LeBron James and the 10 Most Selfish Players in Sports

Sammy Sucu@oblivion08Senior Analyst IApril 3, 2012

LeBron James and the 10 Most Selfish Players in Sports

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    Athletes are very tough to understand, especially the selfish ones. The best players in sports are usually the ones that are most selfish. 

    What does it take to be a selfish player? 

    For starters, a selfish player is someone that always want the ball in his possession. When that athlete has the ball in his possession, he might not give it up, or he might get mad if his quarterback is passing the ball to someone else. 

    Another way of being selfish is by only looking out for your own good and abandoning your city by demanding trades or leaving in the offseason.

    Now free agency and trades are an integral part of sports, but that does not mean athletes should use them to hurt their fans. 

    There have been plenty of selfish players in every single sport, but here are the ten most selfish players in our current world of sports. 

10. Dwight Howard

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    Dwight Howard would not be on this list if it were created last season. However, with the way he has been acting all year long, it would be wrong not to include him. 

    In the earlier part of the 2011-2012 NBA regular season, Howard drafted a list of teams of where he would like to sign with or be traded to. The Orlando Magic then tried to trade their disgruntled big man to the Los Angeles Lakers. Then, Howard's agent went on the record saying that his client would not re-sign a long term contract with the Lakers. 

    The New Jersey Nets were another team that was on Howard's list, but there was never a trade between the two teams. 

    The Magic star continued to leave his city in the dark as the season continued on. It seemed like some of his teammates were upset with him as the trade deadline came closer.

    There was even one day where Howard said he would opt in to the one year left on his contract and that was countered by another report that said he changed his mind.

    Howard eventually opted in to his contract and will now be a part of the Magic for next season—that is unless he demands trades again as soon as the Magic get eliminated from the playoffs. 

    Although Howard was never traded, the constant back and forth with Howard and the Magic was enough to anger the fans and critics. 

9. DeSean Jackson

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    DeSean Jackson is so selfish, that instead of playing his heart out in his contract year, he had his worst season. The contract negotiations frustrated Jackson to a point where he did not try hard anymore.

    The exciting punt returns were gone, the deep passes that are usually touchdowns were dropped, and there was no production at all from his side. 

    Jackson not only showed selfishness last season, but he showed it when he made a fool of himself on national television against the Dallas Cowboys.

    Instead of scoring a touchdown, Jackson dropped the football prior to stepping in the end zone in order to celebrate. Jackson also did the same thing in high school when he somersaulted into the end zone and lost the football before passing the line. 

    Jackson shows his frustration on the sidelines when the ball is not thrown his way. If he is upset, you will notice how he is alone at the end of the bench during a game. He does not talk to anyone or say anything because he wants the world to know that he is upset. 

    Jackson is one of those guys that would rather catch 25 touchdowns in a season and have a losing record, than catch five touchdowns in a season and be a Super Bowl champion. 

8. James Harrison

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    Some might be asking, how can a defensive player be selfish? If you have seen James Harrison play, you will know why. 

    No other NFL player is as defiant to the rules like Harrison is. He is well aware of the new rules that are geared to protect the quarterback from injuries and concussions. Although he knows the rules, Harrison still goes and breaks them. By breaking the rules, Harrison does something that affects his wallet and his team. 

    Every time Harrison tries to rip another player's head off, it costs him a suspension of one game or more. His relationship with commissioner Roger Goodell is not a good one, so everything he does might be taken to a further extent. Harrison did himself so favors when he said he would not "piss on Roger Goodell if he were on fire". 

    Not only is Harrison selfish and ruthless on the field, but he is the same off the field. Harrison was one Steeler who did not go to Washington to take a picture with President Barack Obama. The reason—according to Harrison—was because the President would not invite him if he did not win the Super Bowl, and he wanted an invitation regardless of what he had done. 

    It's quite obvious that he may need to check into a loony bin once his career comes to an end. Maybe then, he will stop being so selfish and realize that the world does not revolve around him and his desires. 

7. Hanley Ramirez

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    Hanley Ramirez is a very young and talented player who might ruin his career if he continues to be selfish. So far in his young career, Ramirez has done nothing to shed off the selfish tag that most critics have placed on him. 

    In this past offseason, Ramirez made a big deal about not moving to third base if the Miami Marlins signed coveted free-agent short stop Jose Reyes. The Marlins eventually signed Reyes because Ramirez said he would not mind the move to third base. 

    Eventually, Ramirez asked for a restructured contract and to be put on the trading block. It's not like Ramirez was a Gold Glove short stop. He played poor defensively because he is very lazy when the bat is not in his hands. 

    If Ramirez wants to be a successful baseball player he needs to understand that he is not he center of the universe. His potential is high, but if he stays a cancer on and off the field for the Marlins, he might be watching baseball from home. No one would want to sign a player that they can't control and is lazy on defense. 

    Ramirez is very selfish, but he has a better chance than the rest of the players on this list to shed this title off of him, starting this season. 

6. Randy Moss

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    Randy Moss's ego was larger than the whole state of Minnesota's combined. The constant trouble Moss used to get into off the field never really hurt his production on the field as a Viking. 

    What did hurt his production on the field was the fact that he decided to take plays off and never give his all on the field. Even when the Vikings implemented the "Randy Ratio", which was a scheme designed to get 40 percent of the plays to Moss, he still was not happy. 

    The Vikings finally traded him to the Oakland Raiders where he decided to lay an egg and take plenty more plays off. It was not until he was traded to the New England Patriots that Moss finally played as hard as possible. He broke the record for most touchdowns caught in a season, 23, in 2007.

    Shortly after that, Moss started to decline while his selfishness started to come back. He came back to the Vikings and was cut immediately because of his actions on and off the field, when the Vikings faced his old team, the Patriots. 

    If Moss was not so selfish, he would have gone down as the best wide receiver of all time. Selfishness can not only hurt your teammates, but it can hurt your legacy, and Moss will never forget that. 

5. Chad OchoCinco

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    Although Chad Ochocinco is a really funny character and one that most people love, it does not excuse him for his constant selfishness on and off the field.

    Instead of caring about the success of his team, Ochocinco focused more on his reality TV shows and his Twitter account. Ochocinco even changed his last name from Johnson because he wanted to wear that on the back of his jersey.

    He thought it would get him a lot of positive attention, but it did not. 

    Ocho's selfishness also showed on the field when he used to put his team in a bad position after violating the NFL rules with his celebrations. Some were funny, but if you are a member of the Bengals coaching staff, you were probably not laughing when he cost the team a 15-yard penalty. 

    Ocho's mouth is not big enough to support his lackluster play in his last two seasons and he may be fading out of the limelight in the NFL.

    This may hurt his ego more than it will hurt anyone else, and that is why he is one of the more selfish players the NFL has seen. 

4. LeBron James

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    When you think of a player who is selfish because he left his city with nothing in the offseason, the first person that comes to mind is LeBron James

    The self-proclaimed king, who has no ring, is quite arguably the best player in the NBA. However, that does not make him the most likable player in the game. 

    When "King" James uttered his famous line, "In this fall I'm going to take my talents to South Beach", the whole world went into shock.

    It was quite obvious that James was going to ditch the Cavaliers and join another team, but it was still shocking to hear.

    Many speculated he would join the New Jersey Nets because of his friendship with part owner Jay-Z. Others speculated he would join the New York Knicks because of his love for their Yankees baseball team and because they are a big market. 

    When it all came down to it, James joined the Miami Heat because his two friends, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, were playing for them. 

    While the city of Cleveland started to burn his jerseys and take down his giant posters in the streets, the rest of the world started to finally hate him.

    James used to be the NBA's most beloved child, but he soon became the villain after he joined the Heat. Being selfish will definitely make that transition a lot easier. 

3. Terrell Owens

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    If you look up selfish in the dictionary, you will find a picture of Terrell Owens. 

    You know how they say a good receiver is a quarterback's best friend? If you ask Jeff Garcia, Donovan McNabb and Tony Romo who their best friend was, they would definitely not say Owens. 

    Owens has had an incredible career making spectacular catches for every team he has played for. However, his career will always be tainted by his selfishness. 

    Owens brought trouble to every team he played for. He was headache on the San Fransisco 49ers because of his arrogant touchdown celebrations, and a cancer off the field by calling out his quarterback, Garcia.

    On the Dallas Cowboys, Owens complained about not getting the ball because "Tony Romo and Jason Witten and BFF's".

    When Owens played for the Philadelphia Eagles, he and McNabb were always on the same page. However, Owens started to put the blame on his quarterback instead of himself when things started turning sour for the team. 

    Although Owens was not much trouble on the Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills, he was in the later part of his career where his mouth was not going to be able to back up all of his skills.  

    Michael Irvin might have started the trend of loud-mouth wide receivers, but Owens continued it way further than Irvin could have ever imagined. 

2. Manny Ramirez

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    Manny Ramirez, is by far, the mot selfish player in Major League Baseball history. 

    Here is a list of the most selfish things ManRam has done in his career:

    1.) Three failed drug tests that caused more than 50-game suspensions. One of those failed drug tests showed that Manny was actually taking a women's fertility hormone, hCG, that is commonly used to mask steroid use. 

    2.) Taking a bathroom break during a game.

    3.) Being accused of quitting on his team by his teammates. 

    4.) Making a phone call on top of the "Green Monster" in Fenway park during a game.

    5.) Walking out of the "Green Monster" holding a sign that says "Manny Being Manny" and claiming it as part of a "reality television series". 

    All of his accomplishments throughout his career will be tainted by his selfish acts. Some of the things Ramirez has done in his career are beyond unreasonable. 

1. Kobe Bryant

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    Kobe Bryant may be the second best shooting guard of all time, but he is in the running for the most selfish player in basketball history.

    Unlike the rest of the players mentioned, Kobe's selfishness has helped him win plenty of games. The problem is, it has also forced his team to lose many games. 

    No one really expects for Kobe to get more than five assists per game because he is a shooting guard, not a point guard. Nevertheless, some expect him to pass the shot up when there are three defenders draped on him.

    Kobe hasn't done much to shed off his selfish title this season. In a recent game against the New Orleans Hornets, Kobe shot three for 21 from the field. That is not the first time Kobe has shot over twenty times per game at under twenty percent. 

    Some may say Kobe's success comes from his selfishness because he eventually makes those shots and wins games for the Lakers. That third make out of his 21 shots against the Hornets was the game winning three-pointer.

    Others say Kobe's selfishness is the reason he will never be better than Michael Jordan because Jordan was able to pass up the big shot when he knew he did not have it. Kobe doesn't. 

    Regardless of what Kobe's selfishness means to his legacy, the fact of the matter is that Kobe is one of the mot selfish players in sports history and arguably the most selfish basketball player of all time. 

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