30 Coolest Club Logos in World Football

Peter Webster@@petercwebsterContributor IIIFebruary 28, 2012

30 Coolest Club Logos in World Football

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    What makes a cool club logo or badge?

    Well, everyone has their own opinion on what is cool and what isn't, so perhaps it's easier to just explain what I think is cool about the clubs I have chosen for this article.

    Some of them have hidden meanings, some have powerful references and some just look good.

    Here are 30 of the coolest club logos in world football.

Daegu FC

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    South Korea K-League team Daegu FC have this funky looking logo on their club shirts.

    The colours and unique image make the logo very effective in standing out of the crowd.

Kaizer Chiefs

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    South African team Kaizer Chiefs have this simple yet apt image of a native chief on their crest.

    The club has become a little more famous since the prominence of UK indie rock group the Kaiser Chiefs, whose name was inspired by the South African football team.

Orlando Pirates

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    This is the crest of the Orlando Pirates, another South African team.

    In true pirate style, they have incorporated the jolly roger as their emblem, which gives their team badge a menacing effect.

Brisbane Roar

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    Australian A-League team Brisbane Roar favour the image of a lion as their attempt at frightening the opposition.

    A lion image features heavily in footballing logos, as you will see further on in the slideshow.

    The lion's mane in this image gives the impression of flowing movement.

FC Nordsjaelland

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    FC Nordsjaelland are a Danish football team that play in the Superliga.

    Their crest shows a tiger coveting a football. The two-tone colour effect works well for their logo.

Kaa Gent

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    Belgian Pro League team KAA Gent use this chieftain emblem to represent their team.

    A statement of war, perhaps?

IF Elfsborg

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    Swedish team IF Elfsborg have this rather stylish emblem on their shirts that features some nicely stylized writing of their club name.

    Their nickname—unsurprisingly—is the Yellow Ones.

FC Sion

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    Swiss Superleague team FC Sion sport a rather sleek looking badge these days.

    The smooth curves and simple design make this badge really stand out in the nation's home colours.

Neuchatel Xamax

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    Neuchatel Xamax are another Swiss side that unfortunately have found themselves bankrupt of late.

    The Xamax logo is similar to that of AC Milan but features the large white X, which is designed for an intimidating effect.


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    Italian Serie A team Roma have a badge which is symbolic of their city.

    The gold represents God in Roman Catholicism, and the maroon means imperial dignity.

    Roma's badges always feature a wolf of some description, which is a reference to the myth of how Rome was created.


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    Mexican team Chiapas feature this jaguar as part of their badge, and Jaguares also forms part of their full title—Jaguares de Chiapas.

    The animal is drawn in a style similar to the way Mayans would dictate the creature.

    A very cool design.

Borussia Dortmund

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    Bundesliga outfit Borussia Dortmund have one of the most electrifying badges around, and it is instantly recognisable across the globe.

    The letters BVB are the team's full initials, which stand for Ballspielverein Borussia Dortmund. They were formed in 1909.

Dijon FCO

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    Ligue One team Dijob FCO have this nicely designed badge as their emblem.

    It features what appears to be an owl and their foundation date of 1998.

Le Mans FC

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    Le Mans may be more famous for its car racing, but this curvy badge is a match for any shape that tarmac can produce.

    The image of a horse stands out nicely with the red and yellow colouring.

Blackburn Rovers FC

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    For some reason, Blackburn's badge always reminds me of an old Italian hitman.

    Whether it is the appearance of the red rose, the Latin writing or a combination of the two is anybody's guess.

    Arte Et Labore means by skill and by labour.

Hull City

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    Hull City have this threatening image of a tiger as their animal of choice.

    There are not many tiger based emblems in the English league, as the lion is typically associated with the country.

    Kudos to Hull for being different.


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    As I said, many English teams favour the lion emblem such as this one shown by Millwall FC, who play in the English Championship.

    Unusually, Millwall's Lion is appearing as savage in nature.

Oldham Athletic

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    Former Premier League side Oldham Athletic have revamped their old logo in favour of this sleek look.

    The badge looks fantastic and maintains their mascot of choice—the owl.

Bristol Rovers

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    English team Bristol Rovers have a somewhat unique image as a pirate stands aloft pointing his sword ahead.

    The image represents the club's nickname.

    I'm sure you can figure that one out!


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    Another lion for another English team, put this one just has the head of a lion on show.

    It is the badge of Shrewsbury Town.

Torquay United

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    Torquay United are another side that revamped their badge over the past few years, and believe it or not, the emblem has nothing to do with Motorola.

    The golden image is supposed to represent two golden wings as Torquay was an amalgamation of two clubs long ago.

    They are nicknamed the Gulls.


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    Recent Carling Cup victors Liverpool FC have a lot of things happening on their badge.

    The intricate green sign above the crest represents Shankly gates, whereas the torches on either side of the crest are a reference to the Hillsbrough memorial at Anfield, where an eternal flame burns in memory of those who died.

    The centre of the badge features the liver bird, the city's emblem.

Columbus Crew

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    MLS team Columbus Crew have this rather unique badge which features workmen.

    The image is supposed to represent the hardworking nature of the blue collar community in the Columbus area.

De Graafschap

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    Dutch Eredivisie side De Graafschap have a badge that wouldn't look out of place on the sign of an Italian coffee shop.


Roda JC

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    Roda JC have a badge that screams CAUTION.

    The black and yellow work in harmony to make the badge seem a warning to those who come near, similar to that of a bee or wasp.

VFL Bochum

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    VFL Bochum are a German team that play in the second tier of the Bundesliga system.

    Their crest is a simple one, but it works nicely.

Clermont Foot

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    French outfit Clermont Foot Auverne 63—to give them their full title—play their games in Ligue Two.

    Their badge is an interesting one, featuring what seems to be a highwayman on a horse riding with a sword held aloft triumphantly.

    It's a rare sight on a football club's badge.

Stade Lavaillois

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    Stade Lavaillois are another French Ligue Two side with an equally unique badge.

    Theirs depicts the shadowy figure of a footballer about to strike a ball, with the sun set behind him.

    The orange tint on the player's shadow is a nice touch.

Chievo Verona

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    Serie A outfit Chievo Verona acknowledge Verona's history with their badge, which displays the figure of Cangrande Della Scala.

    Della Scala was an Italian nobleman whose family ran the city of Verona in the late 1200s.


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    Premier League outfit Arsenal need no introduction due to their worldwide fame.

    Thier nickname—the Gunners—stems from their team name and the cannon depicted on their badge.

    Again, it's a simple design that gives the most effect.


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    If you see some of these badges frequently, they may not be that impressive to you, but the history behind some clubs' graphics can be astounding.

    No matter what team you support, you can still appreciate the ideas that go into making such iconic references for the various clubs.

    I'd be interested to hear if you think there should be a specific team on here that I haven't mentioned. I have tried to scour all divisions in world football in order to come up with the 30 that I thought were best, but occasionally mistakes are made!

    Thanks for reading and be sure to check out Serie A vs. La Liga to find out which league I think trumps the other and why.

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