Manny Pacquiao: 10 Reasons the Haters Gonna Hate on Pac Man

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Manny Pacquiao: 10 Reasons the Haters Gonna Hate on Pac Man

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    When you are the biggest star in boxing and you are on top of the world like the singing congressman is, you have all the fame, money, power, and of course the haters to come along with all of that.

    Manny Pacquiao is now a huge international superstar athlete who is famous worldwide so just as how many millions love and adore him, he also has his legions of haters as well.

    So let's take a look into 10 reasons why the so-called haters might hate on Manny Pacquiao in this slideshow, shall we, fight fans?

Those Annoying Pacquiao Troll Fans

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    Manny Pacquiao has millions of fans world wide ranging from poverty stricken citizens from third world nations (much like his own very humble origins) to even big time A List celebrities.

    I personally like to divide Manny Pacquiao's fans into two larger categories. Of course you can break his fans down into several various sub categories, but to make things simple here we will just break them down into two major categories.

    The first category of Manny Pacquiao fans are the "Real True Fans".

    The Real True Manny Pacquiao fans are loyal fans who followed his career and supported him from the beginning, long before his breakthrough fights with Oscar De La Hoya and Ricky Hatton.

    These Real True Fans actually spend their own hard-earned money to travel to Las Vegas, Texas, etc. and pay for tickets to his fights.

    These Real True Fans understand and actually follow the sport of boxing and could intelligently engage in a decent conversation or debate in regards to the sport of boxing.

    Then of course you have the second major category of Manny Pacquiao fans and those we will call the "Pacquiao Trolls" to keep things clean. These Pacquiao Trolls are the infamous notorious fans who pretty much unfortunately give him a bad name.

    They are the ones who flood YouTube, fight forums, fight websites and fight blog sites with a lot of ignorance, hatred, and even racist comments; in essence they are trolling.

    This troll category of fans tends to not know much about the sport of boxing, and they tend to only know about the most recent Pacquiao fights.

    This group of fans never attend any of Pacquiao's fights and they never have been to any live boxing match before, and they often illegally stream his fights instead.

    It is this second category of Manny's fans who again give him a bad name and cause much of the other fight fans to dislike and hate on Manny Pacquiao the fighter.

    The irony is many love Manny because he is so humble and not a immature trash talker, the infamous Pacquiao Trolls should strive to be more like their idol in this regard.

    So before you read on, ask yourself which category of Pacquiao fans best describes you?


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    According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, xenophobia is defined as :

    : fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything that is strange or foreign


    Unfortunately even today in 2012, xenophobia is still a problem here in the United States of America where Manny Pacquiao has fought and trained for most of the biggest fights of his career.

    Manny, of course being born and raised in the Philippines and not American, would cause many xenophobic Americans to rather see an American fighter on top of the world, on the cover of the magazines, on ESPN, HBO, etc.

    Who was the last American superstar in boxing to really win over the masses here in America? You would probably have to say Oscar De La Hoya, a Mexican-American who of course is the "Golden Boy" for winning the red white and blue a gold medal in the Barcelona Olympic Games.

Steroid Allegations: Guilty Until Proven Innocent?

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    The presumption of innocence, is the principle that one is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

    With the rather impressive success of Manny Pacquiao's victories as he began to move up in weight class and dominate larger opponents, many became fans while others became suspicious.

    Initially some were rather vocal on their opinions on whether Manny Pacquiao was on some illegal performance-enhancing drugs but as soon as he filed a defamation lawsuit, most of those accusing him began to change their words around and became really careful.

    According to Las Vegas Sun Fighting

    “Richard Schaefer and Oscar De La Hoya, on behalf of themselves and Golden Boy Promotions, wish to make it crystal clear that we never intended to claim that Manny Pacquiao has used or is using any performance-enhancing drugs, and further state that we do not have any evidence whatsoever of such use,” the promotion group released in a statement.

    “Manny Pacquiao is one of the greatest fighters of all time, and we apologize if anyone construed our prior remarks as in any way claiming or even suggesting that Manny uses or has used performance-enhancing drugs,” the statement continued.

    Since then, Pacquiao and Schaefer and De La Hoya of Golden Boy Promotions have reached an agreement and their portion of the lawsuit was dropped.

    On the other hand, Floyd Mayweather and his father's portion of the lawsuit seems to have progressed forward.

    Mayweather has since been careful in offering his opinion on whether he feels Manny is on steroids. He said back in June in the Associated Press

    "I've never said that Manny Pacquiao was taking steroids; I never said he was taking enhancement drugs."

    "It's not just Pacquiao, it's sports, period," Mayweather said. "If you look at sports in the Olympics, they're cheating. Everyone is cheating. And I never once said Manny Pacquiao was cheating, only thing I said was this: Me and any other opponent I face must take the test."

    Whether the defamation lawsuit results in a victory in favor of Manny Pacquiao or not, the damage has already been done.

    Many fight fans and the media feel the only way for Manny to prove that he is indeed  fully clean is to abide by Mayweather's more thorough demands of random blood and urine drug testing in which he makes it a now prerequisite for all of his opponents ever since the Shane Mosley fight.

    For the record, Manny Pacquiao has never tested positive for the use of any illegal performance enhancing drugs throughout his entire career.

    Should Manny have given in to Floyd's demands for more thorough random drug testing from the start?

    Many Pacquiao haters, of course, think so.


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    Many critics or, in the case of this writing assignment, haters point out that when Pacquiao went up in weight class, he utilized contracted weight limits on the maximum weight that he and his opponents could weigh on the weigh in before the fight.

    Most notably in his fight with the larger Miguel Cotto at 145 lbs for the 147 lbs WBO world title and the even larger Antonio Margarito at 150 lbs for the 154 lbs WBC world title.

    Many of his critics felt Manny should have fought to win these world title weight classes without the catchweights.

    On the other hand, Manny also met half way with his long time ring rival Juan Manuel Marquez at a catchweight that was more suitable for the smaller Marquez at 144 lbs for his 147 lbs WBO title last November.

    It is not that uncommon for catchweights to take place in boxing. Throughout history, many fighters utilized catchweights. It usually happens when a smaller big name fighter moves up in weight to take on the larger man one or two divisions above him.

    Even rapper Royce Da 5'9 raps about Pacquiao and the use of catchweights in his hit song Lighters.

    Via Twitter Royce Da 5'9 responded to me stating that the verse about Pacquiao and catchweights was not necessarily intended to be a diss at all.

Letting Bob Arum Control Him?

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    Many of Manny's haters often complain that Manny Pacquiao should finally once and for all step up and be his own man and either dictate to his legendary promoter Bob Arum what he wants to do exactly, as in fight Floyd Mayweather next once and for all.

    They feel for the most part that Bob Arum is a greedy, selfish promoter who would rather maximize his own profits then to allow Pacquiao to take on the high-risk fight with Mayweather.

    Arum has done some great things for his past fighters that include Ali, De La Hoya, and yes Mayweather.

    But what De La Hoya and Mayweather did was once they reached a certain amount success, they decided to move on and take more control over their own promoting.

    De La Hoya evolved into Golden Boy Promotions, which is the now the No. 1 direct competitor to Arum's Top Rank.

    De La Hoya also made Mayweather buy himself out of his contract with Top Rank first in order to fight each other in their super mega fight.

    Ever since Mayweather left Top Rank, he has been boasting on how much money he's been making and how he keeps 100 percent of his fight purse.

    Manny is now on that huge success stardom level where he could very well leave Top Rank and do his own promotions exclusively like De La Hoya and Mayweather both did, but it does not seem like that is what he ever intends to do.

    Manny might be lacking the business sense that both De La Hoya and Mayweather both have to successfully pull it off all on his own. Or he might just be that loyal to Bob Arum and Top Rank.

    Either way, many fans and haters tend to view Bob Arum as the one blocking the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight.


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    When I was at Vons, a grocery market here in Southern California, a middle-aged Filipino man was waiting for his wife to pick him up so he began talking to me making small talk.

    I asked him if he was a fan of Manny Pacquiao and I would never forget his response.

    He said, "I am a fan of Manny Pacquiao the fighter, but not the politician."

    Politicians in general are often corrupt and shady, and most do not like them just for being a politician.

    As we hear even from the mouth of Manny himself, the politicians in the Philippines are really corrupt, but he feels he can make a difference.

    Some fight fans who reside in the Philippines as well as all over the world feel inspired that Manny was able to get elected to congress and make a difference especially for those who live there.

    Others feel Manny has no place in politics and that it will only ruin him and corrupt him.

    Then of course the haters will hate even more for not only is Manny a famous, wealthy, boxing superstar he is now also an official congressman.

    Will Manny Pacquiao be the one politician who can really make a difference and change and help those most in need in the Philippines? Well that remains to be seen and the only ones who can really answer that would be the people who live there.


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    Manny Pacquiao is one hell of a fighter, he's a beast inside that ring even most of his haters can not deny that, but his singing on the other hand.......... well, he is no Mariah Carey that is for sure.

    But if he is able to sell records and earn money from his concert performances, then more power to him. He's not the worst singer in the world and to be honest, there are a ton of no-talent horrible singers in the music industry right now making millions as we speak.

    Does Manny's singing career add fuel to the fire for the haters? I think it would be safe to say yes.

Free Pass from the American Media?

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    Manny Pacquiao haters have voiced their opinions that they feel he gets a free pass from the media, at least here in America.

    While tabloid news outlets in the Philippines sometimes report tabloid gossip like stories of Manny's alleged infidelities, it seems whenever you hear something like that it's only from the Philippines or from Asian media gossip outlets.

    The American media tends to view Manny as a real perfect angel.

    Here above is a funny video on YouTube; it appears a Filipino tabloid reported Manny's wife Jinkee was allegedly offering a reward and a Hermes purse to anyone who could prove her husband was cheating on her?

    Personally I could care less if he or any celebrity is unfaithful to their wives because...I couldn't care less. Whatever happens in their private lives is in their private lives, whether it is true or not.

    The American media is however pretty much pro-Manny Pacquiao for the most part here and a large part of that may be due to the way he carries himself in a very humble, respectful manner whenever the cameras or media is around him.

    You want to know who the first people are to spread Manny's rumored infidelities around like wildfire here in the United States? It's his haters.

    Ask the Pacquiao haters who he's supposedly currently dating and they'll probably even have a picture saved on their phones to show you.

Boxing Media and Bloggers Need "Manny Pacquiao"

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    The boxing media and bloggers need "Manny Pacquiao."

    Anyone who writes or reports on boxing knows whether you love or hate Manny Pacquiao you need him. An article with the words: "Manny Pacquiao" will get thousands of clicks alone even if its a total piece of garbage article.

    Many bloggers started off as Manny Pacquiao haters but realized if they blogged about positive Manny Pacquiao news, then they would reach new heights with clicks to their site never reached before.

    If you write on boxing, then we all are pretty much guilty of using the word's "Manny Pacquiao" just to enhance this very same result.

    With so many talented deserving fighters to write and report about in the sport of boxing, this could cause many to begin hating on the sport's biggest name.

    ESPN's Dan Rafael has often said to his media colleagues after covering a Pacquiao fight that if Manny fought every month then he would easily have way over a million followers on Twitter.

    Yahoo has reported that Manny Pacquiao was the third most-searched athlete in the world for 2011, and of course the weeks he fights he is indeed the No. 1 athlete being searched for his fight week.

    So what is the solution? One solution may be to get excited and start reporting on the next generation of fighters who could possibly be in line to replace the Pacquiao once he retires, so all the haters can hate on the next big thing.


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    The No. 1 reason why any haters hate on anyone is because of money.

    Manny Pacquiao is one of the top paid athletes in the world according to the Forbes list.

    Reportedly making $25 million from fight purses and endorsements in the 2011 calendar year, Manny is making some serious dough, and this angers the haters the most.

    My inside sources within Manny's camp tell me Manny gets an advance on his fight purses during his training camps that comes out to be a few million dollars.

    Sources also tell me he spends on average about $2,000 on just his entourage alone daily, just to cover the cost of feeding everyone.

    Most haters range from being broke to being broke as hell. So if they see Manny as one of the top paid athletes in the world, this makes them hate.

    At least Manny is a notoriously generous man known to donate and give away so much of his own money to those in need. However, his extreme generosity may be his ultimate downfall one day?

    So what have we learned from this interesting list of why the haters hate Manny Pacquiao?

    Well, in short, a hater is someone who is jealous and envious of those who are doing better than they are.

    Haters tend to hate on those who are most successful, famous, and wealthy because that is all they know how to do (hate).

    In my opinion, whenever you see someone doing great things you should see what they are doing right and do it even better in your own way. There is no point to hating on them for it does not benefit or improve your own individual situation at all.

    Manny Pacquiao is not a perfect man; he is not even a perfect fighter. He has flaws both inside the ring and outside, but as much as a demigod as he now is, he is only human.

    Be inspired by all the great things that Manny Pacquiao does inside and outside the ring.

    If he can over come extreme poverty in the slums of the Philippines living out of a cardboard box selling stolen cigarettes to survive, then surely you too can do something meaningful with your own life instead of being a hater on the Internet.


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