MLB Prospects: Trevor Bauer's Profound Late-Night Twitter Feed

Mike Rosenbaum@GoldenSombreroMLB Prospects Lead WriterMarch 29, 2012

Trevor Bauer is all baseball, all the time.
Trevor Bauer is all baseball, all the time.

Everything about Trevor Bauer is unique.

From his delivery to his long toss routine to his bio-mechanical approach to pitching, it’s clear that baseball’s No. 9 prospect enjoys being eccentric—almost downright nerdy to an extent.

Packing thought-provoking quirkiness into everything he does, Bauer is nothing short of insightful and entertaining.

As I perused my Twitter feed late last night, I came upon a series of tweets from the man himself.  Naturally, Bauer’s tweets are far removed from the grammatically flawed boasts of the typical minor leaguer ballplayer.

Rather, Bauer took a few moments to share a stream of thought on the human body, pitching, and what it feels like to be in synch with your mechanics. Not what you were expecting, right?

I think that’s one of the things I admire most about Bauer: He’s always thinking baseball and seems to be on a perpetual quest to learn more.  Not a bad quality for a 22-year-old big-league hopeful.

Here is exactly what the hard-throwing right-hander had to say:

@BauerOutage: welcome to another edition of the late night musings of the mind of…well…me. 1) the more I think about it… p r c really controls all (cont.)

@BauerOutage: considering a consistent posture and connection, all the body has to do is be explosive in rotation to create velocity. How simple!

@BauerOutage: velocity creation…with enhanced health benefits! Been playing around this season and every time I play catch. Feeling is A+

@BauerOutage: keys: 1) pre set as much as you possibly can in the delivery. This simplifies everything down the road.

@BauerOutage: 2) make sure the glute, hammy, and quad are all turned on. Send them a polite reminder that ummm hello guys, we are supposed to do work now

@BauerOutage: 3) lift my leg and move towards home plate…act like I’m sitting in a chair…then rotate as explosively as possible!

@BauerOutage: 95+ has never felt so good and healthy coming out of my hand. Its like, the more connected I am…the harder I throw with less pain.

@BauerOutage: hard to describe the sensation. But all I ever feel when I’m connected is a warm feeling in my arm. No strain no stress. Like a massage!

@BauerOutage: combine this with shoulder recovery from @DST_Lee…my arm’s left feeling brand new the day after I start. THIS is how it should feel peeps.

That’s some profound thinking from one of baseball’s finest prospects.