David Otunga: WWE's Lawyer Superstar Destroys Competition in Courtroom

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistJanuary 27, 2012

WWE superstar David Otunga may be a glorified jobber when it comes to his day job of wrestling, but Otunga recently proved that he is a veritable main eventer in the court of law.

According to TMZ, Otunga, a Harvard Law School graduate, returned to the courtroom on Thursday in an effort to help a man receive unemployment benefits. It appears as though Otunga was on the right end of a squash match for once, though, as he reportedly "smoked the witness during cross examination" and won the case.

If winning the case alone didn't already make Otunga look cool enough, he took it on pro bono, meaning he received no monetary compensation for his counsel. For somebody as busy as Otunga working a full-time WWE schedule, it's extremely impressive that he has the motivation to practice law without even being paid.

Of course, money is likely no object, as Otunga is engaged to singer and actress Jennifer Hudson, but he proved that he isn't greedy like the stereotypical lawyer. Speaking of stereotypes, Otunga seems to be single-handedly changing the notion that wrestlers are merely big, dumb, muscle-bound guys with no intellectual abilities.

Not only does Otunga continue to excel in the courtroom, but I believe he has begun to come into his own as a WWE superstar as well. When he first debuted on NXT as David "A-List" Otunga, I couldn't stand him or his character because I felt like he got his spot simply based on his relationship with Hudson.

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Otunga still has a ton of work to do in the ring, as he is a very raw performer, but he is comfortable on the mic and now has an entertaining character as legal counsel to interim RAW general manager John Laurinaitis. I think the reason why Otunga does such a good job with his current character is because he has real-life experience in terms of being a lawyer.

Sure, he may often get beat up by the likes of CM Punk and others, but the fact that he wears bowties and sweater vests and continually sips coffee makes him a funny, quirky character. Otunga is already a two-time WWE Tag Team Champion, but I believe his best days as a wrestler are ahead of him.

Otunga may never be as successful in the squared circle as he is on the stand, but I think he could have a long career as a niche mid-carder.

Who knows, though? Perhaps Otunga can shock the world by winning the Royal Rumble on Sunday. On second thought, I think the verdict on that notion is a firm "no."


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