Neymar: A Never-Ending Drama Between FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and Santos FC

Roberto Alvarez-Galloso@AlvarezGallosoChief Writer IMarch 22, 2012

Neymar: A Never-Ending Drama Between FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and Santos FC

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    The soap opera of Neymar, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Santos FC took another turn in its latest chapter. Neymar said that he prefers FC Barcelona to the "arrogant attitude" of Real Madrid.

    The news was reported in Goal by one of its chief editors for Spain, Martin del Palacio Langer. The story appears to return many times when others have thought it concluded.

    After reviewing the drama between Neymar and the three clubs, the decision was made to do a slideshow. The slideshow consists of breaking down a drama into each protagonist for easy discussion.

    The result is to arrive at a conclusion of how this should play out and/or express an opinion about it. Please feel free to sit back, relax and enjoy the attempt to discuss this latest saga. Thank you.


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    Neymar is currently a striker for Santos FC under contract until beyond the 2014 FIFA World Cup. According to Goal, he is at the center of the drama between Santos, FC Barcelona, and Real Madrid in Brazil and Spain.


    Mano Menezes, who is the coach of the Brazilian National World Football team gave some advice to Neymar in an interview with Globoesporte. The advice was to move to Europe if Neymar wanted to score big in his world football career.

    Menezes was thinking in terms of professional advancing as well as respect from Neymar's peers. Menezes stated his advice while recognizing that Neymar did the right thing in postponing his move to Europe.

    Muricy Ramalho (Santos FC coach) does not agree with Menezes. Ramalho (in an interview with Globoesporte) said that Neymar can develop on a professional level in Brazil without moving to Europe.

Santos FC

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    In spite of attempts to sign Neymar, Santos FC has managed to hang on to Neymar. Neymar has a buyout clause of $79 million in a contract that extends to the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

    The attempt to maintain Neymar with Santos FC involved paying him $1.5 million per month. The Bank of Brazil partially financed the transaction of the contract as well as the buyout clause.

    The Bank of Brazil was involved in a commercial which dealt with Neymar remaining in Brazil. The agreement was confirmed by Neymar's former manager Wagner Ribeiro.

    Santos FC and the Brazilian Ministry of Sports (according to Goal) told Neymar that he could have popularity, money and economic stability if he remained in Brazil.

    The Premier League clubs of Chelsea and Manchester City wanted to sign Neymar, but lost interest. Real Madrid and FC Barcelona agreed to pay Santos for Neymar to avoid punishment by FIFA for an irregular contact with player and agent.

    In the end, Neymar remained with Santos FC and Brazil.  Neymar (according to Goal) changed his mind when Santos lost to FC Barcelona last year in the 2011 FIFA Club World Cup held in Japan.

    On the other hand, appearances can be deceiving.

Real Madrid

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    Real Madrid

    The story of Neymar and Real Madrid began in the year 2005 when Wagner Ribeiro went to Spain to meet Real Madrid President Florentino Perez. Ribeiro was the agent for Neymar and Robinho and he wanted a contract for his players.

    Perez was able to sign Robinho, but could not sign Neymar because of the bureaucracy involved. The years continued and Neymar was showing promise in Brazil and Real Madrid was interested.

    Perez started to contact Ribeiro about signing Neymar and received personal bad news. The response of Perez was to lend money to Ribeiro on the condition that the loan could be waived.

    Perez also attached other conditions (as reported by Goal) which included payment to Ribeiro when Neymar arrived at Real Madrid. Ribeiro became a manager that was more inclined to Real Madrid.

    Perez even offered to pay the release clause to Santos FC so that Neymar could move to the Santiago Bernabeu. Neymar was in agreement with the concept proposed by Perez and his manager.

    Santos FC wanted to keep Neymar until 2013 in order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the club. The other reason is so that Neymar participates in the 2011 FIFA Club World Cup.

    Perez was irritated at the proposal by Santos and wanted a reunion of all of the involved parties in Brazil via a conference call. In the conference call were the representatives of Real Madrid, Neymar and Real Madrid.

    Neymar's father was also present in the conference call representing the interests of his son. Neymar started to have some doubts about Real Madrid which were expressed by his father.

    Perez responded by insulting Neymar's father stating that he does not know he is dealing with Real Madrid. Perez angrily said that Real Madrid cannot guarantee Neymar a big spot in Santiago Bernabeu.

    The response resulted in the end of any possible relationship between Neymar and Real Madrid. Ribeiro was fired as Neymar's manager secondary to the bad experience the striker had with Real Madrid.

FC Barcelona

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    FC Barcelona

    FC Barcelona entered the scene after Real Madrid was eliminated from signing Neymar.

    La Blaugrana president Sandro Rosell went to Brazil to talk with Neymar and his father. Rosell extolled and praised FC Barcelona as a club for the future of Neymar.

    Neymar continues playing for Santos FC but he started to think about his future after 2011. Neymar even sang the praises of Messi.

    In an interview with El Mundo Deportivo (h/t to ESPN Soccernet), Neymar admitted talking to Ronaldinho about Barca. According to Neymar, Ronaldinho recommended FC Barcelona as a team to sign with.

    There has been talk of trading Neymar in the year 2013 but it is just simply rumor. The reason for trading Neymar in 2013 is for Santos FC to receive money from the buyout clause.


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    It remains to be seen how the soap opera between Neymar, Santos FC and FC Barcelona will play out and its ending. The attempt to make sense of what has transpired is not easy.

    Personally, the whole thing is just a drama that could have resolved quickly if the protagonists would have been less intense.

    The only exception is FC Barcelona that managed a wait and see attitude until Real Madrid was out of Neymar's radar. FC Barcelona deserves praise for its way of handling its deal with Neymar.

    In the end, Neymar may sign with La Blaugrana in 2013.  Neymar, his representative, and FC Barcelona are the only ones that can make that decision.

    It is hoped that the readers of B/R enjoyed this slideshow. My thanks to the B/R readers for their patience in looking at this slideshow which was an honor to do.

    Best wishes to all of you.


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