Barçelona vs. Real Madrid: 5 Reasons El Clásico Has Become Must-Watch Football

Jerry Sanchez@jerrysan_3Correspondent IJanuary 22, 2012

Barçelona vs. Real Madrid: 5 Reasons El Clásico Has Become Must-Watch Football

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    The Copa del Rey gave us yet another set of matches to be played between Barçelona and Real Madrid.

    The two best teams in Spain have already played their first leg of the quarterfinals. It took place at Madrid's home, El Bernabéu, in which Carles Puyol and Eric Abidal looked like forwards and scored the two goals for Barça while Cristiano Ronaldo scored for Madrid.

    It was another great game of football as it showed us why Barçelona vs. Real Madrid has become must-watch football.

    Whether you support an EPL team or MLS team, this game can't be ignored. The two giants in the football world is too much of a great game to pass and do something else. 

    The players stack up their intensity and usually go all out for "El Clásico" and show us who's the better team.

    Now, here are five reasons why these games have become must-watch football.

The Two Best Teams in Football

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    This may be somewhat arguable, however I strongly believe that Barça and Real Madrid are the greatest two teams in the word at the moment, with Barça being No. 1.

    Nonetheless, Madrid has been playing amazing ball being number one in points in La Liga. Unless Madrid's frustrations build up and Barça goes all out in the next few games, Madrid will stay atop of La Liga.

    Then you have Barça. A team that won the FIFA World Cup for teams this year after beating Santos 4-0 in the finals. They also do not have their second best striker, David Villa, playing. Yet, Alexis Sánchez, Adriano and Pedro can fill in his place and as they perform how they should be. Filling that void is no easy task, but Barça still seems to strive without Villa.

    To sum it up, Barça and Madrid have given the game of football much more elegance— well maybe at times, which brings me to my next slide.

The Confrontations

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    Yeah, sometimes Madrid and Barça humiliate themselves by doing acts of stupidity on the field. Usually, it's by the same damn players, or coach, that can't get it through their minds that they are somewhat ruining the game as well as jeopardizing their teammates.

    Lately, there have been way more quarrels and face offs in these matches than any other rivalry out there. This probably will continue for a long time until neither team is at the top of the world which will probably be never.

    I'll take a safe bet and say the heat of the game will go down in the next few years, not too significantly, however enough where we won't see players arguing after every single tackle and man down.

    Nonetheless, seeing this type of intensity and passion for the game is risky yet amazing. As a guy, I'm always itching to see some sort of fight to blow up. But children do watch these games, and I'm sure we don't want kids to think violence is okay.

    We've seen so much lately whether it's José Mourinho doing another barbaric action, or Marcelo scissor kicking Cesc Fàbregas, anything else can occur.

    Nothing is better than seeing a couple of guys defend their clubs like the Barça and Madrid players do.

Lionel Messi vs. Cristiano Ronaldo

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    Arguably the greatest players in the world are the Argentinian, Lionel Messi, and the Portuguese, Cristiano Ronaldo.

    One wears Adidas, while the other Nike. Neither like to lose. Both have the same thing in mind: To be the best.

    I could make a long slide on both players or on how these two players make the rivalry better, but instead I'll keep it short enough for unfamiliar fans to understand and so I don't repeat anything that big time fans already know.

    Ronaldo is known as a diver, ladies man, and all around amazing skill player. He is really hated among Barça fans and maybe across the world from other fans who just don't like his personality. Along with that hatred comes like.

    He is adored by Madrid and Portuguese fans as well as attracting loads of stunning ladies like Kim Kardashian, etc. The main idea I'm trying to point out is that Ronaldo wants to win. And it seems as if he can't escape the limelight in football. It must drive him crazy that he isn't the number one player in the world, though.

    Messi is called the best player in the world, a flopper, and a soft player who needs to grow some b****. Nonetheless, this short guy has amazing ball handling, vision, passing, and finishing that makes him the best in the world. Is he the Greatest Of All Time? I doubt it, but he certainly wants to get up there and surpass Pele.

    The winner of the 2011 Ballon d'Or has numerous problems with the Argentinian national team that it's hard to consider him the GOAT. Yet, we should enjoy him while we can because he will only stay in his prime for a couple of more years.

    Time and time again, these two don't surprise us by their play on the pitch and their reception off it.

The Surprises

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    Surprises with Barçelona vs. Real Madrid can come in all forms.

    Pepe deliberately stepping on Messi's hand, Mourinho slapping a Barça staff member, Sergio Ramos pushing his National teammates in one game, and Ronaldo not flopping. 

    There's always something new during these games that you don't know in which way it will come.

It's Just a Great Game to Watch

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    Football, how it should be called in America, is the most amazing sport out there. Whether it brings a nation together or adds that suspense and happiness in your life, it's best shown in football.

    Barçelona and Real Madrid's encounters give us a reason to watch soccer. Both teams have amazing players on each squad. Where can you see the best goalkeeper in the world (Iker Casillas), the best defensive duo other there (Gerrard Piqué and Carles Puyol), the best passers and midfielder players (Xavi Hernández, Andrés Iniesta, Xabi Alonso), and the best two players around? In the game between Real Madrid and Barçelona.

    I'm one of millions out there waiting to see the next leg in the Copa del Rey to be played at Camp Nou.

    I say that Barça will most likely advance as they seem unstoppable at home.

    Leave any comments below and thanks for reading.


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