Mets Rumors: Carlos Correa's Contract to Be 'Dramatically Different' If He Signs

Doric SamJanuary 3, 2023

Minnesota Twins' Carlos Correa reacts while batting during the first inning of a baseball game against the Chicago White Sox, Thursday, Sept. 29, 2022, in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Abbie Parr)
AP Photo/Abbie Parr

The ongoing saga between the New York Mets and shortstop Carlos Correa doesn't appear to nearing a conclusion, but a bit of clarity was provided on Tuesday.

The Athletic's Ken Rosenthal reported that if Correa eventually signs with New York, it likely will not be the 12-year, $315 million contract he originally agreed to prior to the holdup caused by his physical examination.

"We expect it to be a dramatically different deal. ... The question again is, to what extent does the language change, does the deal change, and how will Carlos Correa be once he gets through all this? Will he be a happy Met? Will he be upset? Who knows," Rosenthal stated.

The uncertainty surrounding Correa's health has become the top storyline of the 2022 MLB offseason. The 28-year-old initially agreed to terms with the San Francisco Giants on a 13-year, $350 million contract, but the team hesitated to complete the deal amid concerns over his medical reports.

The delay by the Giants allowed Correa's agent Scott Boras to open negotiations with the Mets, and both sides reached an agreement. However, New York also became concerned after Correa underwent a physical, and the deal has yet to be completed.

The point of issue reportedly surrounds Correa's right ankle, which was surgically repaired in 2014 while he was in the minors. The two-time All-Star has never missed time stemming from the ankle injury over his eight-year career.

Rosenthal noted that the Mets are undoubtedly hoping for a resolution that is satisfactory for all parties.

"Yes, the Mets have all the leverage, but they also want a happy player," Rosenthal said. "And you don't want to start off a relationship, especially a long-term relationship with a player, with a certain degree of contentiousness. You want that player to be comfortable with the deal he's gotten and not feel like he's gotten shafted, in some respect."

The expectation remains that New York will not give up on Correa, and it's unlikely that he will pursue negotiations with another franchise after two teams expressed concerns over the same issue.

"Clearly if you're Correa and Boras, you're gonna have to recognize that this is a concern that has arisen with two different clubs, and it's going to need to be addressed," Rosenthal said. "Does Steve Cohen go all the way with the hammer? I don't believe he will."