WWE News: Major Update on Company Shutting Down Florida Championship Wrestling

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IMarch 20, 2012

Photo: wweo.net
Photo: wweo.net

According to WrestlingObserver.com, the WWE has decided to shut down their developmental territory FCW down completely.

Officials from the WWE have informed Bright House Sports—the network that airs the FCW shows in Florida—that they are not going to do anymore television after the final three shows that were taped last week air.

They also informed the network that they are closing down the promotion, the gym, and moving the entire roster to Stamford, CT until they decide what to do.

The Wrestling Observer has also speculated that the WWE may have plans on creating a developmental territory in Connecticut, as well as possibly creating a second territory.

FCW has been operating since 2008, and was based on the former promotion "Championship Wrestling from Florida," which operated from 1961 until 1987.

The promotion was created by WWE executive Steve Keirn to be the company's second developmental territory when they ended their relationship with the Georgia promotion Deep South Wrestling, and became the WWE's sole developmental territory in 2008.

With the closure of FCW, the WWE now has another problem on what to do with the current roster of FCW superstars—and if they should wait until a new promotion is created or put them on WWE programming.

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Over the next few months, the WWE may release some of the FCW roster and only keep the talent that they may want to develop further.

Update: According to PWInsider.com (click at your own risk, may contain malware) the WWE is not shutting down FCW.

The television company Brighthouse Sports Network is closing its doors down permanently, the WWE is planning on moving the promotion to another location and to another network.

FCW training is still being scheduled and the roster have been told not to worry.  All FCW events are still running as scheduled.

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