Kevin Martin and the NBA's Ugliest Looking Jump Shots

Adam Fromal@fromal09National NBA Featured ColumnistFebruary 15, 2012

Kevin Martin and the NBA's Ugliest Looking Jump Shots

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    The NBA is filled with the best basketball players in the world, but that doesn't mean it's exempt from players whose shooting form would remind you of people you used to play with on your middle school basketball team. 

    Kevin Martin and the rest of the players on this list must have taught themselves how to shoot, because there's no way they'd have discovered their form in any sort of basketball textbook. 

    For a journey through the 10 worst-looking jump shots in the association, read on. And keep in mind that with one or two exceptions, I'm trying to only include players who actually take jump shots and players for whom there are available videos displaying their monstrous form. 

    If you have any suggestions for players I may have left off, feel free to leave the suggestion in the comment section, along with a link to a video. 

Matt Bonner

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    Team: San Antonio Spurs 

    Position: Power Forward

    Averaging 7.0 points per game, including 1.7 makes on 4.0 three-point attempts per contest, Matt Bonner is still a fairly decent sharpshooting big man off the bench for the San Antonio Spurs. 

    Despite his size, The Red Rocket's form makes me think of what would happen if one of Willy Wonka's Oompa Loompas decided to start taking jumpers. The herky-jerky, leaning-forward motion with a short follow-through is anything but pretty. 

Ronnie Brewer

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    Team: Chicago Bulls

    Position: Shooting Guard

    The first time you can see Ronnie Brewer's unorthodox shooting form is at 0:40 into the embedded video. 

    A back-up shooting guard for the Chicago Bulls, Brewer suffered a strange injury as a child on a waterslide that continues to affect him to this day. Ever since that accident, he's had to flare out his left elbow to the side, making his shooting form look anything but nice. 

Josh Childress

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    Team: Phoenix Suns

    Position: Small Forward

    You can see the best example of Josh Childress' ugly jump-shot at 0:18 in the embedded video. 

    Maybe it's the afro, but nothing about that shot makes you think that Childress grew up with any sort of basketball coach in his life to work on his form. At least it works for him. 

DeSagna Diop

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    Team: Charlotte Bobcats

    Position: Center

    DeSagna Diop gets an honorary spot for arguably the worst free-throw attempt in NBA history. 

Derek Fisher

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    Team: Los Angeles Lakers

    Position: Point guard

    Derek Fisher has hit quite a few three-pointers during his lengthy NBA career. Some of them have been in crucial situations. Some have been in situations the mean far less. 

    All of them have been ugly. 

    The aging point guard takes the ball back all the way over his head while his arms are cocked way out to his left side. The shot is far less centered than we're used to seeing, and the fact that his left-handedness is emphasized doesn't help it look ordinary. 

Shawn Marion

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    Team: Dallas Mavericks

    Position: Forward

    If these players' shots were ranked from least-ugly to most-ugly, Shawn Marion's would be No. 1, and the No. 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 spots would all be left empty just to emphasize how much uglier The Matrix's form is than anyone else's in the league. 

    I don't even know how to describe this monstrosity that somehow gets the job done. It's more of a pass than a jump-shot.  

Kevin Martin

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    Team: Houston Rockets

    Position: Shooting Guard

    Kevin Martin's shooting form may not look pretty, but it's quite effective. The Houston Rockets shooting guard is averaging 17.7 points per game this season, and it's actually a bit of a down year for him. 

    Martin's shot is really more of a wrist flick than anything else. He doesn't take the ball back towards his head at all, and his elbow doesn't hinge except for when he first brings the ball up. The only motion is a slight wrist flick and a push of the ball forwards towards the basket. 

Andre Miller

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    Team: Denver Nuggets

    Position: Point Guard

    If I had to compare anything in the NBA (other than Chuck Hayes' free-throw shooting form) to Charles Barkley's golf swing, it would be Andre Miller's jump shot. 

    There are two distinct motions. First, he brings the ball up to the level of his chin; then, there's a slight pause before he completes his shot and sends the ball towards the basket. 

Joakim Noah

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    Team: Chicago Bulls

    Position: Center

    Joakim Noah's jump-shot may not look quite as ugly as his free-throw form, but it's still not something you'd stop and marvel at in a positive way. 

    Noah manages to put a side-spin on the ball and flail both arms out to his sides after the ball stops touching his hands. I have no idea at all how it actually makes the ball go in a straight line. 

Tayshaun Prince

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    Team: Detroit Pistons

    Position: Small Forward

    Nothing is aligned for Tayshaun Prince, with the exception of his eyes and the basket. 

    The elbow is slightly cocked out to the side, the ball isn't centered and the shot just doesn't really seem to flow at all. 

    But just like many of the other shooters on this list, he manages to get the ball in the basket.