Bears Nike designed uniforms
Chicago Bears Nike designed uniforms

At the Brooklyn Navy Yard this morning, Nike held an event to unveil the long awaited revamping of the NFL's uniforms, that were for the past 10 years designed by Reebok.  Many people speculated that Nike would initiate a change in style similar to the uniforms worn by many colleges, namely the University of Oregon.  

Your time to exhale a sigh of relief is now, Chicago fans.

The changes Nike made to the classic Chicago Bears uniforms were minimal, and actually helped give the classic monsters of the midway a new modern feel.  They accomplished this without taking anything away from the look us Chicago fans have all come to know and love.  The most notable changes are as follows:  

—The "GSH", in commemoration of Papa Bear Halas, was returned to the original, larger size on the sleeve of the jersey.

—Numbers instead of previous years being on the sleeve, have been moved to the shoulder pad in order, I am assuming, to allow the increased size of the traditional "GSH".

—Collars on the jersey have been changed to a dramatic V-neck adorned by the NFL logo.

—The numbers are now sewn into the fabric as opposed to the jersey itself, allowing for a lighter jersey.

—Jersey itself is tighter, and much more form fitting than the previous Reebok version

—Cleats, as opposed to past years, sport both team colors of navy and orange instead of white or black and one of the colors.

—Gloves sport the "C" when the palms are put together, and are navy and orange on top.

All these changes help modernize the classic Bears look, and from what the players have said, will also help with game time performance.  Brian Urlacher explained to NFL Network "Julius is going to get 50 sacks next year".

Here's to hoping Urlacher doubles as a fortune teller.


According to hints from Sean Jensen's official Twitter, the orange alternate jerseys will no longer be worn and will be replaced by a throwback jersey.


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