5 Organizations That Have the Best Chance to Rival the UFC

Riley Kontek@@BigRIlesMMAFeatured ColumnistMarch 13, 2012

5 Organizations That Have the Best Chance to Rival the UFC

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    There is no doubt that the UFC is the premiere mixed martial arts promotion in the world right now and may have no real competition. With its purchase of PRIDE, the WEC and Strikeforce, the UFC has bought and controlled all of its major competition to this point.

    There are some promotions that are gaining momentum and putting on great cards. Although I believe there are no promotions that will ever rival the UFC ever again, there is a chance that a couple promotions can gain enough fan fare to take business away from the UFC.

    Here are five promotions that have a chance (albeit slim) to rival the UFC.

#5. Tie: BAMMA and MFC

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    Two organizations with a solid fan base and some solid names that grace their respective cards are BAMMA (British Association of Mixed Martial Arts) and MFC (Maximum Fighting Championships).

    BAMMA is an English mixed martial arts promotion that is looking to put on its ninth ever show later this month. BAMMA has showcased such stars as Paul Daley, Murilo Rua and local star Tom Watson. In watching the fights that BAMMA puts on, it is easy to see why fans like watching BAMMA. BAMMA airs on HDnet, so it already has a solid television deal in its early going.

    MFC is based out of Canada and consistently put on good shows. Although CEO Mark Pavelich has been displeased with the main events, the cards on a whole have been great. A number of former and current UFC fighters have put on fan friendly fights for this established promotion. Like BAMMA, MFC also airs on HDnet.

#4. M-1 Global

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    M-1 Global is not just the company that represents Fedor Emelianenko, but it is also a Russian based promotion with a number of solid European and Asian talents. M-1 also get a lot of attention from its co-promotions that it did with Strikeforce when Fedor fought there.

    M-1 puts on events in the United States and Russia, showcasing such talents as Fedor, Vinny Magalhaes and Jeff Monson. It also brags some flashy knockouts, as seen last year with Arthur Guseinov's beauty of a spinning backfist that hit hightlight reels everywhere.

    M-1 primarily airs on HDnet, but sometimes will be shown on Showtime. If allowed to develop and showcase more talent, they could be a legitimate threat.

#3. Pro Elite

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    Out of the ashes of Elite XC has risen Pro Elite, who is only three cards into their tenure and has delivered some solid cards with some noticable names.

    From Kendall Grove to Ikuhisa Minowa to Andrei Arlovski, Pro Elite has consistently put noticeable names on their cards to attract fans.

    If Pro Elite can continue their momentum and erase the memory that was Elite XC, they could turn into a solid, top promotion. They have the experience as an organization and some star power to carry them.


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    The current kingpin of Japanese MMA, DREAM is currently in some financial problems. Should they find some investors/source of money, DREAM has the talent and name to make a run as a top organization in the world.

    DREAM has top Japanese prospects, Fedor Emelianenko, Joachim Hansen and Shinya Aoki, which makes them a dangerous MMA promotion. DREAM is currently finding some Asian competition in ONE FC, but DREAM is still the top dog, again if they can find the funds.

    Not to mention, that they have a TV deal with HDnet, so they do get some mainstream attention in the USA.

#1. Bellator

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    Bellator is currently the #2 promotion behind the UFC as of right now. Strikeforce is tanking, while Bellator continues to put on great fights on a weekly basis.

    Bellator has some top talent, some of which they have developed. They hold such names as Eddie Alvarez, Michael Chandler, Pat Curran, Hector Lombard and Cole Konrad. With star power like that, in addition to top prospects making their name under the banner, their is a chance Bellator could make a move on the UFC's business.

    Add to the fact that Bellator starts a TV deal with SPIKE TV next year (getting off the underwatched MTV 2), and they could steal ratings from the UFC.