2012 NFL Draft: Top Wide Receiver for the Houston Texans

Brett Stephen@@brettstephenAnalyst IIJanuary 16, 2012

2012 NFL Draft: Top Wide Receiver for the Houston Texans

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    It was very clear in the Houston Texans’ loss to the Baltimore Ravens that they are severely lacking a wide receiver threat aside from Andre Johnson.

    Owen Daniels is a great threat, but aside from him and Johnson, the Texans aren’t scaring any opposing defenses with their wide receivers.

    Jacoby Jones proved himself untrustworthy returning punts, with a fumble that gave the Ravens the ball on their own 3-yard line.

    The Texans have a late first-round pick and could use it to bolster their receiving corps. 

    There are several guys in this year’s draft that would be great fits.

Justin Blackmon—Oklahoma State

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    6’1” 215 lbs


    This is a long shot and would require the Texans to make a significant move in the first round of the draft.  Blackmon is an elite wide receiver talent that will likely be gone in top five picks of the draft.

    His rare combination of speed, size and skills will probably be more suitable for a team looking for a No. 1 wide receiver, while the Texans will be looking for a No. 2 to complement Andre Johnson.

Michael Floyd—Notre Dame

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    6’3” 225 lbs


    Floyd, like Blackmon, is a long shot that would likely require the Texans to move up in the first round.  He also has the speed, size and skills to become an elite NFL wide receiver. 

    Unlike Blackmon, I don’t foresee Floyd having an ego too big for a No. 2 role.  Instead, I see him as a guy that would welcome the chance to learn behind a Pro Bowl receiver like Johnson.

    Though a good fit, I don’t see the logistics of getting him working out.  He’s talented, but not worth a big sacrifice to move up to get him.

Kendall Wright—Baylor

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    5’10” 190 lbs


    Wright would be a great replacement for Jacoby Jones.  He has the same physical attributes but much better hands and plays a lot smarter.

    He would be a good fit for the Texans if he’s still available because of his ability to return punts. 

    Wright is the fastest of the top wide receivers in the 2012 draft and would be a good complement to Johnson.

    He’s also a Texas native and would probably love to play in his home state.

Alshon Jeffery—South Carolina

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    6’4” 225 lbs


    Jeffery is one of the biggest receivers in the 2012 draft at 6’4”, but he doesn’t sacrifice any speed with his size.  He is a very polished prospect with a tremendous upside.  He has played against some of the best cornerbacks college football has to offer in the SEC, and he would definitely be NFL ready in his rookie season.

    His size, speed and great hands would make him a great complement to Johnson, and working against opponents' No. 2 cornerbacks would give him an opportunity to explode onto the NFL scene.

    His route running reminds me of AJ Green, and he has the potential to make a similar impact. 

    The Texans probably won’t have to move to get him, as he should be available in the late first round.  They may even be able to get him in the second round if they are lucky.

Rueben Randle—LSU

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    6’3” 210 lbs


    Randle is probably one of the most overlooked and underrated wide receivers in this year’s draft mainly because, for the last three years, he has had no competent quarterback throwing to him.

    Randle has deceiving speed but clocks 40 times comparable to the top wide receivers in the draft.  He has size and great technique and rarely drops passes.

    Randle is a quiet guy that would fit well with Johnson and would learn a great deal from the Pro Bowl wide receiver.   He also returned punts for LSU and could serve the Texans’ needs replacing Jacoby Jones.

    Randle would be a steal in the second round, and I would argue that he may even warrant a late first-round pick.

    The Texans could be wise to trade down to the middle of the second round if possible to get Randle and additional picks.

Ryan Broyles—Oklahoma

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    5’10” 190 lbs


    Had it not been for a late-season knee injury, Broyles would probably be the No. 2 wide receiver in the draft behind Justin Blackmon.

    Broyles has probably the top game speed of all wide receivers in the draft and has elite skills to go with it.   He runs precise routes and rarely drops passes.

    Due to the knee injury, Broyles has dropped in the projections to anywhere from the third round to the fifth.

    Given his knee is fully recovering with no setbacks, Broyles is worth almost any pick in the draft.  If they can snatch him up in the third or fourth round, that would be one of the biggest steals in recent draft history.